Freedom Wars: A Hunting Action Game That Isn’t Afraid To Be Itself

By Jack . November 17, 2014 . 5:30pm

As the title of the game might suggest, Freedom Wars is a game with a lot ambition. While it technically adds to the pile of “hunting-action” games popularized by Monster Hunter, writing Freedom Wars off as a product of its genre would be a disservice. This is a game that isn’t afraid to stand out, and it accomplishes this by introducing a world that is not only distinct but detailed enough to characterize just about every aspect of the experience.


The game starts off with a group of people, including you, defending their Panopticon, the equivalent of a prison-hometown hybrid, from giant monsters. Your character seemingly gets massacred by a giant, only to be suddenly revived with a healthy dose of amnesia, because it’s always amnesia. In this case the memory loss works out, because when your character wakes up he ends up being just as shocked by the world Freedom Wars as you are.


Freedom Wars’ world runs on a society with two classes, the citizens who are free and the sinners who are imprisoned, with the sinners needing to complete missions in order to work off their prison sentence. You start the game completely confined to your cell, but as you progress you can not only shave off your prison time, but obtain entitlements like leaving your cell or simply being able to talk to girls. If you try to do any kind of action you haven’t purchased the entitlement for, you get slammed with a bigger prison sentence.


The emphasis on rules and entitlements characterizes Freedom Wars as both cruel and hilarious. During the opening sections of the game, I was intentionally tricked into violating the rules with the game presenting situations like being given an option to lay down (you can only rest while sitting up, duh!) or trying to walk more than a few steps in your cell (stop recklessly wasting your energy!) along with a whole host of other seemingly normal but punishable activities. Even after passing through the tutorials, I would still occasionally get infractions for running too much or picking the wrong dialogue options. Ultimately, the rule violations won’t seriously set you back, but it’s hard not to feel bad whenever you incite the authority’s wrath.


Initially stepping into the world of Freedom Wars can feel very alien, but when you get back to the battlefield things finally start to feel more familiar. Freedom Wars works with mechanics similar to Monster Hunter, complete with weighty attacks, dodge rolls, and a sizable collection of monsters to fight. Similarly, the game follows a cycle of completing missions, gaining better materials, crafting better equipment, then tackling harder missions.


Things diverge from the norm when you get to your movement options involving the Thorn device. Using the Thorn is kind of like using a grappling hook, as you can shoot it to pull yourself towards objects or enemies. Effective use of the Thorn allows you to freely fly across the map in a manner that is polar opposite of the prison lifestyle you lead outside of the missions.


Fighting giant monsters isn’t all you do either, as another big part of Freedom Wars involves rescuing citizens. You often have to compete with rival Panopticons for ownership of these citizens, which can lead to some exciting races as you balance fighting monsters with making sure no one is left in your human enemy’s grasp. These types of missions are generally my favorite, but there are plenty of variations ranging from fighting off waves of smaller enemies to more traditional giant monster hunts to keep you busy.


Both combat and rescuing citizens emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Multiple people can use their Thorns to grapple a monster and work together to pull it down, incapacitating it. If you’re carrying a citizen, you’re basically defenseless and must rely on your partners for cover. There are very few missions in Freedom Wars that you tackle alone, which is both convenient but occasionally a burden. While I usually manage to dodge enemy attacks just fine, the AI team often isn’t be as lucky. It can occasionally feel like you’re babysitting your team, but it balances out because they’re equally as good about reviving you.


One of the most impressive aspects of Freedom Wars is how despite there often being a ton happening on-screen between your team members and the amount of enemies, the game still manages to still manages to run smoothly. As someone who’s played a lot of Vita games, I’ve often been disappointed by many of the device’s games when it comes to performance. Thankfully the trend seems to have bucked here, with the only framerate problems I noticed coming when the weather effects start to become more intense.


While there’s a lot to like about Freedom Wars, one thing I do feel I should point out is that it takes some time to click. The world and style of Freedom Wars initially pulled me into the game’s world, but it also tended to push me away as well. Basically, outside the missions the restrictions can feel suffocating, but during the missions you have almost too much freedom in terms of options which creates a high learning curve.


For example, the hub area is loyal to the game’s premise to a fault and it ends up making the place a hassle to traverse. When you start the game, you can only run for a few seconds before getting slammed with extra years added to your sentence. For similar reasons, you need to be careful with who you talk to and what you say, meaning I was more likely to avoid NPCs than try to make conversation. Perhaps the biggest annoyance is that the layout of the hub areas looks very drab and same-y, which makes sense for a prison, but can be confusing to navigate.


As you play the game these issues eventually go away, but when you’re first getting started it can really make things grate. There’s a point fairly early on in the game where you have to spend an extended period of time exploring the Panopticon and progressing the story, and it almost killed my interest before ramping things back up just in time with some great missions. Thankfully after you finish that part in particular, you can also unlock a quick travel option which really helps the pacing.


The other major hurdle comes from the controls. I’m not saying that they’re bad, but as someone who generally plays a lot of video games and tends to learn controls quickly, I definitely had to go through an adjustment period. The learning curve comes from the fact that your character has a lot of options in his repertoire which makes it difficult to keep track of what you can do and when. For a significant part of my playtime, I found myself scrambling to remember which buttons did what and attempting to naturally transition from movement to combat without success. Persistence will eventually reward you, as once the controls click you can effortlessly pull off some really impressive maneuvers, but I can’t help but think the controls could have used some streamlining.


As long as you’re willing to spend some time with Freedom Wars, though, you’ll find not only a great hunting game but a game completely confident in what it brings to the table. The movement and combat feel great, the world is interesting, and it’s one of the most technically impressive games on the Vita. Most importantly, for the first time ever, I’ve found myself continually wanting to go back to a hunting game that isn’t called Monster Hunter.


Food for Thought:


1. At the beginning of the game, you need to select the Panopticon you want to serve, and unfortunately none of the real world locations were particularly close to where I live. If you’re connected to the internet, you can donate items to help build the rank of the Panopticon you chose through a global ranking system. Not surprisingly, Hong Kong appears to be at the top, while the Panopticon I chose, Anchorage, is not faring nearly as well.


