My Oreshika Experience Had Connection Issues

By Jenni . December 8, 2014 . 5:00am

I was both surprised and delighted to see Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines at the PlayStation Experience. After all, it wasn’t at E3 2014, and is the last of the three Vita games Sony announced on April 14, 2014. Sadly, it wasn’t everything I expected it to be.


Before you start worrying about the quality of the game, let me assuage those fears. My unhappiness with the Oreshika demo at PSX had nothing to do with the game itself. It was a technical issue that became so frustrating that I had to eventually abandon the game. Namely, every few minutes, the Vita would leave Oreshika and go to a black screen, trying to make a connection. At first, I thought I was to blame and accidentally pressing the Home button, since it was running on a slim Vita and I have an original model. But, once it began happening every 2-5 minutes, I realized it was beyond my control.


The constant interruptions were a blight upon what would otherwise have been a very positive experience. The Oreshika demo started with a bit of a surprise. I was able to take a picture of myself with the camera and use that to create my avatar for the proceedings. Seeing that kind of character customization in a preliminary version of a game was an unexpected surprise. Granted, my heroine didn’t end up sharing my likeness, but still. “A” for effort and all.


As for the actual sampling of gameplay, it seemed more about teaching the basics of battling and dungeon crawling, rather than elaborating on the experience or setting the tone. My heroine had two companions with her, as well as a pet ferret. The three women were the primary attackers in battle, though the ferret was a friendly, supporting NPC akin to Nall in Lunar: The Silver Star. It’s a turn-based RPG, so any of you reading could easily jump in and feel comfortable, but there were a few elements that impressed me.


The first is how rewards for a fight are determined. Once a battle begins, slots start turning. Pressing X at the right times lets a player have some measure of control over the rewards will be earned. I didn’t quite figure out the timing, given the brief nature of the experience, but I’m sure others will and perhaps use it to their advantage.


It was also interesting to see a hint at relationship aspects between characters. When choosing what to do on a turn, party members will offer suggestions for attacks. Choosing or ignoring their opinions can influence their feelings toward the hero or heroine. It was unexpected, but makes a lot of sense when you think about it. I mean, if I was an RPG heroine in a party and the leader kept ignoring my ideas, I’d get miffed too!


What I liked most, though, was the way in which a battle can quickly be brought to a close. Each oni party will have a leader. If this specific creature is defeated, it’s an instant win for the player. While it isn’t as brilliant as Earthbound granting an instant win if the party is at a high enough level when running into an enemy, it’s still near the top of the list of “good JRPG ideas.”


It even improved on the time mechanic. In Oreshika, you’re part of a cursed family fighting oni, which means you don’t want to dawdle when it comes to accomplishing goals. Your character may die before anything important gets done! So, when I came upon a dungeon in the demo, I was pleased to see that once you’re in, it automatically takes one month off of your avatar’s life. Which may sound like a lot, but think of the Atelier series. You can spend a week traveling to a location, gathering items, and fighting battles. I’d much rather know right away that going in will take X amount of time, instead of worrying if every move I make could cost me valuable moments.


Admittedly, I didn’t complete the Oreshika demo. When it started seeming like the connection issue was happening more often, I flagged down a PlayStation representative and moved on to another Vita game when troubleshooting began. However, I will say that the time I did spent left me feeling more optimistic in the wake of all those harsh Japanese reviews.

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  • klkAlexar

    Oreshika! I hope we pleabians will get a demo soon. I played a bit of the Japanese demo but all those kanji gave me headache.

  • MrTyrant

    Most of the complains about the game were more comparative to the first game anyway.

    • natchu96

      That’s what I’ve heard myself.

      I reckon since we’ve never played the first game before in our lives and that a lot of the stuff they found different is stuff that appears in every other RPG except this series, we should like it fine.

      I mean, the non-balance-related complaints of Freedom Wars wound up rather inconsequential for its Western reception. I mean, gun-using Sinner enemies kill you with their guns too quickly? Really now, that’s a problem? O_O

      • MrTyrant

        For me sound realistic that in Freedom Wars kinda lame how japan love their katanas so much and make guns useless in must stories when we know how it works in reality. Granted melee should do more damage but still its a suicide the go open field with a sword when you can get killed from a long distance.

        • Idk, maybe all jrpg characters have reinforced skin? A lot of the realism in games is questioned even aside from guns: jumping real high, running fast, channeling demons. Heck even in COD it takes more than one bullet typically to get killed. I’d rather play a game than a game mimicking real world physics that would sometimes limit or burden a player.

          • MrTyrant

            Two things:
            1-plotwise the character with swords/katana are always saviors and their ancient techniques are better than anything even making firearms users look like shit. It happen in most not everything yet annoying.
            2-gameplay wise this is translated in some games as nerfed firearms while melee weapons are a way too op and most people choose the sworduser or class.

