Time Traveling Final Fantasy RPG Coming To iOS And Android

By Spencer . November 17, 2014 . 11:20pm


Time travel was central to the very first Final Fantasy (pictured) and Square Enix is revisiting that theme for Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal. This iOS and Android game was revealed in Famitsu magazine as an epic RPG where you have to change the future from being destroyed by a god.


Tomoro, a boy who lives in present day, goes on a journey along with Emo, a girl from the future. Players will travel to different time periods and meet friends that want to fight against fate. You’ll strengthen characters that use stones that call summoned monsters.


Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal is scheduled to come out this winter on iOS and Android. Square Enix will release the game for free with additional items available for purchase inside the game.

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  • Julian Hardaway

    The vita NEEDS this.

  • ThomasTruong

    Tomorow and Emo?

    Next, you’re going to tell me there’s RPG characters with names like Hiro, and Shepard, and Fayt, and Terra, and Hawke, and Edge Maverick.

    • Raregroove

      And L’Arc Bright Lagoon.

    • Senka

      To be fair, given how Japanese works it’s probably pronounced Eh mo, so something very similar to Emma. But yeah, the name certainly looks funny. At least it’s better than Sorey. THAT localization is just flat out terrible and pisses me off.

      • Postnjam

        Namco says Sorey about that.

        • Senka

          NOO. If it was even Sorei, I would be okay with that. I know Japanese often doesn’t directly translate well into English, but to go with the worst option… :(

  • Harry Potter

    This looks cool

    • tommills83

      The screenshot is from FF1: Anniversary Edition, released a few years ago on PSP. It does actually state that in the article but is easy to miss.

  • aizen310

    Again, iOS and Android are not good platforms for an old-school FF RPG. But it’s just me, having too much common sense, I guess :(

  • tommills83

    I completed FF: Dimensions (originally released as the episodic FF Legends in JP I believe) and it was thoroughly enjoyable, a lot like FFV. That was a pay-up-front and get the whole game sales model, whereas it is implied (perhaps stated directly?) here that FF Legends: The Space-Time Crystal is F2P.

    Being F2P is an integral part of the game’s balancing, progression and so on, so they can’t just flick a switch and make it a paid download game instead. F2P is designed to introduce “pay hurdles” at certain points, meaning that if you don’t pay, you’ll struggle to overcome various parts of the game. If it was designed to be F2P from the very beginning, that affects EVERY aspect of it.

    I don’t care if Square keep their full-fledged, paid download games and their F2P social games as separate entities, but I massively oppose this kind of bastard hybrid of the two. I hope they have the sense to very carefully plan for both groups of users (or just forget F2P altogether), offering a viable pay-up-front option to remove all in-app purchasing and make it play like a proper RPG.
    If it’s similar to FF: Dimensions, I would pay for a full-price download but would avoid it like the plague if it’s F2P only.

  • E.T.993

    ”Emo” REALLY!?

    • Nu Blitz

      cause you know in the future emos are the norm and instead of remembering everyones individual name people are called by their group :p

  • Jesus Christ

    Noooooo not free2pay

  • Atinverse

    How bout we time travel and try to save SE.

    • SlickRoach

      We need to go deeper…

    • Jesus Christ

      If Chrono Cross is to be believed, SE should still be a great developer in some other dimension. Maybe the FF movie didn’t even tank and Sakaguchi is still there.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Perfect FF hero name

  • DuskSharkEX

    I wonder…is it gonna be like FF Dimensions?

  • Göran Isacson

    tommils83 said pretty much everything I have to say about this. All I’m gonna add is that it would have been nice is SE actually showed some pictures of the game in question, I found these over on dualshockers:


    So people can at least see what the battle UI looks like. Artwork looks good at least, but that’s pretty par for the course for Final Fantasy sooo yeah.

  • axemtitanium

    Important to note: Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal will be directed by Takashi Tokita, lead gameplay on FFIV and a director on Chrono Trigger. He last worked on FF Dimensions which by all accounts was a fairly solid smart phone RPG. This new game has promise.

    • Jesus Christ

      I found Dimensions disappointing. It felt like an RPG Maker version of Final Fantasy.

      • Souffrir

        Graphics aside, I kind of feel like that could be said of every game with the Final Fantasy title in recent memory.

      • tommills83

        I agree that the character sprites and menus were lacking somewhat aesthetically, but the enemy sprites (still images like FFI-VI) and battle backgrounds were very well done, making good use of the high-res smartphone display. The dungeon designs were quite innovative in places too.
        There were a few corners cut (several abilities sharing effects and animations) and some needless limitations gameplay-wise (many jobs were only available to one half of the cast) but was otherwise a great effort.
        While it may not surpass many of the main series titles, being able to play a full-length, NEW FF game on a portable device, without any in-app purchase nonsense, was a welcome treat for many.

    • H_Floyd

      It’s too bad Tokita was delegated to the mobile sphere after his last console effort. I hope he’s satisfied with the new role.

      Mizuta doing the music is good news. I would assume most of the Dimensions team is therefore attached to this game.

      I actually really would like to play Dimensions, but I keep reading stories about it locking up on the phone I have. I don’t get it: why doesn’t Square port these to handhelds? Or, better yet, put them on a download service for consoles? They port everything else…

  • Souffrir

    “Tomoro, a boy who lives in present day, goes on a journey along with Emo”

    Oh, that’s just unfortunate. I’m a vocal Squenix detractor, and even I feel bad for them on that decision.

    • CS

      Killer naming choice there, SE.

    • tommills83

      Although I’m usually dead against JP/EN naming discrepancies, these really do need changing for the English localization. I realize in Japan, it’s cool to give characters names with meanings somehow linked to their nature or circumstances (like almost everyone in Naruto) but the same thing in English ends up being laughable.

  • Mind0105A

    Emo will fight against fate *laugh*.

  • Final Fantasy Legends! How funny. I miss the SaGa games (which are obviously unrelated, although the the 3rd one actually did have a time travel storyline).

  • I’m nervous about this “free” business.

  • I guess they’ll have to support the ART runtime out of the gate this time then, huh? I guess cloud saving, achievements, and Android TV support will come in some form of promised patch.

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