Freedom Wars Shows What Happens When They Pit Prisoners Against Each Other

By Sato . October 15, 2014 . 1:10am

Freedom Wars’ second major update has a new anticipated feature with the 8v8 (16v16 if you count the Accessories) PvP mode. The latest footage for the game shows us how it’ll play.


There are two rules for PvP, the first one is a more traditional deathmatch mode, where players will have to focus more on taking out each other to rack up points. The second is something similar to capture-the-flag, but instead of flags, you rescue Civilians.


Once a PvP match concludes, players will get GDPP, which gets added to their home Panopticon’s overall points. There are personal rankings, and you can also check out the leaderboard, which displays a player’s GDPP, region, and other info.


Now that players will be fighting against each other in PvP mode, there will be new use to different techniques and tactics that might not have been as useful against AI opponents in the regular story, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works out.


In addition to the new PvP mode, the Ver. 1.20 update will have other new features like the Ideology Fights, challenges against giant abductors, and a new volunteer mode that will have players work on strategies while gathering resources.


You can read more about the game’s upcoming major update in our earlier report. Freedom Wars is slated for release in North America on October 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Espoir

    To hype, or not to hype.

  • 「Revis Dumas」

    「I have not watched a lot of gameplay videos nor have I seen most of the trailers (I do not like being hyped), but from 1:09, it seems like using melee weapons in this mode are clunky and unwieldy against human opponents compared to firearms.」

    • Boldmonk

      It does not matter when fighting abductors but when you face human enemies, you have to make use of the thorn. Thorn grasp autolock allow you to give a fast 1 hit kill to your opponent depending on you weapon type you use. When used right, melee combat is not clunky at all.

      It will be clunky if you use melee weapon on humans like how you use it on giant abductors.

      Something like that.

      Source: My experience in playing the game for more than 200 hours.

      • ishyg

        Are the trophies hard to get?

        • Boldmonk

          similar to the trophies from GE2
          Not hard

    • Vash bane

      you should to be honest :) jump aboard the hype express

  • John Diamond

    reminds me of s4 league if it didn’t suck

    • MinakoArisato

      S4 league was really alright.
      What’s wrong with that game is its comunity.

      • Ferrick

        and it’s cash shop, and hackers

        • MinakoArisato

          Well, the Fumbi Shop made you get good stuff as well.
          But I agree with you, the hackers were really frustrating.

  • Zazon Zenzy

    Wow, it does look work. The first hunting game to have a legit PvP, huh, hmm…

    • British_Otaku

      If E.X. Troopers counts, it would be two years earlier on that. That said, more good modes is good.

      • tubers

        Did the 3DS E.X Troopers have 4v4 Online PVP? Non-rhetoric btw.



        Players 1 person
        1-6 when playing local people: 3DS version
        1-6 people online when playing: PS3 Edition

        .. I doubt the 6 player local adhoc for the 3DS is 6 player co-op so I take that means 3v3 PVP?

        • British_Otaku

          Yep. I’m nearly going to have the chance to play local multiplayer with anyone though and I bet the PS3 online is dead as well.

          It supports up to 3 people when going on VR missions and up to six for PvP.

  • isotrex

    And I’m still here waiting for an English release. :)

    • Kaitou21

      2 weeks to go :)

  • Guest

    They should make melee vs melee and long range vs long range mode

    • neogeno

      Thats something that would have to be agreed on by the players and whomever makes the room I imagine.

  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    still nothing regarding the western version. Sony fails. No advertisement or explaining the game more.

    • RedSuisei

      What about the western version? It’s still going to be released on the 28th, right?

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        yes but no information other than release date. No bundle, advertisement, future plans or interviews or previews.

        • RedSuisei

          Ah yeah, a few months ago there were some posts about this on the PS blog, but there haven’t been any recently. SCEA really sucks at marketing anything Vita related.

        • Most games don’t get advertisement until around the release date (about a week before its release), and that’s usually for games with bigger consumer pull.

          What future plans? Without seeing how the game is doing, future plans won’t be discussed without seeing results.

          Interviews or previews check out the PlayStation Blog.

          • subsamuel01

            That’s the problem, we have to go to a dedicated Playstation site just to find coverage for this game. IGN has been covering it a bit, but it’s Sony job to encourage gaming outlets to help spread the word about their games.

        • And then if it fails, they will blame the vita fanbase… haha typical Sony…

  • Uvers

    I wonder how much space all these patches are taking up on memory cards

    • Well, I got 64G memory card ready for it!
      (Not sure but the game it self, before the patch, barly had 1.4G)

  • MinakoArisato

    This game is simply a must buy!
    I look forward to sniping~

  • neogeno

    Hang on Sato are you sure its 16v16? Looking at the video at the 22 second mark shows the players at the starting area. There are 4 prisoners with 4 accessories. Could you confirm if it truly is 16v16 and not 8v8?

    (Dont want to be a party pooper but I really want to know the answer.)

    • Rintarou

      If it wasn’t there before it’s updated now to say 8v8 (16v16 if you count the Accessories).

      • neogeno

        Yeah that line was already there when I asked. I just need a little confirmation before I can really get excited.

      • Boldmonk

        I think it is 4v4, 8v8 counting the accessory.

        making a total of 16 people on the field.

        I am playing it right now.

        here is a video

  • Prinnydoom

    Yep getting this definitely.

    • Boldmonk

      I am enjoying it at the moment. Getting owned though…

  • Vash bane

    yep… that one mode that’s the least appealing to me.
    (going to be COD all over again lol but eh no body cares because they are into that stuff) saw a few cool outfits :) I would buy the game but uhh the combat is not my cup of tea (pvp even more so) but oddly it is interesting(not the pvp but the combat in general).

    when the patch drops I’m going to search it up and see…just how many people are going to camp of the back XD

    • yo1234

      Exactly. I give it a few days before it turns into fps mode. Meelee has a distinct disadvantage

  • Aristides

    I wanna see how Sony handles this in the west.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      They won’t. They’ll toss in a blog post the day before and call it a day~.

    • subsamuel01

      I’ve seen little to no advertisement for this game in the west, typical Sony just throwing Vita games out there with little support.

  • Hopefully the patch comes to the west quickly.

    • Somebodyissilent

      Pretty sure it’s a day one patch in the west.

  • Learii

    pvp with MH style huh nice one I bet everyone would like that

  • tubers

    Main site of JP says only 1-8 players. Did you guys cross-check the info? Just want to make sure.

    • Boldmonk

      1-8 players should be correct.
      each with an accessory companion making a total of 16 modules on the field. Something like that.

  • BurnItWithFiraga!

    And so…The hype continues to be real.

  • Anthony Birken

    Let the fun begin. Had my pre-orders down!

  • Joey Angelo

    Pre-ordered mine months ago. Now all we need is for Bamco to release God Eater 2 and I’ll die happy.

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