2. I tried the online mode a little, but to be honest it’s pretty risky. If you can find a group with solid connection then everything works great, but if even one person has a poor connection then you’re likely going to have a bad time. This was especially noticeable in the PVP mode, where people seemed to be teleporting all over the place, which can be a problem when you’re trying to kill them.


3. Freedom Wars only features a Japanese dub, which for the most part isn’t a problem, but there are some lines that don’t have subtitles that I ended up being pretty curious about. Any time you hear a voice from the loudspeakers while exploring the Panopticon, it remains untranslated without any kind of subtitle, which I think is a bit unfortunate. I imagine it’s some kind of propaganda about following the rules, but it’s left entirely up to my imagination, I guess.

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  • ZEROthefirst

    I could write off a large list and review of all of Freedom Wars’ flaws and why it’s something to more or less just skip unless you’re looking for a brief holdover for any game, but I’ll just say one of the games biggest faults for it’s genre. It LACKS content. Hell it makes the original Monster Hunter on the PS2 look like it’s brimming with content. The story/single player is extremely short, the large enemy types are just 3 enemies that more or less have the exact same attack patterns as each other and change what they have on their shoulder or arms, the missions are monotonous and consist of the same thing over and over again. Kill hordes of the tiny enemies, or multiples of the same 3 large enemies (yes I know the final boss technically racks that up to 4 but you only fight it in the final main story mission or special ops) or rescue civilians that consist of the same formula by rescuing them from the large enemies.

    I tried the Japanese version when a friend had it and couldn’t get myself to get into it, and decided to give it a shot again when the Western release came about and while I did find myself sort of entertained by the story since I could now understand it, that only lasted as long as the story does (and I won’t spoil anything, but the game is definitely set-up for a sequel so if you’re like me and get irritated by an interrupted ending for it to finish off in a sequel this is another reason to hold off, and literally the ending just ends, something is about to happen… but Shift decided you need to wait for it, something they also did with God Eater 2 annoyingly, granted they ended the main story and just ended early on a more side story thing with Lindow).

    Anyways before I go off ranting about the game some more I’m just going to leave here and say to anyone interested in the game, definitely wait until the sequel or God Eater 2 Rage Burst if anything. It’s done by the same developers, but God Eater has a lot more content and arguably much more engaging gameplay and combat. I’ll also say with a game of this genre I can easily put in hundreds of hours throughout owning the game and go back to them and have fun, but with this my ability to stand the game peaked at the end story and totaled at 52 hours between on and offline play and I don’t even want to play it anymore honestly aside from helping friends grind for some materials. You come to Freedom Wars for mix between God Eater and Monster Hunter gameplay, as well as being able to play Spider Man, and KIND OF the story, everything else… you’re in the wrong game.

    • I definitely have mixed feelings regarding FW. Hopefully a sequel will address the issues. Balanced combat, more variety in regards to missions and abductors, and a better view into the world of FW. I’ll give it credit for what it is.

      • Revorse

        I’m gonna have to agree with that.

    • BlacksmithJ0

      Not gonna lie tl;dr
      I’m sure there are some valid points, but I’m having fun with the game so I don’t really care post on Gamefaqs and get your opinion out to where more people cans see

      • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

        They’d eat him alive on GFaqs lol. I’ve been stating some of my opinions (Merely because they don’t take kindly to opinions) on some boards for some humor over there and he’d need some thick skin to deal with them lol.

        That aside the game is good despite its flaws. I thought I’d end up getting bored like I did with many games (Monster Hunter, GEB, Lord Of Arcana, etc.) but surprisingly I still play it. Wonder if anyone has played in the same sessions as me :

        • ZEROthefirst

          Why would you need thick skin to deal with people on GameFAQs, it’s the same as any other forum you go to. You find actual people and you find more trolls than people, that’s how the internet works, and there are plenty of forum sites worse than GameFAQs when it comes to trolls.

          Besides I’d rather do a video review than a typed up review because most people just skim through a long typed up review or ignore it altogether if I do one. Probably will do a review though since I’ve been working on one for the Playstation/Vita TV and might as well have a vita game to go out shortly after it.

          • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

            I only say that because whether people like to admit or not most allow those trolls to get under their skin and try playing it off like its whatever when in reality it’s angering/frustrating/irritating them lol. This is coming from someone who’s known for not taking anyone or anything serious online and who’s got under the skins of many for a bit of humor.

            Also, I don’t see the difference in a video review and one that was written out tbh. For someone with an extremely short attention span like myself I tend to skim or completely skip through things and videos are no exception so I’m highly certain that I’m not the only one out there who does the same but it’s most likely due to another reason.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        No offence, but if you didn’t read his post, why bother replying to it in the first place? If you don’t care what he has to say, why should he care what you have to say?

        If you’re having fun with the game, then that’s great. So have fun with it instead of wasting your own and ZEROthefirst’s time by making replies that have nothing constructive to add.

    • DragKudo

      Paradoxa, Ramosa, Peltaum, Abductor four types, and Dinoea(Dragons) thats more than three.

      But i do agree with everything else. I was a little pissed with the ending. Never really told us what the hell B’s dad was trying to do.

      • ZEROthefirst

        You missed the point on how EVERY abductor has the same patterns over and over again. Even when they are “different” they have the same basic movements and patters. Aside from VERY minute differences you’re fighting the same thing over and over again. Only the Peltaum is actually different from the rest (granted it’s still as predictable as everything else).

        • DragKudo

          Well no, I just don’t care about that. Tiger has its own style and when you rip his arms off he changes the way he fights. Same with the Spider, same with the dragons. The only abductors that fight the same way are bipeds. The carrier abductors only share the ground slam attack.
          The Tank abductors run away like a mad machine shooting rockets everywhere. The second biped abductor with no arms just rams you.
          The Peltaum doesn’t even do anything it just floats and occasionally free falls while sending out its little chains to fight.

          Some of them share a couple of moves but there still different. Everything is going to get predictable and repetitive if you’ve already played hunter games or any game that requires you to fight and dodge giants.

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      Are you one of those self-proclaimed critics? You’re entitled to your own opinions but sometimes flaws can be embracing. It only becomes a big deal if the player allows them to be. The only exception to this rule is the latest Assassin’s Creed; them flaws ain’t so embracing.

