CT: Demon’s Revenge Combines 16-Bit RPG With Classic Capcom Arcade Games

By Chris Priestman . October 13, 2014 . 4:31pm


Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is a 16-bit RPG set in a sci-fi fantasy world, and is inspired by comic books, Suikoden 2, and Final Fantasy 8. It’s been in development for four years and boasts fluid 2D pixel art and animation, and has a conditional turn-based battle system.


The game is set on the planet Hasphal after humans have arrived and deemed the native species (called jehts) demons and hunt them down in the name of their gods. You’ll be playing as Sen, who arrives in the middle of this conflict, looking to find out about the history of the planet and discover what’s behind her own personal mysteries.


This leaves you a vast 16-bit world for you to explore, find secrets, and discover lore within: you can visit palaces, mystical forests, the deep ocean, and more. You’ll also need to make use of the environment to solve puzzles, such as cutting down a tree to cross a cliffside drop.


The combat system is one of the main features of Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge, as it’s meant to be fun, diverse, and strategic. Being conditional turn-based means that it uses an action list rather than turns (White Guardian compares it to Final Fantasy X). Each of the three members of your party have special skills that you’ll need to rely on against different types of enemies, but the most exciting feature is the environmental interaction.


One strong character may be able to throw fallen pillars at your enemies, while another could knock into a table of vials that turn them into a wolf for a limited amount of time. However, all of these possibilities are also open to your enemies, so the tide of battle can be turned quite swiftly.


Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is the work of White Guardian Studios, which was founded by husband and wife Tyrell and Whitney White, who have been working on Demon’s Revenge for about four years now. They’re now looking for $4,500 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter to finish the game.


The plan is to release the full game in five chapters across 2015, each of which will end with a motion comic sequence to provide a satisfying conclusion. For just $8 on the Kickstarter you can get access to all the game’s chapters when they’re available. You can also vote for the game to come to Steam on Greenlight.

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  • I think this is the kind of games, graphics-wise that could spark appeal, as well as nostalgia for the older generation of gamers. Nowadays, with over the top realistic 3D graphics utilized by many titles, we must also appreciate and look back at the 2D-rich era of gaming, which is a stepping stone for the industry for what is it today.

    • I personally feel that pixel art is a very strong and relevant art form. Not just for nostalgia but as a chosen way to make games and art. We looked at games with art that held up to this day and we tried to throw our own spin on it. We thought that Suikoden 2 over-world was timeless. Not to mention old school fighters by Capcom and Snk that has a sprite style that games try to emulate to this day. I believe you can get a feel of those types of styles in our project and know the love that we put in all aspects of the game.

  • Based Ignacio Puppo

    Oh god, color me interested. Like, really, really interested. Like this looks really up my alley. As long as they aren’t inspired by Final Fantasy VIII’s junctioning system xD.

    • Hound

      Or Final Fantasy VIII’s draw system. Or summon system.

      Color me pretty darn interested if someone adopts its mini-game ideas though. Collecting and playing cards was the height of my ecstasy.

      Same with the idea that wild monsters should level up as you do.

      • Based Ignacio Puppo

        Side activities in RPGs tend to be very lame and half-assed(Even FF VII’s Gold Saucer’s side activities were pretty lame), but Triple Triad was all kinds of amazing. Or frustrating if you forgot to save before risking your rare cards.
        The summoning system was, IMO, alright, and I liked the fact that Summons leveled up(I guess others could find it a bit grindy?) but the Draw system was another stinker.

        • Hound

          I think I played more of the Mecha fighting, poker, and card games in Xenosaga than the game its-self.. which a big statement considering how long-winded the attacks were.

          Persona 3 & 4’s side activities were a lot better than the rogue-like dungeon(s). Combat was fun on the highest difficulties though

        • Whitney

          I personally thought that gold saucer’s minigames were cool. I lost many hours playing that submarine game, but minigames in CT: DR will be optional. Most of them come in later chapters too. A nice thing about losing your rare card in FF8 was that you could always win it back!

          I agree that the draw system sucked, but it grows on you along with the junctioning.

