Rune Factory 4 Sprouts In Europe And PAL Regions On December 11

By Spencer . December 4, 2014 . 2:18am

screenshot4Rune Factory 4’s journey to Europe has been a long one. Zen United originally planned to release the game like Senran Kagura Burst in stores, but even though Xseed localized the game technical obstacles led to the cancellation of the PAL release.


Neverland, the developer behind the Rune Factory series, was closed after Rune Factory 4’s release in the Americas, but before the European version was finished. Behind the scenes, Xseed searched for another developer to finish the PAL localization. And next week, European gamers will finally get to play Rune Factory 4!


Rune Factory 4 will be released exclusively as a Nintendo eShop game on December 11. The game will cost £24.99, €29.99 or $49.95 AUD depending on which territory you’re in.


screenshot5 screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

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  • Anewme…Again

    I hope you guys in Europe have fun with that game, it might be the last Rune Factory :(

    • lolcatz6657

      Have hope. I’m sure one day we will see that rune factory 5 announcement :)

      • Dream

        RF5 is coming.

        • lolcatz6657


          • Dream

            I don’t remember. It was a while ago. I read it from a Japanese blog site with the creator talking about once RF4 goes global (released in Japan, US, Europe, and Australia), they will start working on the next game.

            I am pretty dam sure it will come. The next game was even confirmed to be green-lit. Bankruptcy isn’t going to stop it from coming out.

            The RF team is alive and well, they just got done developing Forbidden Magna.

            We should get an announcement of RF5 at the end of this year or next year.

  • Jadfish

    I honestly never thought we would see it here. Positive news of the day!

  • JuVu


    I’m so happy right now. It still feels like a dream, actually. Finally!

  • Namuro


  • Limbless

    Finally. Bit expensive, though.

  • I wonder how long people will say “PAL regions”.

    PAL is dead. It died with old TVs, we’re all on HDTVs and digital TV now. And the 3DS? It was never PAL; it’s got its own built in screen. And yet, the phrase “PAL region” endures beyond the death of the technology. And you all know what it implies. That’s interesting!

    Oh well.

    I kind of want this game, but it scares me too much to spend so much money on 3DS download games. I had my 3DS break itself earlier in the year, and was at the mercy of Nintendo Repairs, who are expensive and not entirely competent. It already feels very “all your eggs in one basket”.

    I just wish there was a proper accounts system, like any other software download service.

    • Destiny13777

      I’m not sure how differently Nintendo of Europe operates with these sort of things but I’ve heard (here in North America) as long as your a Club Nintendo member you can get all your digital stuff back if you call them in case you break or lose your 3DS. Also personally I’ve had great service with repairs, though that was when I was still on Warranty.

      • Herok♞

        I am a 3DS ambassador and one of my buttons got really jammed somehow, so I had to send it in for repairs, when I got my system all my Downloaded content was still there, I just lost my save files.

        • Destiny13777

          I’m also an ambassador so that’s sad to hear. I didn’t lose my data and I even got the mii of the employee who fixed my 3DS on streetpass when I got mine back.

      • Fronkhead

        Yeah, as long as you have your serial number they can transfer the licenses for you without you needing two 3DSes to do it.

      • Well, when my 3DS broke, I had the option of sending it in for a repair (they quoted a maximum price… which was about half the price of a brand new 3DS), or sending in my 3DS XL – and I’d have to set up two separate tickets in their repairs system and send them in and hope they work it out, which would mean getting back my 3DS games but wipe out everything that was on my 3DS XL.

        Even though I am logged in using an NNID and have an attached account with Club Nintendo and have both serial numbers for my 3DSes, they would need me to send both devices in, etc.

        That sounded dodgy so I went with a straight up repair. It took them over 24 hours just to get a postage label to me (i.e. to send me an email to print out), and took about 3 weeks. When I got it back, it was working but some of my game saves had perished, and all my streetpass data was wiped, which was very annoying, because it included memories of gaming events I’d attended, and included the Mii of a friend who has moved home to the other side of the planet.

        It’s just a very slow, clunky, embarrassing experience, when you know that elsewhere on other platforms you have things like the ability to activate / deactivate a device on your account, re-download your games on your new device, and backing up save data to “the cloud”.

        • Destiny13777

          That’s unfortunate to hear since you hear some good stories around the web as well, I guess it depends on your luck.When did you do your repair? I believe the CN thing I mentioned has been used only recently. When I sent mine in last year I got a pretty much new console since it didn’t have the same marks as it had before like the lines on the screen and whatnot. All my savedata and games are fine too so it was a pretty good experience overall but my case wasn’t as severe. As for the other services you mentioned, I haven’t used most of them, so I can’t comment much there, especially cloud because I think on both PSN and Xbox Live you have to pay for those services and I rarely use online on my consoles.

          • Mine was August this year. I got the exact same console back – at least, the casing was mine. I recognise the scuff marks and the screen protectors – but got replacement little rubber feet for the corners. I had a new serial number sticker too, and a renewed one year warranty.

          • Destiny13777

            Huh that’s weird, did they at least remove the screen protectors because they did that with mine.

          • No, they left the screen protectors on but sent some new ones in the box when it was returned.

            There wasn’t any external physical damage to it they needed to repair – it seemed to be that the OS had screwed itself up, it just couldn’t get to the home menu. It could show the “home” splash screen, and the “you’re about to power off” screen, but otherwise just showed black.

            I guess the repairs team you dealt with in North America are just much better than the UK repairs team.