      • ZEROthefirst

        Balance issues, lack of content and other issues with the game are flaws, not things to overlook and say “oh well it’s good enough.”

        • Exactly.

        • ThatGuy3190_7

          I’ve played games with balance issues and lack of content. Fighting games and Pokemon X/Y comes to mind. I enjoyed playing them. Can’t speak for online aspects though because I generally tend to not play online unless it’s to earn trophy achievements out of boredom (call me old school but I still prefer to play against someone in the same physical room).

          • ZEROthefirst

            Hey you’re definitely not alone with preferring to play single or with others in the same room/house. Especially since most games like this have terrible online (granted you can still play it, but when that one person with a bad connection joins… the teleporting everything does is just god awful).

      • “It only becomes a big deal if the player allows them to be” FW is down right unforgiving at times. Why should anyone embrace that?

        • ThatGuy3190_7

          I guess I am one of the few who enjoys difficulty in video games and learn how overcome “unforgiving” difficulties with some patience and strategy.

          • No you’re not. Again, there’s a difference between difficult and fun, MH then you have FW fun yet unforgiving. The game simply needs to be balanced as far as the single player aspect goes. The game is easy as hell playing with other people.

          • God

            I don’t know, i love unforgiving games…

          • A challenge is always welcome.

          • RedSuisei

            I suppose you weren’t around during the 1st and 2nd generations of MH? People kept complaining how unforgiving and cheap it is, how bad the controls were etc, and there was an IGN review (I think?) that gave MHF2 a 6/10. Out of 10 or so of my friends who tried the game, only 3 managed to keep playing. The thing is, it wasn’t unforgiving nor cheap, it’s just that players need to get better at it. If others can do it (and not talking about one in a thousand here), then it’s not the game’s fault, it’s yours.

            Freedom Wars really takes me back to those times; people who are not so good at it complaining, while others kept polishing their skills and enjoying overcoming the difficulty.

          • Yes I was. Which is why I specifcally said I give FW credit for what it is and hopefully future titles improve on any issue that FW has. Don’t make empty assumptions. I’ve been playing MH since it was first localized for the ps2. All I said was that the game needs to be balanced, which it does. Not much skill is required for FW.

    • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

      Even so, I can overlook the flaws, aside from the A.I, which is not as good as it should be.

      It makes up for decent customization. which i particularly like. of course, opinions are opinions, no matter what. Each to his/her own and I’ll leave it at that.

    • MrTyrant

      I think i can almost recommend this game to anyone and they will like it. I think it’s a game that vita needs and I hope to see a secuel. There are flaws of course but I think for the first try it’s a good game and Im sure the devs will improve it next time.

      • Elpizo

        Sequel seems assured at least with how the story ended.

  • James Reilly

    Disappointed they removed the accessory voice customization feature (which is even referenced numerous times in the game), but good game regardless and steal at $30.

    • Steven Higgins

      Yeah, me too, maybe they’ll add it back in in a future patch or free DLC. Or maybe the inevitable sequel will keep it.

    • Mind0105A

      I’m surprised. Why do they have to remove it? I think just adding an option to able or disable will satisfy all the players who want to play Freedom wars US version.

      • Brandonmkii

        Probably because is was programmed to be compatible with the Japanese language, and not with any others.

        • :B

          But it was able to speak in English though. I hope for that feature to come back as a DLC (I don’t mind paying for it)

          • MrTyrant

            I must say that her spanish pronuntiation is good.

          • :B

            Yeah, and it’s pretty impressive. Now, I really want this feature so bad so I can experiment different pronunciation and languages xD

          • Boldmonk

            Politely ask Yoshizawa-san(the producer) or Shuhei-san(supervisor I think) on twitter.

            I don’t need to do that because I am not affected.

          • :B

            Or the localization team since they knew the reason for disabling the feature.

            Problem is, I don’t have a Twitter account, and I don’t want to make another one at this time. :<

          • Boldmonk

            The phoenetic structure and the syllable are very close and similar. That is why it is easy to use Japanese syllables to form Spanish words and have decent pronounciation. English is harder.

          • MrTyrant

            Yeah I know about the japanese syllabes I tried to study them just that Kanji killed me haha but hiragana and Katakana were easier to learn.

          • Boldmonk

            You just need to know hiragana and Katakana to read and pronounce.

          • MrTyrant

            But to read visual novels i need to know more lol

          • Guest

            Want me to make her say more?

        • MrTyrant

          Chinese and korean version had this feature though and the original one could pronounce things in english.

    • Harry Potter

      wtf really! that was really i’m looking for in this game!..shame on you sony!

    • Anthony Birken

      I was soooooo looking forward to hearing “Yes, my sweet honey.” And they took it out! I love the game, but damn Sony you steal my happiness sometimes…

  • Natalie Rath

    Isn’t Freedom War’s battle system similar to Lost Planet and Ex Troopers?

    • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)


    • Woofant

      Don’t you mean the grappling?

  • Boldmonk

    I am 400+ hours in to the game(JPN) so I have no complains(maybe some).
    Best game I have ever played in years, the previous being Valkyria Chronicles III and the first one was Mario(gameboy).

    Not only that Freedom Wars offers a variety of play styles and room for tactical approaches to completing individual mission, it also has characters in a style I like most. So it’s a double win in my case.

    It’s a very well designed game.

    I do have to complain about the available costumes though, wish they added more…

    • lackofstyle

      Wow mario then VC3 then this, that’s quiet a gap. Do you not play many games or do you just have some specific taste?

      • Boldmonk

        you have a point…how did that even happen….
        well there was a time when I only played on nintendo systems before I discovererd Playstation brand. Probably I have specific tastes…
        There are many mushrooms in Mario games so I think that explains it.

    • Nyandroid

      Personally I wish the stickers had been more customizable. More position options, the ability to put on multiple stickers and colour changes.

      • Boldmonk

        Then peope will abuse it and sony will get into lawsuits among other problems.
        (There are already some interesting exploits by player though, with the Bikini costume in particular)

  • s07195

    So there’s a lot of people playing or choosing the Hong Kong panopticon?

  • MrTyrant

    You could have mentioned the customizable voice removal instead of complaining for the jap dub. It was a key feature for the game in the japanese version.