      • Whitney

        Hi Hound,

        I have to admit, I spent a lot of my days playing triple triad, tetra master, heck I even spent a lot of time on sphere break and in the golden saucer. There will be minigames in CT:DR. Having the option to do something on the side is always good in my opinion.

        Enemies do get stronger as the party levels up, we did that to keep the difficulty at a nice pace. We also don’t want people to feel like their levels are worth nothing. Balancing is still in the works since it is something that we recently added.

        Summoning will also be in the game and the summons (known as Turrenz in CT:DR) can level up, but you don’t have to junction them for them to work.

        • Hound

          Oh. Well if you guys are personally checking on comments, may I ask what the article meant by “inspiration from Suikoden 2?”

          Suikoden 2 has a lot of in-game variety, approaches, events, and systems that are unique to its-self, so I’m not sure which impression I’m supposed to get from this.

          • Whitney

            Sure, well Suikoden 2 is probably my favorite RPG… Ever. Inspiration from Suikoden 2 means that without that game, CT:DR probably would not be what it is now. We really enjoyed how the animations invoked emotion when you played and we want out game to have the same impact when playing. Animated conversations when out of AVI styled cutscenes, awesome characters, great battles, and fun minigames. The story was very personal, but still very big. I wrote our story to have kind of the same tone.

  • Looks amazing even if it might be RMVX ACE.

    • Thanks! We like to look at it as a game, rather than the engine that it is made from.

  • Göran Isacson

    I saw “inspired by Capcom arcade games” and I thought it was going to be a side-scrolling beat-em-up. Alas.

    Still, an RPG is fine too! Especially like how it sounds like you can do some interesting things with the environments inside battles, if they can balance that with the usual spells and swords and what-not, I’ll be mighty interested.

    • Whitney

      I guess a quote like that can be mistaken for a beat ’em up. Sorry about that. We were mostly inspired by the spriting style of capcom’s fighting games. We also hope to incorporate some fighting game elements like combos.

      Environmental interaction has not yet been implemented, but it is something that we hope to get right and will be taking a lot of feedback on it once it is in.

      • Yeah you guys nailed the look of the sprites. They look fantastic.

        • Whitney

          Tyrell should be very happy to hear that! :D

        • I am very happy to hear that. :D

          • Woops, I’m posting the same thing in multiple places now, sorry about that, but I honestly thought this was a neat looking Capcom 2D RPG, which is why I clicked on the story. :) It worked out though cause now I’m a backer!

          • Whitney

            Thank you! :D We truly appreciate it! We’ve got plenty of updates and we try to do them every day!

      • PS FF X had one of the best combat systems in any RPG, so taking some elements from that definitely has me interested.

        • Whitney

          I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed FFX’s battle system and it’s what we’ve been inspired by that the most. I loved the turn order thing they had going, that’s also in other games too such as wild arms 4(? I think it was 4). Those were direct inspiration for our turn order bar. We hope it adds a level of strategy to the game once it is fully complete with delays and stuff.

          • Yep, you nailed it, in my opinion. Grandia also had a similar battle system (with the turn order bar and delays), and it is one of the best battle systems in RPG history. FF X’s was a departure after having basically the same active-time battle system in 4-9, but I think it was the best in the series.

            Just my opinion, of course, but I sure am excited for any game that takes elements from that, and the character sprites put it over the top for me. Wishing you guys the best!

          • Whitney

            Thanks Jesse. It is very much appreciated!

            I agree about Grandia’s battle system, but the story kind of put me to sleep on that.

          • It’s great once you get going, but yes, very slow. I have been meaning to replay it for years (I originally only got to the ghost ship, where ever that was).

            Grandia 2 and 3 had storylines I just couldn’t get into either, so maybe I missed my chance with Grandia 1. :(

          • Whitney

            I’m currently replaying Grandia and Legend Of Legaia, but I found myself starting to play Legaia more until it was the only one I played. I’m at Sol Tower in Legend of Legaia right now.

            In Grandia, I got up to the village where that green haired kid is from and I guess it just started getting boring to me. I rented Grandia 2 a long time ago (the blockbuster days), couldn’t get into that one either. Didn’t even know Grandia 3 existed.

  • Whitney

    There is also a beta demo available for those of you who want to try it! It’s on the main site’s front page!

