Here Are The CPUs Of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth V Century In Action

By Sato . November 12, 2014 . 3:30pm


Hyperdimension Neptunia  Re;Birth V Century is an upcoming PlayStation Vita port of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, that will add some extra new content and features. Compile Heart shares a closer look in the game’s latest video.



The video starts out with four CPUs of Neptune, Vert, Blanc, and Plutia in a party facing off against regular small-fry enemies. The video demonstrates how attacking after the Exe Drive Gauge runs out, your SP gauge will start to fill up.


The Lowee CPU Blanc then goes into her Goddess form to deliver a powerful hit, followed by Vert going with her own transformation and attack. The video shows how enemy drops will now be indicated on the right part of the screen as well, as seen around the 1:30 mark.


Next, Neptune and her sister Nepgear show off their super special tag-team friend combo attack, where the Planeptune CPU and candidate do massive damage to a helpless foe. Plutia also calls out Noire to do the same shortly after.


While the game is a port, there will be plenty of other new content, including extra events that will be added to each chapter, and a whole new scenario that unlocks upon beating the game. You can read more about it in our earlier report.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Century will release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Alexander Samudio

    don’t get me wrong,i love this series and will buy it when it gets localized but i hope we get more info on the new content soon cuz as of now it looks like a more user friendly version of Victory,i love Victory so thats not too bad of a thing but still getting new stuff is a plus. one thing i hope they do when it gets localized is getting the english dub to sound just as good or better than it was in Victory(i like the dub ok,the voices feel right even though the japanese cast is good too)

    • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

      I’m in the same boat as you bro. Both casts are good, but Melissa Fahn alone turns me on more to the english dub. As for the content I’m really curious as to what. Anyways this is nice news

      • Alexander Samudio

        i know exactly what you mean, Erin Fitzgerald improved very much as Black Heart,i noticed her change of tone in Neptunia PP but with Re birth you really get to see that new voice tone come to life when shes in action,her performance as regular Noire on the other hand was a bit weak compared to Victory(mostly the battle parts) Plutia’s voice was weaker too which was really disappointing after hearing her in Victory.everyone else was did good though

    • Speedometris Maximus

      They’re apparently adding a few new features, expanding the Plans system to affect all aspects of the game, and there will be a new chapter that will lead into Victory 2.

      • Alexander Samudio

        so the Plan system is coming back? well if thats the case i hope they make it more user friendly cuz at times in re birth 1 i would be lost as to where the heck this thing is or that item,i actually kinda liked the scout system to a certain extent but it was a bit troublesome i admit. ohhh so thats what it is,that sounds great

      • crazyhunter

        They never stated anything about the chapter leading to v2
        Im assuming the extra chapter is the dlc with the second ending of the game that was released two years ago since every rebirth has all of the dlc that was released on console

  • NeptuniasBeard

    If they can put in a playable Rei Ryghts, I’ll double dip

    • Alexander Samudio

      that would be great,we also could use a little more info on that neptune communication thing too

  • HonoraryCMC

    So far I’m just seeing the new system as making fights more complicated for no additional gain. In random dungeons this can seem fine if you just have to build SP but the arena matches will be nightmares. If the SP gauge increases proportionate to their level that would be nice but I get the feeling they wont, also have the EXE Drives and SP skills share the same bar only makes Transforming and pulling off any skill to be more of a risk rather than just losing some SP. I like Victory’s and RE;Birth 1’s battle system, it’s traditional for a JRPG and it works, why mess around with it? And really if each skill takes so much of the gauge (I think I saw Blanc’s Zerstorung use 100) from the restricted 1000 why both changing it? It might be better for the early game but in comparison to their SP gauges in Victory it feels like a down grade when they get well over 1000 by later levels.

  • RagnoSaki

    Localize as soon as possible please.

    • HonoraryCMC

      Unfortunately it will be among the last to be localized. Noire’s game will be first, then Re;Birth 2 (maybe swap those 2 around I don’t remember), then I think it will be Ultradimension Action U (or something like that, it’s the beat ’em up game). Then it will either be this game or Victory II.

      • Asuna Neros

        Lol, at least they’re getting localized.

      • Christopher C

        we’ll have Nep U and Re;birth 3 by the end of 2015, if IFI’s pace is to be kept. 2 Neptunia games come out at the start of next year.

    • Min

      Same, i wish they would prioritize this over Neptune U…

      • Alexander Samudio

        i’m actually kinda looking forward to Neptune U. but yeah i think that would have been the best decision in the long run,at least we’re gonna get it eventually,probably late 2015 or early 2016. i’m having doubts that Victory ll will come out this year unless CH has made it golden and will wow people during the holidays. 2015 seems like a year that makes more sense since we only have like 2 months left

        • Christopher C

          I’d imagine spring 2016 for Nep VII, or if IFI can hire more translators end of 2015. They’re kinda doing 2 Neptunia games right now.

          • Alexander Samudio

            yeah that sounds about right. yeah thats true

  • Brimfyre

    Curses! I saw Plutia and thought she was confirmed for U or V2

    • crazyhunter

      How? When the tittle states rebirth and U has no dlc characters

      • Brimfyre

        I SAW Plutia and thought she was confirmed. Then read headline and knew I was wrong so I came here to post to show my love for Plutia and my wish that she was in the new games.

  • Hearing Plutia’s voice makes me smile every time lol

    • Satoshi Ookami

      Because she is voiced by godly seiyuu :D

  • Harry Potter

    after seeing Vert and Plutia my day is complete

  • John Hayabusa

    Playing Re;Birth1 right now and I am loving it. Cannot wait to get the other two Vita remakes.

  • DyLaN

    Character section on the main site is updated with Rei/Abness and the 2 new characters, Bamo and Rego.

    > The eyes……

  • Rinkawa Erion

    Still no transformation scene…(like in the anime)

  • Dashaun Rutledge

    Oh finally 4 characters at once again, RE birth one pissed me off with only allowing 3 at a time.

  • Kornelious

    4 party members this time around? Now that’s what I’m talking about! :D

  • Vash bane

    super special tag-team friend combo attack

    good gosh that’s one heck of a name for an attack lol

    so…the game also has fan service huh? even tho the battle system interest me but…I don’t know lol

    hey it’s that girl from that video I saw that was something of a sadist (Plutia lol sorry I am unfamiliar with this series).

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