    Also as a good point the game have a lot of customizable options for both the mc and his/her accesory. For those who enjoy creating their character they will enjoy getting some customes, stickers, unlocking roons of colors and spend time posing for their players sheet.

  • Anontastic

    I’ve heard this game has a ton of flaws, but it does definitely seem like a step in the right direction, or at least an interesting one for the genre. Is the online community still alive in the west? it’s a niche JP game, and in my experience, the online for those dies out way too fast in the west ;(

    • ZEROthefirst

      It’s still very much alive, but definitely look for people with good connections. The game doesn’t have the best online so playing with people with bad connections results in enemies and teammates alike teleporting all over the place.

    • Guest

      this game is good just remove the story its the same now as MH lol i don’t really get it

      Monster Hunter (has no story people still buy it i know its cool i bought it too)

      Freedom Wars (the same genre as monster hunter has a story but other people hates it i will buy this game too)

  • Enma_Kozato

    For some reason I thought the Hong Kong ranking was just an in-game thing. I have no idea why I would think it wasn’t actually reflecting the player efforts of the panopticons in real time. (‘ ^ ‘) Seoul has been keeping up in second place so woo!

    • Boldmonk

      Seoul was top rank at one point, quickly beaten though.

    • Chido55

      I do believe that they rely on sheer numbers of players instead of individual contribution. Even though we’re not that good, Kuala Lumpur manage to hold their ranks with less Sinners. Dropped quite from 8 to 11, but we ain’t gonna give up just yet.

  • natchu96

    Do my eyes deceive me?

    Nobody used the word “MH clone”!

    • Harry Potter

      its called Phantasy Star clone! it all start at Phantasy Star it’s like calling Left4Dead a COD clone

      • Everything is a clone of each other, Jesus stop really.

        • Harry Potter

          yeah its Naruto’s fault

  • Harry Potter

    hunting dears simulator is a MH clone all hunting games is MH clone.

    • Harry Potter

      it’s like calling transformers a Gundam clone

    • God

      Dat grammar.

      • Harry Potter

        Dat name.

        • God

          Dat answer.

  • Shippoyasha

    Regarding the performance of the Vita, it really doesn’t surprise me. There’s been some odd games here and there that makes it look like a nigh PS3 AAA title. The system at its full potential looks too good to be true.

    A few games run eyepoppingly good. Like with Killzone and Blazblue, they truly look like they make full advantage of the system’s power.

    I think the issue is that development costs are likely much smaller for a handheld game, so they don’t enjoy the kind of fidelity bigger AAA titles get on home consoles.

  • kelly87421

    until I saw the bank draft ov $5787 , I did not believe that…my… mother in law woz actually receiving money in their spare time from their laptop. . there uncles cousin haz done this for only about 10 months and recently repaid the loans on their cottage and purchased a new Chrysler . find out here now…..>> -> start it by clicking here right now!!! <-

  • Boldmonk

    Going off topic for a bit.

    I actually liked the game more before initial patches, it was way more challenging.
    probably can relate to dark souls series in a way, you retry each time you die, test different approaches until you finally find a way to pass a particular stage/level.

    But then again, I think they made a good choice on adjusting the difficulty, it helps those who are new to these type of games. And there is always the Retribution missions that I can do alone…

    What do you guys think about think?(those who have played)

    • Alter

      IKR, its probably better if they keep it as High-End/Challenge missions. What i want in FW update: Legendary weapons, people with top rank 1-10 has access to it, or something like that.

    • Land of Green Pasture

      it’s still on the hard site even after the patch… like maybe 7-6 where I’m about to kill both Ramosas and suddenly 4 hostile AI Sinners spawn and finishing my team in mere 5 seconds..

      And now it feels like : Kill faster before they kill you even faster.
      And after that I got Tales of Hearts R and remember how fun a game could be… damn FW with poor (read : not a GR1 late bloomer with triple power boost) gear is definitely a nightmare.

      • Boldmonk

        I might get Tales of Hearts…

        Back on topic
        The green thorn barricade is very useful against enemy gunfire, I didn’t know this before and always went with planting red thorn mines and regular mines.

        And I agree, not having good equipment is a nightmare indeed…

  • quasadra


    Anyone who complain about this game will get 1000 years added to their sentence.

    silly joke aside, im still in code 7… so many game, so little time.

    • Land of Green Pasture

      totally, and this game needs a lot of time, to upgrade multiple weapon, stuffs and stuffs, I haven’t even cleared post game content..

      • quasadra

        and i have just picked up dragon age inquisition….

        • Land of Green Pasture

          I’ll pick it up too, someday..

    • ishyg

      I’m still code 4.

    • Kamakuma

      Code 8 here myself~ :’3

  • May_Patra

    I’m only at Code 7 so I’ve yet to see the ending that most people seem to be miffed about. But I’ve got to say, this is probably so far my favourite Vita game, even if it had a few frustrating moments. It’s also the first hunting game I’ve ever gotten into.
    Once I had found a control setting that worked for me, missions became really fun. The story so far is interesting and all the potential teammates are likeable. With each character having their own unique fighting style and behaviour.

    Still a bit disappointed that they removed the voice customization. Otherwise the customization options are nice though.

    BTW we’re supposed to receive a patch and about 30 DLC packs today. Two off those packs will allegedly contain a few extra accessory voices.

    • Boldmonk

      You’ll like them, trust me.
      Edit: except for the extra accessory voices…you’ll understand why

      • May_Patra

        Haha, okay. Now I’m looking forward to hearing how bad they are.

        • Boldmonk

          There were official samples uploaded to youtube.
          But you can just check out in game(if you want)

          • May_Patra

            Just gave them a listen… You’re right.
            That squeacky third male voice, urgh. Gonna skip those packs for sure.

    • Harry Potter

      Sup Koromaru-san!

      • May_Patra


        (Impatiently waiting for some new info about you, Chairry-kun!)

        Edit: Sorry I don’t know why there are suddenly three pictures or how I could remove them. orz

        • Harry Potter

          (Pet’s Koromaru-san in the head) good doggie.

        • Harry Potter

          you got shadow clones

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Gods Eater 2.. why you not getting localized like this one?!

