Console Version Of Terra Battle Still Planned At 2 Million Downloads

By Chris Priestman . October 15, 2014 . 2:30pm


Mistwalker has said once again that it will start development of a console version of its strategy RPG Terra Battle, currently available on iOS and Android, if and when the game is download two million times.


The “re-announcement” came as part of the new “Download Starter Campaign”, which sees new rewards unlocked every time a new milestone is reached.


At the time of writing, Terra Battle is nearing 600,000 downloads. This means that new characters will be added to the game that were created by Panzer Dragoon designer Manabu Kusunoki, Phantasy Star cover illustrator Hitoshi Yoneda, manga artist Nakaba Suzuki, and Final Fantasy IX and XII art director Hideo Minaba.


New music from Final Fantasy composer Nobou Uematsu has also been unlocked. In fact, it was the first one at 100,000 downloads.


The 2 million download mark is the final milestone of the campaign and is a way off yet. Before hitting that, there is an art book, more music, another scenario, illustrations, a strategy guide, and much more to unlock.


Hironobu Sakaguchi, founder of Mistwalker, said that the team “didn’t anticipate Terra Battle eclipsing the 500,000 mark this quickly, so that’s a testament to the passion of [their] players.” He also added that they’ll “continue to leave it in players’ hands to determine what Download Starter Campaign rewards are on the horizon.”

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  • urbanscholar

    As I was discussing with on of the mods here.

    This game is surprisingly addicting. Tough as nails to boot! Heck I should be going over homework. I’m farming to upgrade my jobs!

  • Monterossa

    what a sad era of gaming… so many devs just want to make quick money with their wannabe Puzzle & Dragons games and now we have to beg them so hard to make games for real gaming platforms.

    • KoRLumen

      Good thing this isn’t one of those quick money, wannabe games.

      Terra Battle belongs on mobile, and it’s a damn fun game to boot.

      A console version would be cool, but that was never what it was intended to be.

      People need to stop thinking of mobile games as “not real games”, because despite all the crap and fodder lying around, there are some real quality games on the mobile market.

      • nekolife

        When 99% of mobile games are garbage, I think it’s safe to describe mobile games as garbage…

        • KoRLumen

          I could say the vast majority of PC games are garbage. Does that mean PC games are garbage? Hell no.

    • I have the feeling you never played the game for you to say that.

      • darke

        Probably not, since they’ve region locked it so only a handful of countries can play it.

        People are going to assume it’s a shitty-F2P game like most of them are if they can’t play it, right?

  • screw_ball

    Why would anyone want to play this game on a console?

    • Land of Green Pasture

      never thought about whether anyone wants to play it tho.. but it’s more like, anyone who happened to download the game (in consoles) and happened to play it… yes.. it’s only ‘by chance’

    • ScienceNonfiction

      The console version isn’t going to be a port, it’s going to be a completely different game. Sakaguchi has basically said they’re going to try and take some of the gameplay concepts from the mobile game and transfer that into a console MMO. It’s pretty misleading, I know, especially when the official site straight up says “console version of Terra Battle”.

      • new_tradition

        Wait, so the console game is gonna need online, and isn’t even a single player game?

        Whoa, was I the only one hoping for some offline RPG experience? I don’t hate Terra Battle, but I downloaded it mainly for that end goal :/

        • Yause

          Mistwalker doesn’t seem interested in chasing a small niche, hence they’ve always targeted an area that’s perceived to be mainstream/lucrative. It started with AAA console RPGs, then casual games on mobile (Party Wave, hot on the cusp of Angry Birds). Now they’re following the Puzzles and Dragons model, which can naturally be translated to a meatier (F2P?) online game.

        • ScienceNonfiction

          Yeah, I was kinda bummed too when I read they were envisioning the console version as an MMO. :
          Nothing against MMOs, they’re just not my cup of tea. At least the mobile version is a really solid game, so there’s that to enjoy at least.

      • screw_ball

        That doesnt sound much more appealing either…

  • WatchGintama

    I’ve been advertising this game to all my forums/friends because I want to see the console version happen.

    Also the Wii U is probably the perfect console for a Terra Battle console spinoff. I mean the gamepad is just meant for it.

  • Derek E Nay

    Has anyone played it without Wi-fi? When I try to play it on 3G alone, I always get a network error :(

  • triablos

    This game is perfect for tablets, I personally wouldn’t sit and play Terra Battle on say, a PS4.

    • ishyg

      Not if they make a different version of a game, say a full-pledged turn-based strategy RPG within the lore of the Terra Battle world.

      EDIT: some people said it will be an MMO, so there.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      On a tv console it’ll be weird but handhelds would be nice though they are probably gonna change the overall look and structure of the gameplay and look

      • triablos

        Apparently its going to be different and is an MMO so perhaps it might work after all

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    So, some element of Cry on is reused in Terra Battle

    would be lol if turn out Terra BAttle has connection to drakengard as well

  • Morgan Rodgers

    I….somehow never realized that this was released in English. I don’t play many games on my phone, but I just downloaded it, looks very cool actually.

