Xenoblade Chronicles For New Nintendo 3DS Arrives In Australia In 2015

By Spencer . September 24, 2014 . 1:31am

image Nintendo will bring the portable version of Xenoblade Chronicles to the West. Nintendo of Australia announced Xenoblade Chronicles for New Nintendo 3DS will come out sometime in 2015.


The portable version of Xenoblade Chronicles is exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS since it requires the system’s upgraded CPU. Monolith Soft originally developed the game for Wii, which released in Japan in 2010.

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  • Smooosh

    3DS games always looked much better in action than on screenshots, but so far, the graphics look pretty bad to be completely honest… Hopefully it wont be that jaggy and “mushy”(?) in reality and run on a stable framerate.


      well XB’s future sight was already laggy to begin with so i think if wii had lag there then 3ds would to

    • CycloneFox

      Sorry, a long post with images is following:

      This is so frustrating. Xenogears was so fantastic. And even though it was a PSOne game, it at least had those anime-sequences which made it visually appealing. Xenosaga looked extremely good. The graphics were always top-notch. XS Episode III was actually the most beautiful game, the PS2 ever had and now knowing Monolith Soft was acquired by Nintendo already, I was dreaming how awesome a Monolith Soft game would look on the PS3…

      But with Xenoblade (which is still a great game of course), my hopes were bitterly crushed with this: http://leecollinsfiction.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/xenoblade-chronicles-wii-screenshot-1.jpg

      And now it gets even worse: http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/image33.png

      While it could have looked like this: http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/253/withhdtexturesday.png

      Which is still not as beautiful as Xenosaga III was: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070520071823/xenosaga/images/f/fa/BlueEyedKOSMOS.jpg

      Not to even mention how beautiful that game looks in HD. But the comparison is a bit unfair, as Xenosaga had pretty small areas and Xenoblade is an open world game. But I never even thought, that the character models in a successor of Xenogears/-Saga could look worse.

      Of course, as I said the comparison is unfair as Xenoblade is open world. But I don’t want to miss visual enjoyment just for the sake of open world, which I’m no big fan of to begin with. I know it is pretty popular in the west and helped Xenoblade’s reputation in the west, greatly, but I don’t like it. I would have preferred to play a nice-looking game. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to finally get a HD-Xeno-game with Xenoblade Chronicles X.

      • Aaron K Stone

        I still think Xenoblades characters are more appealing than Xenosagas doll faces.

        • CycloneFox

          Wow really? I didn’t expect that at all.
          Not only from a graphical standpoint (sharper textures, more polys, cleaner rendering, post-processing in Xenosaga III), the character design in Xenosaga Ep.III is, in my opinion, far more adorable, than in Xenoblade. I can totally see the appeal of Xenoblades style, of course. I love that one, too. But Xenosagas characters are more beautiful, which is more appealing to me. And I would have guessed, that anybody would agree on that. At least in Xenosaga Episode III. I could understand anybody having problems with Xenosaga Ep.Is character design (which is really doll-ish) or Xenosaga Ep.IIs, which is just inconsistent, but Ep.IIIs is really beautiful, imo.

          • Aaron K Stone

            It’s a similar issue I have with the Xenoblade X characters, but I put that down to the character designer.

          • Sakurazaki

            Yeah, it really is a matter of opinion.

            I’ll agree that, graphically, Xenoblade on the Wii pales in comparison to -saga 3 as a whole. Not sure about character design (concept art) because you have two different “ages” of styles, but I like them both. KOS-MOS is pretty much one of the best I’ve seen a character designed, and Xenosaga 3 in general has really nice design choices.

            For me, it’s just that Xenoblade’s style just looked better to me as a whole. I felt that the environments and the characters meshed in pretty nicely without one overpowering the other. The environments were amazing in concept and in-game, and the character models were good enough, but never bad.