    • novurdim

      I can assure you that GE2: Rage Burst will be localized. It’s becoming a standart practice for Bamco.

    • Maybe because this one is more of appeal to Western Audience… since West ppl only think about guns and killing ppl for their games… (And god eater you mainly fight “aliens” not ppl… there for not so popular, and not “worthy” localise it.)
      But well, GE2 is getting a PS4 Release so who knows lets see what happens next year. (cross-fingers)

      • Attribule

        Please don’t act like you know anything about any specific culture and/or gaming market. Please.

        • I wish it was a “act” indeed rather then a fact…

      • Jan Daryll Palanca

        Isn’t Freedom Wars following that similar formula?? =/

        • Sadly yes(like stated in my previus comment), but well thx to it it got out and spread to the west and some how, more ppl got to know the game gender wish is not a bad thing (but it sill costed us the removal of Accessory Voices Customization feature though)

          • Jan Daryll Palanca

            Still wanting GE2 than this tho.

  • Frimelda

    For some reason I can’t connect to any groups online (I get a “No rooms found”) is this due to my imported copy? I can invite one of my friends fine.

    In regards to late CODE 6 and CODE 7 missions, it’s a nightmare going solo in the game doing them. I can’t do the missions with re-spawning Sinners when I am trying to kill the Abductors.

    Surprisingly, I didn’t find the previous 5 CODE levels all that hard, but then I got to 6 and….the hell? It’s spiked!

    Keep trying to redo missions but the weapons I want to upgrade aren’t getting the necessary items and gaining entitlement points outside of completing the new missions is taking its time.

    I really like this game but the difficulty spike is annoying me.

    • May_Patra

      Could it be that your Vita’s internet connection is set to NAT type 3?
      If that’s the case than that is the reason why the game can’t find any rooms. You’ll need to change to type 2 or 1.

      • Frimelda

        Many thanks! :D

        Yeah, it is. May I ask why this is? It seems a little random to warn you about this. :

        Oh and @ Josh: Yeah, it’s one of the few things I hate the game for. CODE 7’s Mission was in particular rage inducing. :(

        • NAT type’s have to do with your router/modem configurations and sometimes port-forwarding. (Usually NAT type 3 its set and used in old modems/routers)

        • May_Patra

          No problem. :)

          English isn’t my my first language, so I’m probably not goog at explaining this. Anyway… the NAT types depict how the connection is made from your Vita to the internet and type 3 is the most restictive of the three. It limits the communication features of your Vita. Several games have issues because of this, not just FW.

    • Josh Lzk

      Yeah, this game’s difficulty spikes are crazy. And the thing you notice as you go on is that the main danger isn’t the Abductors; it’s the enemy criminals/Sinners/whateveryoucallthem.

  • Kaitou21

    I really wanted to like this game but the 2 things that prevent me from doing so are the cluttered weapon system and storyline, I mean look at MH, GE and toukiden. Weapon progression is simple and straight forward but this game ruins that philosophy by giving you a multitude of weapons that have you spending 10 min real time to craft or combine (selling them is time consuming and a waste) them to get rid of them as well as randomly giving you even more powerful weapons (wouldn’t know they were there though because of all the weapons I have to scroll through anyway) which defeats the purpose of crafting and has you doing that over and over, the story line is pretty uninteresting too but that’s just my opinion. idk maybe I’ll try picking my vita up again to play this game and try to enjoy it like I did day one but with the online being so laggy and no one I know having a vita to play with it’s kind of like rubbing salt on an open wound. Awesome game but no MH killer.

    • Don’t know where you hear that, but trust me w/e you do, no matter how great weapons u get in missions or you buy from npc’s. None will ever be has good has a “late bloomer” crafted from scratch by you.
      You only need those weapons you get from missions and stores if you are at the early stages of the game, its always better to get a random weapon to start, that try producing a Raraty8+Late Bloomer+Rank1 wish is some thing you can only do after u beat the game till code 8 (because u need tho earn “rights” to upgrade your “craft-factory” that far)

      Has for story, its decent. Maybe not has Deep has GE, but its fair enough.

      PS: If you think u can solo the game with an half a$$ed weapon alone, you really have no idea how hard this game can be.

      • Elpizo

        He/she doesn’t understand.

        • =/ Guess I will have to explain it to her/him… (I love is Avatar choice.)

          @Kaito,Well the game starts getting difficult once you hit code 5 and go above, it starts getting harder and harder, and soloing code 7 boss’s are really hard if not impossible…
          Even if you take some missions of code 6, I can garantee your Accessory might or WILL be abducted a few times if you are not careful.
          they give you random weapons because you need them for Mod’s, and elemental upgrade for your favourite weapon. If they waste space you can just give away all weapons with red mods(whish will benefit your Panopticon allot) and combine those with good mods for a latter use. And yeah I won’t Denny, having to wait is quite a pain but you know you can get citizens to help you out and diminish the time you have to wait, right…?(Using the correct citizen for the correct factory can even finish ur craft in less then a second.)

          • Elpizo

            Oh no. I meant that you didn’t have to spend your time. That person didn’t seem to want to understand the game. It was your decision at the end of course.

      • Kaitou21

        Its just so time consuming though, I hate how the game makes you wait to have your weapon crafted like its a smartphone freemium game, I didn’t find the game difficult though, I rarely ever died or failed missions although I lost interest and stopped playing around when I hit code 5, I’ve no problems with the difficulty or gameplay thus far, just the execution and crafting system mostly, I just wish they gave you less weapons considering I only used maybe 10% of the weapons available to me, everything else took up space.

  • buddyluv324

    Got the game day 1 and I find it criminal how SCEA didnt bother pushing this game out with more aggressive ads. They really need to come back to reality and stop d**k riding the remote play. Add-ons dont push a unit, the games do. Step it up, Sony.

    • Frimelda

      SCEE are the same, but I noticed that SCEA isn’t doing anything to boost its sales, which is sad.

      *I bought a NA copy to support you guys! :D

      • Keep doing that, and publishers will stop bring the games to Europe and Sea, and only focus only on USA(since its where they sell better).
        Smart move…….

    • Attribule

      Sony doesn’t really promote anything, especially for Vita. It’s not uncommon for games to just appear seemingly out of nowhere, and you only find out they exist because of sites like this.