          • Destiny13777

            Well it’s nice that they gave you replacement protectors since I didn’t get the same treatment. Thanks for sharing your experience though, it’s interesting to seebhow both branches handle there business.

    • chibidw
    • Fronkhead

      There is a proper accounts system, your purchases are tied to the NNID. I can see all my 3DS purchases and my wishlist software on my Wii U, and vice versa.

      The problem is that there isn’t a way to sign out of your NNID without doing a license system transfer to another piece of hardware, which is a pain as in your case if your system’s being repaired. Otherwise it’s not as bad as I thought it would be: I did a system transfer last week and it took 10 minutes, swapping round the SD Cards left me with a 3DS which was exactly like the old one.

      But unless you’re risk averse there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from buying digital titles on the service. Just wish Nintendo would sort out some account management thing which doesn’t force you to system transfer/use the hardware itself…

      • darke

        It’s painfully simple to do now they’ve got a centralised account system. On the PSN I can deregister all my registered consoles from the web site if one of my devices is lost or bricked (once every six months from memory), I did it before when one of my PS3s died. It just forces you to ‘re-register’ the device next time you connect to the PSN.

        And I recall the PS3’s ‘reset’ ability was retrofitted onto it; it didn’t exist at the beginning so Nintendo has no excuse that “we can’t do it because the hardware doesn’t support it!” because Sony somehow made it work after complaints.

        Greed or incompetence, neither is acceptable in my opinion.

        • Fronkhead

          PS3 aside, pretty much every company has online web-based license management, or license management that’s not tied to the device itself (iTunes), Nintendo really ought to sort that out.

          For me it tends to be the policy makers are Nintendo which let the side down, things don’t seem to come together as they should, and it hasn’t been like that since they knocked it out the park at Wii’s launch.

          • darke

            I was actually going to mention Apple and iOS, or Nokia and their app stores, which again, didn’t originally support deactivation online and added it later; and not mention Sony or Microsoft at all, because I’m somewhat aware or that. :P

            But could you imagine the fuss should I point out that Nintendo can’t even match up to the functionality of mobile phone platforms that are eating Nintendo’s lunch in the ‘causal’ gaming arena?

            People don’t even like it when I point out that Kemco’s RPGs and Final Fantasy games get about the same review scores on google play. :P

          • Fronkhead

            Oh yeah, it’s definitely an issue, but given 3DS’s success probably not something that’s actually losing Nintendo sleep over. Smash Bros 3DS ended up selling 20% of copies digitally in North America despite all of this, which even surprised me.

            I do want it fixed though. Hopefully by the time QOL rolls around, which is entirely cloud based and uses NNIDs. That’s 2015 isn’t it?

          • darke

            Yeah, it was planned for 2015+. It feels way too early for new hardware, New 3DS will have just come out, and WiiU is finally getting the games it needs.

            But it wouldn’t surprise me if they finally have a solid online software lineup coming out during 2015 for the new hardware to arrive Christmas 2016 in the west at the earliest.

    • darke

      It’s because if they say ‘EU’ like Sony uses is even more wrong. This is what I get when I go to

    • Tom_Phoenix

      “PAL is dead. It died with old TVs, we’re all on HDTVs and digital TV now. And the 3DS? It was never PAL; it’s got its own built in screen. And yet, the phrase “PAL region” endures beyond the death of the technology. And you all know what it implies. That’s interesting!”

      To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time a phrase has outlived its originally intended use. For example, we still refer to ending a telephone call as “hanging up”, even though nowadays we press a button (or not even that in the case of solely touch-based smartphones) to end a call.

      Plus, the phrase “PAL region” doesn’t exclude the Middle East and Australia, which often have similar hardware as Europe in spite of the end of the PAL standard.

      However, the term is slightly inaccurate when it comes to Europe. True, most of Europe did use the PAL standard. But the phrase tends to refer to France and Russia as well, even though those countries actually used SECAM. Then again, most people don’t even know of SECAM, assuming they ever knew in the first place.

  • persona_yuji

    Nnng… With the holyday season here I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy this at launch…
    Welp, I’ll just have to endure it until I have money…

  • Raspberry

    awwww yisss! It’s about time!

  • SirRichard

    At this time of year at that price tag, it’s going to have to wait but it’s lovely that they got it to us eventually.

  • lolcatz6657

    At least finally EU people can enjoy this title :) Too bad your wife doesn’t beat you up in this game if you cheat lol (unlike RFF)

  • Kittens

    This makes me unreasonably happy.

  • Fronkhead

    I’ll have to pick this up next year, I’m burned out by JRPGs, and I’m still playing through Tales of Hearts R, Pokemon and Persona Q.

    • exrazer

      You’re waiting on this game? Unacceptable.

      • Fronkhead

        I’m fine with that. I recently played through Radiant Historia despite being nearly four years late to the party and it’s just as good as it would have been back then.

  • GH56734

    It seems like the “PAL localization” process was pretty involved.
    Is it multi-language?

    • highly doubt it, they just need a developer to create a PAL build.

  • Lol, I really love the RF series but I had no $ when this came out and I kinda forgot about it since the release of newer games…and the fact with me finally having $. I’ll get you soon RF4. Soon.

  • Codi Schumacher

    there are still some flaws like how you can accidentally attack&destroy
    things like your own Blacksmith station or kitchen or anything you make, and its missing an online multiplayer option. Overall though its a great game.

  • No dual audio ? No buy :(

  • Jaume Rodriguez Peralta

    I’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive too much time.
    Now take my money.

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