            In the case of Xenosaga (for all of them), and I’ll be frank, the in-game faces of the characters throw me off extremely hard. Aside from KOS-MOS, I don’t like them and I never found them very likable. For example, that picture of Shion that was posted above by Oxy, and also in the case of chaos in particular (I didn’t like his model the most), I just don’t like it. It doesn’t resonate with me as it does with you and others.

            In a similar note with Aaron, the upcoming Xenoblade has a face style reminiscent to Xenosaga. I’ll still enjoy the game regardless, but I don’t like the faces in the slightest.

            All that said, none of this makes or breaks the game for me, lol.

          • CycloneFox

            Yeah it’s still pretty much first-world problems, as all of those games are top-notch (Except for Xenosaga Ep.IIs loading times, BGMs and voice acting which all were annoying as hell)

            Funny thing is, when I see Xenoblade Chronicles X, I think the characters (both main characters and minor characters) look exactly like Xenoblades characters, but just more detailed. But still far away from the really (imo) good looking eyes and poly-heavy-faces. They still have more of this painted-on-look and hard cut-hair, I hate so much in Xenoblade.
            The environment, on the other hand is a great mix of Xenoblades rich and nice landscapes, but also Xenosagas hangars, cities, starships and the gears with their cockpits look exactly like from Xenosaga, which is just great. ^^
            It may be right for Xenosaga I and II from a today’s point of view, to say the environment didn’t quite match up with the detailed character models. But in Xenosaga Ep.III, the environment really holds up. They did some good tricks on the PS2 to have really sharp textures in spite of the very few 8MB RAM of the PS2. The wood on Old Miltia or the metropolis on Fifth Jerusalem were like every environment of Xenosaga Ep.III very limited, but therefore looked just beautiful. And the character models can even hold up with that, too.

            But nevertheless, the more I talk about Monolith games, the more I’m hyped to play Xenoblade Chronicles X. Knowing the studio, the world will be beautiful, the game will play well and the story will be deep.

            Edit: Oh and I can see the problem with chaos. My wife also dislikes his design, greatly. I think they at least improved him over the three games, greatly. I think they always did a good job with KOS-MOS, MOMO and Jin. Jr is an example of a design, that didn’t change much but improved greatly in Ep.III with just rounder, sharper and nicer details, while Shion is pretty messed up. I don’t know why they did that.

        • Oxybelis

          Xenosaga’s character design is much better.

      • Sorry to shatter your nostalgia but the Xeno games have never been on the cutting edge of graphical prowess. Xenogears and Xenosaga Episode I looked dated even at the time of their release. Xenosaga II and III were passable for their time but hardly among the PS2’s graphical heavy-hitters.

        The Xenoblade games have poor character models but compensate with their ability to render large, complex environments on relatively underpowered hardware.

        • CycloneFox

          And that is exactly my problem. I am sad, that -blade missed the opportunity, to continue the trend of -saga III in terms of graphics, but had to come out on the Wii plus the choice of moving into open world, which ruined the graphical impression (At least for smaller environments and characters).

          • So basically you’d rather Xenoblade have been another corridor simulator like Xenosaga, with prettier graphical assets included at the expense of openness, exploration and dynamic environments? I’m pretty sure Final Fantasy has that niche covered, nowadays.

          • CycloneFox

            Please don’t assume I like Final Fantasy XIIIs corridor gameplay. Xenosaga Episode III was at least better at creating the imagination of not being in a corridor. But my main-problem with FF XIII is not the linearity. Linearity is actually a good thing. It let’s the game-creator tell exactly the story, he wants to tell. If executed by a studio like Monolith Software, a linear game can be really good. But FFXIII failed at delivering deep characters and an exciting story but instead had inaccessible characters and a really flat, incomprehensible story.

            An open world on the other hand may have helped Xenoblade Chronicles X to become really popular in the west, which is a great thing for the studio and I like this fact. But I still don’t like open worlds at all. It leads to too many compromises.