      • buddyluv324

        At least SCEJ has taken some effort on getting the word out on their games and know what audience to cater to. Seems like SCEA and SCEE just cant seem to figure who their audience is since trying to flip flop from trying to sell the Vita like a “mini-ps3” to a remote play add on.

  • Josh Lzk

    “I was intentionally tricked into violating the rules with the game presenting situations like being given an option to lay down (you can only rest while sitting up, duh!)”

    Don’t worry; both options get you hit with an extension, though the other option hits you slightly harder. Lie down, and your sentence gets extended because you’re not allowed to lie down. Refuse to rest, and your sentence gets extended for refusing to mind your own health.

    • That’s one of the aspects I most enjoyed in the game. It made it soo real and, there for, able to feel the atmosphere like you where really in there. Living a real prisoner’s life, and work hard to claim your rights 1by1.

  • MinakoArisato

    I am not so fond of this game…

    Its cheap difficulty makes me crazy. This game is playable offline, but all the big bosses are absolutely impossible alone. And not the Dark Souls way of hard or challenging!

    You just get hit when the game decides to, a lot of cheap onehitters or a complete flurry of attacks that never give you a chance to recover. Its not a bad game, but it doesn’t even quiet get as far as Gods Eater or Soul Sacrifice does.

    • Brimfyre

      I like it a lot but I have the same complaint. Also around Code 7 it becomes “Babysit your Accessory” on all optional missions. You get punished because your AI partner can’t take care of themselves. Stupid design.

      So far though I’m finding all the storyline missions not too difficult. Like I said it’s only the optional missions that punish you or are completely unfair at times. “Rescue three citizens while three Abductors stomp you mercilessly while your party members run around like chickens with their heads cut off.” And sometimes you get Mission Fail for no explained reason. Still plenty of time on the clock, but the game says you failed so you failed.

      But seriously, it’s still a great game. haha

      • Kamakuma

        Nah, when you find the right weapons that should be used and upgrade them you have a much much better experience overall. And I can hardly remember the last time I got one shotted… Because most of the time it’s your fault for not watching your own back. (Granted if I ever took a hit my AI partner would mop the floor with what ever dared try and oppose me and heal me up. x’D) It really depends on the commands you give I can say as that an mean the difference between getting back up if a mistake was made(Knocked out and such) and having a mission complete. x’3

        • Brimfyre

          Well the problem is I’m doing the optional missions to get the parts I need to upgrade my weapons. So it’s a big Catch-22. Can’t beat bosses without better weapons, but need the parts from those bosses to upgrade the weapons.

          Patients is the key in the game I realize.

          I’m overpowered in the main storyline anyway, like I said, it’s only the optional missions, which I’m clearly not ready for. I don’t even need a more powerful weapon in the story mode yet, it’s just my desire to make sure my weapon is fully upgraded that is holding me back. If I spent hours upgrading other weapons or playing online it wouldn’t be an issue. But I wish the game was clearer about where I need to go and what I need to defeat to get the right materials.

          The commands don’t always seem to work for me either. With the teammates anyway. The accessory does whatever I say without many problems. But if I tell my team to prioritize protecting citizens they do nothing, like I said, run around like a bunch of idiots while the Citizen is scared shitless.

          • Kamakuma

            That’s strange… When I tell them to prioritize citizens they drop everything and even their accessory go rescuing giving me time to get my last hits on the abductors.

            The only thing that bugs me is how some of them downright ignore when their accessory is knocked out leaving you to go back and revive them. x’D

          • Alex Shadov

            Some orders do that:

            Prioritize Citizens => Everyone escort the citizens back to base. Extraction from weak abductors and rival sinners works well. From difficult abductors, works bad. Revival forgotten.

            Unify Targets => Everyone attack the same target regardless damage. Only health thorn AI in revive duty (and they only revive their accessory and AI sinners and you).

          • Alex Shadov

            Prioritize Citizens only works when the citizen is actually free. If it is inside an abductor the AI will do a mess. Leave that order for after YOU break the pot and take the citizen out or for the reclamation from rival sinners.

          • Brimfyre

            lol yeah I do that much. The problem is, I’m carrying the citizen, get hit, drop the citizen, continuously getting pounded by angry abductor, give the order to prioritize retrieval, everyone dies.

            I’m not saying it’s a hard game, it’s just challenging and frustrating at times. I don’t think that’s a stretch to say.

          • When that happens I tell my accessory to take the civilian instead of me, meanwhile I drag the abductor down, or use a Amplifier to lure him while my “waifu” does the heavy lifting.

          • Alex Shadov

            Frustrating is the key word… wait till you need the Damper: T-type (Low Power) for upgrading.

      • InfinityAge11

        The reason why you fail without knowing why is because of you and your teammate’s sustainability. Once you or someone else in the group have eaten up how many times you can be restarted (laying too long without being revived by a comrade), the mission fails.
        This is what I figured out while playing, someone please correct me if this isn’t right, but I’m 90% sure it is.

        • Alex Shadov

          It could also be that a civilian has being captured twice. That put a timer of 5 minutes, if that runs out the civilian disappear and you lose the mission.

      • MinakoArisato

        Its not bad, but I just lost any motivation after heaing what the reward for 0 years is…

      • You know, command your accessory once in a while can rise its survivability by a lot… (it also apply’s to NPC-Team mates)

    • InfinityAge11

      Er, maybe you arent upgrading your weapons and such? I’m not too great at games like these, but the only boss I couldnt defeat offline was the final boss of the game. I beat all the others without having to retry more than twice, too.

      • MinakoArisato

        I do, but the thing is, that it’s not about the weapons. Its the moveset of the bosses. For example Dionaea has a laser breath that when aimed at you, hits 100%ly and onehits you.

        They just throw things at you and don’t really think about how you feel about it, as a player.

        • InfinityAge11

          Ohhh, by “bosses”, do you mean the optional missions? Cause I was thinking storyline bosses, since the optionals are optional.

          • MinakoArisato

            Well, optional mostly, but the final boss is also such a candidate.

          • Alex Shadov

            The thorns MUST be killed from a safe distance. The place where the supplies are is a good spot, they can’t get inside. But the breath can hit you sometimes.