  • OrangeArmy

    I am really looking forward to that, hopefully they elaborate on the lore and characters to make the console version feel more like a lively. I love reading the character bios, specially when you get the added character specific side-stories, like Daiana and Kuscah’s.

  • UltimagaWeapon

    Maybe the console version will be a different concept. Like actual character 3D models or something.

    • Kaetsu

      I think it’s supposed to be an MMO.

      • Justin Graham

        I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be exactly, but I’d just prefer to hear more about it from Mistwalker directly if/when the project’s development becomes a reality. So far, I’ve heard everything from “It’s a console version of the mobile game” to “It’s an MMORPG,” which is a staggering difference of speculation.

        • Kaetsu

          It’s definitely not a port of the mobile game. Mistwalker said it’s going to be a completely new game(pretty sure they said it’s an MMO) and it’s going to be called Terra Battle Worlds.

        • I tagged along to an interview with him at PAX (I’ve met him a couple times, and I know some of the Mistwalker staff from when they were at XSEED) — I don’t think he wants an MMO, but more of an “MO”; a multiplayer experience/element for sure, but without the massive/enduring world aspect.

          Also, he was definitely adamant it wouldn’t be a port.

          • Justin Graham

            Well, all right then!

  • Kaetsu

    I honestly really like Terra Battle. It’s very fun for an Android game.

  • it_burns

    Opening it up to other territories would be a big help to hitting two million downloads, Mistwalker.

    • Adam Adonis Gorospe

      IKR. I just checked my region’s Play Store and nope, not there. XP

  • Suzaku

    This game is really fun, and has some great art. Very interesting setting and world building, too, with a pretty compelling story.

    I know that the console game is supposedly going to be an MMO of some sort, but I’d love to see this game fully realized as a tactical RPG.

  • Amber XLeonhart

    I love terra battle!!! Hopefully it reaches 2mil!!! ^__^

  • Really enjoying this game, battles are real fun and you feel progress even when playing in very short bursts. I think it balances well being a casual game and also being a challenging strategy experience.

  • Kango234

    I went in expecting to hate this game like most f2p mobile games, but I honestly can’t put it down. Sucks that the console version might just be an MMO.

  • WyattEpp

    It’d work well on PSV or 3DS. No objections here.

  • Tarkovsky

    Just got my first SS recruit yesterday!!!!!! Finally!! Loving every second of Terra battle.

  • lionintown

    Release it in more countries if you want more downloads.

  • Naail Zahid

    You know that goal would be achievable if they allowed anyone living OUTSIDE of the United States and Japan to download the damn game. :/

    • Postnjam

      I’m in Europe and am downloading it now.

      • Archidelic

        I can’t install it on my nexus 7 and Moto G 2 Gen (Portugal here) :(

        • Postnjam

          Huh? I’m on iphone and in the UK and i got it fine.

    • Janrabbit

      I’m in Europe and I got it

      • Romored

        I’m in Italy, and the game is not on the Store… It’s just not available in certain countries. Maybe they want to localize the game in their languages before publishing it.

    • Naail Zahid

      Perhaps I should reiterate – anyone outside Europe and US/Japan, which includes the Middle East, North Africa and Asia to be more specific.

      • KoRLumen

        I’m in Canada and I got it fine. Maybe you should specify where You are lol.

      • RinSatori

        The game is out in Japan, U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany and Spain.

        So most of europe does not have the game.

  • Schiller

    I hope the TB rpg will be more like Bravely default or the old SNES or PS1 final fantasys. Sakaguchi said that the console version will be a full fledged rpg with an open world, cities to explore etc.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Music in this game is so good. I just idle at the result screen for like 10mins.

  • I’ve been playing this since it soft launched a month ago on the Canadian app store, and it’s really -really- good. I went into it pretty doubtful and all my expectations were blown away. The depth of combat is great. The changes they made during the soft launch (particularly in regards to recruitment cost and metal zone implementation) were exactly what the game needed.

    My only “complaint” is that the launch character was not given to early adopters — you had to download it after the “official” launch date to get him, and that stings a tad. He’s quite literally one of a kind and to get something “anywhere near but not quite as nice” equivalent is either a lot of money or a lot of luck with Energy recruitment.

  • IkouKuhn

    Just contacted them regarding worldwide release, and here’s their reply…
    Maybe we need to make some kind of petition or something?

  • Kornelious

    I downloaded this game some time ago, and while i don’t play many phone games, this is actually pretty good, I heard that the console release is gonna be a whole new game…..Which sounds pretty cool to me, if they keep some of the same elements but make it better, then I’ll gladly support that! :)

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