Why Pokkén Tournament Is Being Developed For Arcade First

By Sato . October 17, 2014 . 12:28am


The Pokémon Company and Bandai Namco are working together on the series’ first fighting game with Pokkén Tournament, which was announced earlier this year. Tekken series chief producer Katsuhiro Harada recently spoke with 4Gamer about why the game is releasing in arcades first.


During the interview, 4Gamer mentions that Pokkén is an arcade title, but when you think about the Pokémon series, family-oriented games come to mind, which isn’t exactly true of arcades.


“That’s something that got a big reaction, for better or worse [from the development staff],” Harada replies. “There are several reasons for this choice, one being that ‘if it were on arcades, it would be interesting to see fan reaction sooner’.”


“The other reason, which is something I always say, is that it’s important for fighting games to at least succeed in arcades once,” he continues. “With arcades charging 100 yen for a single play, if it’s a boring game, it will most certainly be dismissed. It’s really a harsh environment for [arcade games].”


4Gamer then points out that it makes sense that, if a game becomes popular in arcades, once it releases for consoles, fans can buy it without any worries.


Pokémon definitely has a family-oriented image, but in addition to how we decided on developing [Pokkén] as a competitive game with depth, we must also be prepared to face such severe conditions,” says Harada.


“Once you have a title that can make it out of the lion’s den called arcades, it’s something you know you can be proud of for being the real deal. Additionally, there aren’t too many developers that take on these kind of challenges nowadays.”


Pokkén Tournament will release for arcades in Japan sometime in 2015.

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  • Adrian Duran

    Arcades are where the true games are born

    • WhyWai

      Yea, like Dance Dance Revolution

    • Haganeren

      As opposed to the false games we see everywhere.

      Hate those.

  • Don

    i dunno but the pokemon crowd ain’t the type who frequent arcades though..

    • Zeik56

      Not in America maybe. Arcades are much much more commonplace in Japan, and frequented by more types of people.

    • Bunzi

      There’s some overlap with the competitive fighting game community, but the Pokemon crowd are generally not the group they’ll be counting on for player feedback and balance, either.

      • Aaron K Stone

        Can I hear a nerf stealth rock somewhere?

    • Heisst

      There’s Pokemon arcade games in Japan, like Tretta.

    • tanbu

      It doesn’t matter. The fighting game crowd matters, and they can dissect this game much better than some RPG gamers who don’t know what to look out for in this game.
      Feedback from the FG players will build a better game out of Pokkén.

      • Don

        true that but will the FG players even bother with this game??

        • tanbu

          Yes they will. Why do you think otherwise?
          At least on release they will. If people get bored with it, it might lose a fair bit of players, but fighting games can get stale, and a new fighting game that has new mechanincs and gimmicks to explore is quite exciting. Plus, there is a sort of incentive for good (but not top-level) fighting game players to learn new releases as fast as possible, because that gives them a good chance of finally dominating a particular game (of course, it also depends if these players want to have that glory, but whatever).

          TL;DR: As long as a new FG isn’t really terrible/cheap looking, there will be a fair amount of play for it on release. I’m sure that Pokkén will have enough polish to ensure at least this.

  • dumbfodder

    the only bad thing about arcades is the lack of solo play, random pro people will challenge you and you’ll get your arse whooped in front of many people(ex:t5,t6,ttt2)

    • hazelnut1112

      Well, this is anew game with fresh mechanics taken from Tekken. No excuse if you’re not there day 1. Hopefully they put cabinets in round one arcades.

    • Go2hell66

      im sure this game will be very scrub friendly though. so hopefully the skill gaps wont be too big

    • Freakmasta

      Some arcades also have practice cabinets where you can play by yourself and no be bothered by challenges.

      • “Some arcades also have practice cabinets where you can play by yourself and no be bothered by challenges.

        A thing like this exist!??!!

    • LOL I remembered no one was palying tekken 6 in our arcades but nerdy gusy are all around . when I started inserting a coin the guys quickly rushed to the other seat and challenged me. Got Whooped 5 seconds later

  • Jadfish

    “Why Pokkén Tournament Is Being Developed For Arcade First”
    Because it is a FIGHTING GAME. I want muh fightan gaems to be tested through and through by the japanese players before I can play it. I’m glad to see that Harada knows this, but not surprised <3

  • WhyWai

    Because Japanese don’t play console games.

    • Derek E Nay

      They do, but the arcade scene is MUCH bigger there then here.

  • pokeroi

    Because arcade makes more money easily in Japan.

  • Eder García

    it fits the pokemon ideology of going out and find opponents. hope the wiiu gets a port soon

  • Guest

    What? No B00BS? PASS.

    • Well there’s always chance that Jynx or Nidoqueen might be in the game…..

  • FTM

    Pretty exciting that they’re putting this much attention into the title. Not really what I expected; figured it would be a Label-Success a’la Hyrule Warriors (not that HW is bad— just unnecessary, is all).
    But this is neat that they really want to fine-tune this game, no matter what difficulty orientation it might have. If it’s an accessible fighting game for noobs like Persona 4 Arena it might get my attention, but if it’s the opposite then I can’t say I’d bother. It sounds fun, cute, and interesting, but if it’s going to try and match the hardcore fighters— I mean, it’s cute, silly monsters. I’d rather stick with the other, martial-arts based stuff.

  • InsertOffensiveUsernameHere

    So basically: the only way for us to be capable of playing this game would be that it suceeds in Japan.


    • MaskedHeroxx

      It will succeed if it’s good…if it sucks it would have been a waste of time and our money

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Oh. Usually, fighting games made in Japan go out to arcades first anyway. I thought it was just something that everybody over there does.

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