          • MinakoArisato

            I know that technique, but it kinda feels like bug-using.

    • Sydney Losstarot

      I feel your pain. And the AI seem quite stupid, or I am just too used to the smart AI characters in Soul Sacrifice Delta at S rank?

      • Alex Shadov

        The AI works different depending the type and level of the weapon they carry.
        The rocket launcher and minigun makes the AI slow… T-type abductors like to chew on those AI.
        AI equipped with the heal torn are usually just standing around and providing support (healing). They are not useful for a continued attack. Use them to increase revival rate (of other AI… and you).
        Nina is your best choice for versatility, but even her is not that good.
        In the end…:

        G E T _ A _ B E T T E R _ W E A P O N

      • MinakoArisato

        That could be, I love that game too. Altough I use the AI as ammonition :3

    • RedSuisei

      Really, it’s not impossible. I managed to beat all the non-special
      operations offline, and even the special operations required to upgrade
      to lvl 10 weapons are also doable offline. And once you have lvl 10 gears you
      can do almost any missions offline.

      You know, back when MH wasn’t as mainstream as today, it got pretty harsh reviews, with many players calling it too hard, cheap, etc. The thing is, other people can do it, and then the problem isn’t that the game is too difficult; you just need to get better at it. The same applies here.

      • Alex Shadov

        Totally agree.

      • MinakoArisato

        Monster Hunter Frontier Unite is the only MH I played. In that game were many good things to actually evade your enemy. FW doesn’t really have that IMHO.

        • RedSuisei

          My point was not even to compare between them; my point was, if the game seems cheap or too hard for you, but a lot of other people can do it no problem, then it’s not the game’s fault, it’s yours. Just get better. Yes, FW lacks the godlike MH dodge roll and safety dive. But then again, MH also lacks a lot of things that makes other action games easy. You can say MH is harder than most action games, and FW is even harder than MH, but definitely not “cheap” or “impossible”, as proven by the many people that can actually handle it.

          • MinakoArisato

            So what to do if Dionaea aims his laser at you?

          • Fefen Ardiansyah

            use thorn and evade, now he’s a fodder

    • mike dickson

      wow u can’t say soul sacrifice is better then freedom wars no way sorry the whole spell limit is retarded in SS and the AIs are Horribad theres no way you can say freedom wars difficulty is cheaper then soul sacrifice when soul sacrifice is worst in comparison

      • Alex Shadov

        Wow, stop there. Soul Sacrifice had its moments. You only had to understand the magic system and be really good at avoiding hits. Besides, the story of Soul Sacrifice was the best part of that game.

        • True that (story part):
          But you pretty much can solo everything (story mode at least) with out a sweat. has for FW its not so easy couse even if are able to keep up a perfect score, there is no way you can beat the “Time Factor”… I just try solo Code8-1 mission, I killed at least 3abductors(3 of them at the same time, plus 3 that spawn right after I clear the other ones) it toke me more then 30minutes for the 1st 3… the mission was only 45minutes… and I do not know if I even had to fight more of them next…

          • Alex Shadov

            No, I think is just those 6 abductors… I get your point. What you need for that mission is a good weapon, I recommend do upgrade a little the Ez Katze I (the T-type advanced model is somewhat difficult to upgrade, but once you get the Damper: T-type (Low Power), you have in your hands one of the best weapons, install modules that rise rate of fire (with the XL alone you beat any normal minigun) and one that rises power (XL +30%, L +20%, M +15%)). Or learn how to correctly use a heavy sword (is not easy).
            Get the entitlements for the upgraded equipment that the AI use.
            Give a Ez Katze I (an upgraded one) to your accessory and give the order of Break Parts (it will stop reviving you, but if you change the order to Follow Me in time the accessory won’t move slow and will run to you).
            Bring enough Ammo boxes.

        • mike dickson

          SS story was decent but overall SS isn’t worth getting maybe Delta (if they fix alot of stuff ) and avoiding hits isn’t a excuse of any sort because the unavoidable is always a thing in any game

      • MinakoArisato

        I managed to do all the missions alone in SS. Thats a fact. I used NPCs only as ammo for Gungnir. So, maybe you did something wrong there.

    • Alex Shadov

      Huh… did you play the last part of the story of God Eater Burst? The second arc? God Eater trows out the “eater” and give the “god” part to the monster you need to kill in that part (in the mind world). I had to pray to several gods and religions to beat that part alone.

      And for Freedom Wars difficulty…

      G E T _ A _ B E T T E R _ W E A P O N
      or get the entitlements for a higher level of the AI that goes with you to the mission, also, choose the correct AI, some are not so good against certain abductors.

      • MinakoArisato

        I’ve got Exodus and my Sniper Rifle both Remade and lvl 5.
        Again, the weapon is not the problem for me, its the moveset of the enemies and their cheap onehit and/or stunlock attacks.

        • Alex Shadov

          Ah man… Exodus is a spear, those are designed for the sinner vs sinner part. It won’t work as good with big abductors. And the sniper rifle is good for targets with small amounts of health. But even with the head shot bonus damage, taking out a big abductor is a headache.

          Swords are for damage. Knifes are for cutting parts. Assault weapons are for versatility. Miniguns are for continued damage.

          Ez Katse I can be upgraded and modified into a minigun, it is full auto and does not make you slow. (Modules Power XL + Rate of Fire XL)

          • MinakoArisato

            And thats the part I don’t like. So what you say is, that the situation decides what type of weapon you take, not the style of the player? So everyone takes the same weapon to the same mission. There is no variety what so ever, then! I choose a spear, because I like the style of fighting with such. It shouldn’t be used the same way than the short or longsword, yes, but it should also be able to destroy a Abductor in its own way. So if what you say is true, then thats again, bad game-design to me.

          • Alex Shadov

            Well… yes, and no. You as the player should find the way to beat the abductors. If you want to keep using the weapon you chose, then you’ll have to think smart.