    • Let me say that I’m incredibly impressed with the sprites and backgrounds. I’m going to assume you had Street Fighter Alpha sprites in mind? :p

      • Well it is many things that inspired this. SNK has a more darker way of coloring as opposed to Street Fighter’s vibrant colors. We were also a bit more influenced by the VS series which were pretty much Alpha sprites. Other games also played a role in how we went about it like Real Bout, KOF and Martial Masters to name a few. We have been Mugen creators for a bit so we were able to dabble in all kind of sprite work.

        • I’m sitting here wondering who thought about bringing 90s best fighting games’ sprite style to an RPG. It’s pretty smart!
          SNK sprites were so good that it took them until KoF XII to finally stop using the good old sprites from like KoF 95. Alpha and VS sprites aged incredibly well too. Can’t say you could have picked better inspirations hahaha!

          The pixel work is very very nice to look at. Expressive sprites and really cool backgrounds. Not to mention the status art is crazy too!
          It all looks top-notch professional while retaining the soul of the 90s. Heck, dunno if it was intentional, but the detailed concept art and status pictures look like something straight out of an american comic like DC or Marvel.

          My only minor nitpick is that the field sprite for the main character looks a little…odd. When he’s in movement it’s fine but something isn’t sitting right with me when he stares the screen. Might just get some getting used to, though.

          Just impressed all around, honestly. Godspeed with this project!

          EDIT: Dorppp it says right on top “A Comic book inspired RPG”. Shoulda paid more attention! Well goes to show its style speaks by itself.

          • Thanks! Marvel and DC? Completely intentional lol. That is something we are more familiar with. We like anime but almost every rpg uses it. Western comic art is our favorite genre and I think we added a little bit of that to each aspect of the game.

            Thanks a lot! We really appreciate your kind words and critique.

          • I agree. RPGs generally are either anime or, in the case of western games, very photorealistic.
            Comic style in an RPG (with 90s arcade game inspired sprites) works wonderfully and I’m glad you went that route.
            You have no idea how many Kickstarter projects I see where the art is just dull or uninspired. It’s so refreshing to see such well realized art.

            I’ll try to spread the word~

          • Thanks that would help out a lot!

  • I thought Capcom was making this at first. That voice acting, ouch. I hope there is an off button for that.

    • Whitney

      We knew that the voice acting would be hit or miss and we have included the option to turn them off. They are still in certain cutscenes though (AVI sequences)

      • Woops, sorry for being rude! I didn’t realize anyone from the team would be reading, but duh, of course you would be.

        I can understand why people feel required to have voice acting in games. It seems like there would be complaints if it was just text. I appreciate the option to turn it off, though. I think I still prefer text to anything!

        • Whitney

          I try to be everywhere that the game is so I can respond to comments, and don’t worry about it, feedback only makes the game better! :D

  • Hector Velar

    it is a shame that freaking shark does not have laser beams attached to his forehead!

    • I guess every creature deserves a warm meal.

  • Tienron

    the game looks amazing! i’m loving the 2-dness although im so use to my japanese cute characters but i do love my western comics i can only imagine the characters would grow on me! i’m totally up for backing this game plus it’s not a Jrpg well need more western stuff anyway hopefully you guys can port it on consoles or vita XD!!!

    • Yeah, we have stretch goals for console ports. If we do not get that now we still plan to do it some time after the initial PC release.

  • Xinen

    This does look very good, is there any chance for a Playstation release down the road with trophy support? Just my preferred way to play.

    • Definitely, if we reach a certain funding level. We have garnered a lot of support from PS fans and also Wii U fans. So those are the platforms that we are most interested in, outside of Mac and Linux.

      • Xinen

        Cool thanks for the info. I’ll do what I can.

        • Awesome, we really appreciate it.

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    I don’t like the look of most of the overworld maps, too Chrono Triggery, but I’m totally into the combat.
    Like this guy’s honesty when explaining what he needs.

    • KanjiLikesBoys

      Also, Hooray! Black game developers!

      • My son wants to be one too, so that is cool. For now at least lol. He is only 6.

        • KanjiLikesBoys

          I’m so glad your game got funded!

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