Tales Of The World: Reve Unitia Gets A Little More Heart

By Spencer . October 19, 2014 . 11:12pm

imageTales of the World: Reve Unitia brings Tales characters from different games into a strategy RPG. Jump reports altogether there will be 44 characters in the game. Jadeite Hearts from Tales of Hearts R and Harold Berselius from Tales of Destiny 2 are joining the mashup.


The Nintendo 3DS game also has an EX map with Dhaos, the main villain from Tales of Phantasia.


Tales of the World: Reve Unitia comes out on October 23 in Japan.

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  • Hmm. That’s good to hear, but knowing that it’s just 44 characters, I’m wondering how many of my (strong/top) favs made it in. . . ;u;

    • Ladius

      There’s a list up on Aselia, if you’re interested: http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Tales_of_the_World:_Reve_Unitia

      Hisui and Harold should be the only ones missing.

    • You probably already saw the official site, but here is the link just in case:

      • Thanks! I keep forgetting to check it (I only visit the Zestiria site lately).

    • British_Otaku

      I’ve only played Abyss so seeing the main five man band (I don’t mind Anise, but Jade is good enough alone) means I’m happy as long as the SRPG is actually good.

      We have dozens of conversations from BN on Youtube, but little gameplay showing off whether it is a Fire Emblem or Project X Zone.

      • Ahh. Most of them are good, so I hope you’ll get a chance to enjoy more titles in the series.

        I’ve seen a couple of videos of combat, but I can’t remember what it looked like. Actually, at least one of the vids with combat should be in one of the Sili articles even. I want to say FE though, but it was a while back that I saw it.

        • British_Otaku

          I do have a PS3 (one of the best choices for Tales games ever), but I want to play games on the 3DS (portables in general are cool though I don’t have a Vita yet) or Wii/U (GameCube by extension though no off TV gameplay).

          I have the platforms to do it, but don’t have the time.

          I’m sure one or two of the extended trailers showed it off for a bit with it looking like FE, but what I also mean is how missions are structured, fail states are played with and so on.

  • Kufuu

    What are the chances of this making it outside of Japan anyway? Should I be realistically hopeful? In a pit of despair? Somewhere in between? Should I stop drinking so much coffee? I like butts.

    • Ladius

      I think Namco could very well end up localizing it, considering their 3DS jrpg localizations seem to have been well received. Tales of the Abyss’ port seems to have sold better than expected and I think no one would have ever thought Project X Zone could reach 87k in the USA (NPD retail data from last year).

      The fact they’re releasing Tales of Hearts R on Vita despite that platform’s sales issues makes it even easier to hope for a Reve Unitia announcement, even if it’s important to remember how those two games aren’t that similar once you consider how Hearts R is a mothership remake while Reve Unitia is a crossover entry with a tactical battle system.

      Still, I really hope Tales manages to have an handheld presence in the west, too: in the best case scenario, Hearts R will meet their sales goal (provided it’s reasonably low) and convince them to localize Innocence R too, while 3DS will get Reve Unitia.

      • Kufuu

        Yooo. Good shit. That’s a lot of sense-making right there. Thank you for the well informed post sir. Or madam. Or whatever you may perhaps be.

  • awat

    Awesome now , Localize it US/EU OvOb Cmon baba the 3DS needs some more> Tales of Love.

  • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

    Hoped this one is released over here.^_^ Sales had shown that 3DS had a market for this kind of game.

    With how Abyss(Tales of series) and PxZ(Srpg) doing well, the combination should be able to sell maybe at least 100k.

    • Ladius

      I definitely think Namco could localize Reve Unitia considering Abyss and Project X Zone’s US performance, and I really hope they will, but I think it’s risky to assume it could combine their sales or sell better than both of them just because it happens to be a Tales game with a tactical jrpg battle system.

      Abyss was a mothership port with the series’ traditional LMBS battles, it had quite a following in the series’ fanbase since the PS2 original and it was the first handheld mothership game localized in a long while (the US never got Eternia’s PSP port, for instance). Project X Zone, on the other hand, catered to lots of different fanbases (many of them not even in the jrpg genre, and some of them very popular like for Street Fighter, Teeken and Resident Evil) and was well liked by most not because of its gameplay or story, but rather because of its fantastic use of its source material(s).

      If anything, I think Reve Unitia could have an even more niche appeal than both of them: it’s a game aimed not simply at jrpg fans, like a mothership Tales game would be, but at die hard Tales fans who know most characters in the series and enjoy to see them interacting. Even more, it doesn’t have the action battle system fans expect from the series, nor does it have other licenses to use in order to widen its potential audience like PXZ did.

      This isn’t to say it can’t sell decently, Radiant Mythology on PSP sold in the 40k range after all, but it would be wise to not expect too much considering Xillia 2 itself didn’t even sell 50k during its first month. The only recent Tales game that was able to break 100k in the US according to NPD was the first Xillia, which ended up a bit north of 150k not including digital sales.

      • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

        I guess that is also one of the consideration however, i believe Jrpg fans are more engaged on 3DS so i kinda think that it can maybe sell for quite a number maybe not breaking record one though. 80k to 100k i believe should be possible.

        My only fear is the cost of voice acting there.

  • CrownedKing623

    Luckily Tales series has been getting localized pretty steadily the past few years. So hopefully with this being a different type thab the normal ToW for PSP, surely this will make it here. I love my 3DS, but hate Nintendo’s over priced e-shop and the fact they region-locked the system. Who does that these days?? Oh yeh, Nintendo is always stuck in the past…

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