            Is called Freedom Wars, you character is a prisoner, you don’t have too many choices of weapons… see where I’m getting, you as the player don’t have much freedom either.
            If you want to keep that weapon, it will mean that you (as the player, who should be the one causing most of the damage) will need better back up. Other players are the ideal option, but for offline players the solution is give better weapons to the AI (accessory (upgrading and modifying) and AI sinners (entitlements)). Learn how to use the orders correctly for both AI types. And take the correct AI to each mission. (Uwe and his daughter won’t do for T-types and Quadrupeds (move too much), but are good for Bipeds and Artillery)
            Check what each type of weapon does and what weapon each AI character carry with them. Also, take in count that heal thorn character usually are there to revive anyone dead and not kill abductors (Kai is an exception) .
            I don’t know what the shield thorn AI do… boost defense and shoot missiles against the enemy.

          • MinakoArisato

            I see.
            Do bosses even scale with the amount of real players?

          • Alex Shadov

            Good question… sorry, I beat the game offline and never find out. Maybe. Soul Sacrifice did it, Monster Hunter I think did too. Not sure God Eater.

          • MinakoArisato

            Well, you see. Whenever a player gets hit, or dies, that is a sort of punishment. You did a mistake, you get what you deserve and thats fine.

            But enemies like Petaltum, where you as one single player won’t be able to do much, even when telling all your people, like Nina, to cut off the stuff, get buried in a stunlocking flurry of enemies in a short time.
            You get hit while shouting: “Leave me a god damn chance!” and thats the sign, that shows bad game design.

            Another example: Dionaea’s laser. He aims at you and no rolling, no thorning prevents that certain onehitting doom, when he lets it out. You die and ask yourself: Why? Why did I die? I try everything but there is nothing I can do to evade this. Thats frustrating, without a clear reason. You didn’t do anything wrong, Dionaea just hated you and thats it.

            So a better weapon and upgraded AI is able to save you from that frustration? Thats not challenging, its confusing and at the end it is nonsensical in terms of gaming.

            And one more thing. I always remember Hunting Games to be primarly based on skill and then on the weapon of your choosing. Learning the movesets and weaknesses of your enemy were vital, the skill to prevent damage and evade attacks even more.
            So the feeling I have is, that FW is not a game based on skill, because all I get told is, get a better weapon and buff up your AI.

            And to end this lengthy post, for which I am sorry…
            …that for me is bad game-design. When numbers decide in an action based game and not skill.

          • Alex Shadov

            Yeah, that is why they are saying that Freedom Wars is different from other hunting games. It have similar things, but it fails in following fully the original formula. Think of Freedom Wars as a RPG or an MMORPG. With that in mind I bet you are gonna play better (grinding, you are gonna hate it until you start getting nice stuff).

    • Fefen Ardiansyah

      ALL the big bosses are absolutely impossible alone? a lot of 1 hitter? really? come on!!! nothing can 1 hit kill you, not even dionea horn blast

      • MinakoArisato

        Wanna say I lie?

        • Fefen Ardiansyah


          • MinakoArisato

            You are rude.

  • HassanJamal

    Loving my time with this game, its just so out there in terms of a unique universe to explore in(in a way). My only gripes with FW is how characters, outside of cutscenes, have these odd static like lip syncs. They’re just so distracting to look at.

    Other than that lil tidbit, its amazingly fun :D Love pulling abductors with my red thorn.

    • Alex Shadov

      I liked freedom wars story, but outside the story, the characters don’t have much of personality compared to the characters from God Eater Burst… just saying.

  • Göran Isacson

    I have to admit, “rescuing” civilians seems pretty hilarious if being rescueed by a rival Panopticon means you essentially become that Panopticons civilian. It’s hilariously dystopian but also a pretty amazing justification for literally treating saving people like a game or an objective, not something you do for altruisms sake. Save a civilian, get them added to your panopticon and receive points. If the civilians have created a life for themselves inside another Panopticon? If they perhaps have family over there? PPFFFFTTT who cares?! Sweet points that let you shave years of your sentence or let you customize your companions hair, baby- that’s what’s REALLY important. This game really sounds remarkable in how they’ve built up a truly opressive atmosphere, and I kind of want to try it just for the sake of soaking it all in.

    • Alex Shadov

      Do you remember the civilians that are in shock sitting around and just saying that everything is lost? Well… you just got your answer to what happens to the “rescued” civilians from other panopticons.

      • Göran Isacson

        I have in fact not played the game, so I wouldn’t really know that. Still, that’s also a funny detail- if those who are “rescued” are basically just commodities up for grabs. GLORIOUS FUTURE.

  • psycho_bandaid

    Eh, I found the penalties for breaking minor rules to be more amusing then really punishing.

    “1000 years? Really that’s all you got??? I’ll work off twice that in a single mission. How many years will I get for slapping you?”

  • Kornelious

    Freedom wars has gotta be one of my favorite games on the Vita if not my favorite hunting game (next to Toukiden and God Eater of course) And am still playing it even though I’ve also been playing Tales of Hearts!

    The gameplay is spectacularly fun, and while it took a while to get used to being slow on ground and only being able to jump when using the thorn, but I eventually got the hang of it and couldn’t imagine it any other way. The weapon selection is awesome combining Third Person shooting with Sword-play action and the options the Thorn bring to the table (AoT wall grappling and severing Abductor parts) never gets old :D

    The story is one of the best I’ve seen in a Hunting game too, having a really interesting setup and cool characters, and given deep customization items and dialogue choices (Sometimes) you can’t go wrong! And I do agrees that the restrictions were very smothering at first, once you got a few more entitlements, your free as a bird :P

    I am disappointed that Sony didn’t take the time to Dub the game, or at least fully subtitle everything (Why do the tutorial screens have Japanese dialogue?) It’s such a great game that I can look past that, And it’s definitely worth the purchase :D

    • Ric Vazquez

      Agreed with everything

  • Vash bane

    the game isn’t as great as the article make it sounds lol

    the promise of a epic story falls short here. but anyway wacky story aside I do like the gameplay. I knew I would like it but not that much I do admit the controls did take some getting used too but that’s just me because I naturally suck at fps’s XD and ironically the guns are what I use the most XDD

  • Ric Vazquez

    It was really worth my $30 that much I can say

  • Ric Vazquez

    Who is on the Tokyo panopticon here besides me?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I named my Accessory: The Hurt Locker

    I think 2 of you will get the joke….

    good article tho..this game will kick your ass and make you drop the soap

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