      • CozyAndWarm

        Xenosaga was on the weakest console of its time, you know. Weird that you’re starting to complain about visuals NOW.

        • > weakest console of its time
          Well, it wasn’t on the Dreamcast.

    • A lot of 3DS games look like crap from a YT video compared to being played in person.

      • Smooosh

        Well yeah, that’s what I said…

    • Oxybelis

      Of course it will be jaggy mess with worse textures. 3DS has 240p screen. Games with long drawing distance will always look bad on 3DS.

    • pokeroi

      Once 3d on it should be amazing

    • True. I even thought Smash wasn’t looking so special as far as screens go; but playing it kind of blew my mind. Tis a feast for the eyes~.

      Xenoblade already isn’t a gorgeous game so I don’t expect much, but I think they’ll make it work.

  • KrazyBean

    Should’ve made a Wii U HD version instead and bundled it with a Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition like what they did with Bayonetta 2…I’ll stick with the Wii version then. Ain’t buying a new console for this.

    • Kalis Konig

      I am hoping the final release is not as slow as what was shown in the trailer. and the graphics look slightly worse. Xenoblades most glaring problem was its graphics on the Wii so why they created a port that performs worse is beyond me.

    • E.T.993

      Actually, that’s pretty genius.

      • Richard Salomon

        It is if you dont have a 3DS. I do not think its a game that is a system seller. Good news for AU people though

  • mojack411

    Wow, did the original Xenoblade really come out in 2010?! Damn it really does not seem like 4 years ago, and I am talking about the original Japanese release which I did play.

  • Kalis Konig

    Man these “sometime in ____” release dates from Nintendo really need to stop. lol But man would it have killed Nintendo to redo some of the models and textures from scratch? Not to mention all the footage we have, this game looks much slower and worse than the wii version. They should have definitely updated the models for this release at least.

    • 3PointDecoupage

      Its better than not announcing a release date until two months before like smash bros u.

      • Kalis Konig

        Haha true!

    • Aaron K Stone

      They had to make a new 3DS to get it to even RUN. It probably wasn’t possible for the upgrade the models without breaking the system again.

    • subsamuel01

      I still remember when they said Pikmin 3 was a launch window game, came out almost a year later. Nintendo’s releases windows are usually much longer than they make it out to be.

  • Kornelious

    Sweet!….. Still don’t understand the big focus on Australia lately but awesome!

    If it’s gonna release in australia of all places then I’m sure it will be released in NA and EU as well….. Besides, it says it will come to the west….. Now I may have slept through a few geography classes but I’m pretty sure Australia is far East (correct me if I’m wrong :p)

    • Gemlit

      Honestly, I think Nintendo should release games worldwide simultaneously. On the other hand, there have been other countries that have been getting their fair share of games first though it is understandable because of it releasing locally. Still, I bet Nintendo is a bit sympathetic about this and being the sweet game company that they are, they’re releasing it in Australia first.

      Ya, I’m sure we Americans are going to get it. We also share twitch! ;)

    • Silent Aaron

      Australia is actually South of Japan.

  • Guest

    Kinda weird, though. Announcing a game that requires a new system and the system itself hasn’t even been given the greenlight outside Japan yet. I suppose this is technically a confirmation we’ll be seeing the New 3DS sometime in 2015.

    • Radit Raditz

      But they DID announced that the New 3DS would come to Australia in 21st November 2014…

  • MrJechgo

    No, no way I’m buying this game again… The Wii version took me 120 hours to complete… and I’ve literally put my life on hold for this.

    That game’s a drug people. Turn it on once and it’ll suck you in FAST.

    Game’s excellent though ^_^

  • Adrian Duran

    I feel like they are using the Aussies as a test to judge the fan reaction to the New 3DS in PAL regions

  • TrueDefault

    I hope other Wii’s RPGs make it too. Really wanna play The Last Story but don’t wanna put down 100 bucks for it.

    • Slickyslacker

      New copies of The Last Story go for around $30.

