Raiden Maker Moss Turned One Of Their Hardcore Shooters Into A Casual Game

By Spencer . September 25, 2014 . 2:38am

Moss, the makers of Raiden, also created a Caladrius. This shoot ’em up has elemental bullets to use against waves of enemies and a story to follow. Caladrius Blaze was recently released for PlayStation 3, but instead of making a mobile port like Cave would Moss did something different.


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Caladrius Blaze – Touch Evasion! Slip Through Flight is basically a casual version of the game. Instead of shooting enemies you just move left and right to dodge bullets. Shots come in waves so you have to pilot the ship to slip right through holes. The game keeps track of the distance you traveled.


Caladrius Blaze – Touch Evasion! Slip Through Flight is available now for iOS and Android.

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  • Shippoyasha

    Sounds like a primer for the genre which could be cool for newcomers I suppose. I think a controller is an absolute necessity for control responsiveness in shmups.

    • BlackC#Bro

      This isn’t really a primer for anything, but for actual traditional shmups a controller actually isn’t necessary. It’s one of the few genres where the touch screen works just as well if not better than traditional controls if handled right.

      • Barrylocke89

        I’ve heard positive things about Mushihimesama on iOS as Bug Princess, so there may be something to that.

      • 60hz

        yeah except your finger covers at least an eighth of the screen, at worse a quarter of the screen… as long as bullets come from above i guess that’s not much of a problem tho, but it does put a limit on enemy set ups… that being said i did enjoy bug princess and space deadbeef a TON – so perhaps you got something there despite by objective, um… objections.

        • BlackC#Bro

          The thing is, there is nothing that says you have to drag ON the ship to move your character, and bullets 9 times out of 10 don’t come from behind. Most games don’t have any bullets that do that at all, so you can keep the entire game area good. Also, if the movement is 1:1, you have more control over your ship with your finger than you do any kind of stick, which is why some ports limit your movement speed when you drag around. If they didn’t, it’d be way too easy with your finger because of how good you can easily be.

          Imagine in a shmup being able to move at a variable speed depending on the approaching pattern versus the usual only one speed or fast slow speed.

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    the art looks like devil survivor

    • hng qtr

      Suzuhito Yasuda, the master of anti-gravity tits.

      • BlackC#Bro

        I actually only clicked this to see how gravity defying the boobs were this time around, sadly they are s gravity defying they have already left the page.

      • Harvey Tejada Loto

        yeh lol io’s boobs has no gravity

  • Sigfried Silverblade

    “This item isn’t avaiable in your country”
    Oh well…

  • Souffrir

    I don’t remember, is the 360 version of this region-free?

    • No. The PS3 is though. Just got it the other day. Pretty hardcore…

  • Aristides

    How about a PS3 localization :3 I’d be all over that ^^

    • Godmars

      Could always import it.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Region locked? Damn! Quick! Make an english release soon!

  • So… it’s basically a pretty version of FallUp for the TI-83 Calculator?

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