      • I think he might mean that he doesn’t want to buy a Wii just to play it, that is if he doesn’t already have one.

        But in this case, that would be odd since a New 3DS is more than that.

        • British_Otaku

          Does a Nintendo Wii go for over $70 then?
          Maybe the user mistook the cost of Xenoblade on the Wii for the cost of The Last Story.

      • TrueDefault

        Not in Europe though.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    If I want the New 3DS, I’ll wait for Xenoblade Chronicles.

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t played the game in nearly 2 and a half years, passed the first boss, because of the whole combination/chain attacks with other characters and the crafting system are really confusing.

  • pokeroi

    People need bundles.

  • Ps1 Cloud

    so Aus 3ds is in english right?

    • Attribule

      No, they’re in Australian. It’s ALMOST like English but there’s clear differences like “mate”.

      Definitely need to brush up on your Australian if you’re hoping to import one.

    • Uncle Tat

      But you can’t play US or Europe games on Aus 3DS.

      • Silent Aaron

        You can play games from Europe since Australian consoles are PAL.

        • SpeeeeedowaGOOONnnn

          So you can play the Australian version of you have a European new 3ds

  • SMT

    I’m guessing this will be released at the same time as when the N3DS launches in the US and the rest of the PAL region, since they’re not going to be out in time for the major releases in those regions (Smash, Pokemon and MH4U).

  • Venus in Furs.

    I’ll definitely be getting this and Monster Hunter 4 next year. Nintendo’s working pretty hard to maintain their vice grip on the handheld market.

  • MaidKillua

    Those screenshots look god awful even by 3DS screenshot standards. Maybe it won’t look that bad… I’ll hold off judgment until people actually get to play it and can confirm

  • flameraver64

    Gonna hold off on this. It’s getting a Western release, so that definitely makes it more likely it’ll come to NA….but the first trailer showed that the game doesn’t perform so well, in terms of framerate and slowdown. I want nothing more than a portable Xenoblade, even if the graphics aren’t up to par, but not if it runs poorly

  • Jero

    It looks… well… bad.

  • so….did they say how much more power the new 3ds has?

  • Josh A. Stevens

    I really hope that this is one of those games that looks better on the New 3DS’ screen because from what we’ve seen so far..it looks really bad.

    • Skye Johnson

      I’m wondering how well it’ll run and look, too. Obviously, the videos could theoretically be the game in alpha or beta build sort of stage, with the port not refined and finished to run smoothly as of yet, and it might be way improved by the time it’s released.

      Only time will tell, though.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Other regions please Monolithsfoft!

  • $18114340

    Why the fuck was the original Wii localization a limited retailer-exclusive release in the first place?

    Yes, I’m still mad about that. If this game were more readily available I’m sure people would be a lot less sore about it popping up again as an exclusive to new portable hardware.

    • Skye Johnson

      Because Xenoblade was having enough trouble making its way over to America. Gamestop’s support may have been the only reason Xenoblade was able to be published in NA.

      If that’s the case, retailer-exclusive is better than no release at all.

      • Priley

        Yeeeah, this.

        It might be easy to forget now, given how generally praised it is, but we were lucky to get Xenoblade at all. Nintendo clearly didn’t have a lot of faith in it leading up to its release, anyway.

    • DS23

      Because Reggie is a jackass. Take a look at what got brought out in the UK/EU for the DS that didn’t make it to the states sometime if you want to rage further.

  • Altumn

    That image looks terrible!


    Aw… I really was hoping we’d get the new 3DS atleast this year. I definitely need to upgrade my launch 3DS. *cry* ;C

  • LonelyGuardian

    I really like the idea of a more powerful 3ds, but why Xenoblade for it? Why not remake it for Wii U, especially with X releasing for it, where the great visuals could really shine, rather than being limited to the 3ds? Oh well, maybe Majora’s Mask will finally be ported to it! ha if ever. New games for the “new” handheld would be much more appreciated.

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