            I wasnt thinking on makin realistic games with real world physics just that it made a little more sense in this game to use firearms for the obvious advantage.

        • Dylan Anantha

          Amusingly enough, the Katana isn’t that good in Freedom Wars. It’s charge attacks have no range despite being a heavy weapon (HW specialise in sweeping attacks), and it’s charge attacks root you to the spot.

          The ranged weapons are especially better late game. Freedom Wars fixes this by giving enemies energy shields that dissipate projectiles, so you have to melee the shields first.

          • MrTyrant

            I know that and I’m pertectly fine with that but the original post were about character vs character.

      • Dylan Anantha

        “I mean, gun-using Sinner enemies kill you with their guns too quickly? Really now, that’s a problem?”

        It really ruins the atmosphere. You can tank 4 hits from a giant flaming dragon that is breathing laser flames, but a nameless guy with a gun one-shots you. Even after the balance patch. The game’s equivalent of a Giaprey is 10 times more dangerous than the game’s equivalent of a Rathalos.

        They could easily call the game Human Hunter. The monsters are only dangerous when they get really tanky late game around CODE 7, the humans remain super-dangerous from CODE 1 all the way to CODE 8.

        • Elpizo

          “Supress personnel”

          • Dylan Anantha

            Yeah, thank god for that order. “Focus on Revival” for Accessories works wonders too.

          • Elpizo

            Dat Oltatum though… Ugh way harder than Dionaea in my opinion XD

            the difficulty is a welcomed plus for me in this game :D

        • natchu96

          But that’d be more the fault of the abductors not being deadly enough. The guns’ lethality is accurate here.

          And the general tactic against swarms of humans seems to be kiting them around corners and not getting shot. Really people who play shooters would be used to dying in seconds to guns by now, though those types are mostly in the West. Which comes back to the initial point of the complaints not being entirely relevant in places.

      • s07195

        I’ll dispute the killing with guns too quickly because damn are they annoying, but I’ve been playing Oreshika 2 (JP ver) for a while now and I didn’t find much of a problem with it, perhaps because it was my first entry into the series. So agreed there.

      • Giordan

        It can be, but if you have the right stuff you should be fine.

    • ishyg

      Given that most of us (well, it depends on which “most”, since people here in Siliconera are import-happy peeps) haven’t played the original or even the PSP re-release, we probably won’t feel the weight of those complaints.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    As I recall, all the complaints in Japan were simply distate for the lead character. That’s really subjective and at no point were indications of the quality of the game. I hope we see this game in the west soon~.

    • bigstew

      yah the story balance and alot of forcefulness were the major factors, was nothing like was promised when it was released in japan, dont know if they ever fix the issues like the promised, best to assume its the same japanese motto to leave it messed up and move on claiming nothing wrong, really hope we dont get it especially if it isnt dubbed, tired of big companies being cheap towards westerners and with digital only crap[

      • Giordan

        unfortunately, some companies have to do that on a system that’s not doing so well

    • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

      Japan biggest complain is the how it does not played like what makes the biggest fans of the series love the series which is all about marrying or pairing with certain god or goddess to make ur descendant.

      This one changes that aspect which is why i can understand Japan hates towards this one but for us who never played any of the title, it should be a great experience.^_^

      • Giordan

        it’s mostly the fans of the original game on PS1. Since we never got that game and few people outside of Japan have, we shouldn’t have a problem.

  • Yo

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  • Bowl of Lentils

    I was getting worried about Oreshika’s release when it wasn’t mentioned in the keynote so I’m glad to see it was at lest being demoed at the event. Was there any news on the release date or is it just a vague 2015?

    • Still 2015 in general.

  • kuzuha

    Still waiting on the english release, still frequently playing japanese demo. I enjoyed the first game way too much, and the sequel is such an improvement, nothing can UN-hype me now. Don’t care about that Nueko gal, I can be my very own Mary Sue in this game.

  • Funny, this is not the first time I was told of technical issues at psx. I give Sony credit as this was the first psx event. But, they need to fix those hiccups fans were experiencing going forward.

    • subsamuel01

      Most of the games at the event are still in development, not a surprise that they’ill have technical issues.

      • Yup. Death Tales, formerly Reaper, was there in a pre-pre-alpha state, and Zeboyd Games made a Cosmic Star Heroine specifically for the event. Many of the games there were shown for the first time.

      • Giordan

        Oreshika’s been out in Japan for a while, though.

  • Elpizo

    I am glad then. That was the only game I was waiting at the event and was dissapointed when they didn’t show it. I hope this means the release date is a couple of months from today.

    • I hope so too. I really did enjoy what I did see.

      • Elpizo

        Since the demo was already in English, the full game should be coming soon. January or February would be like a ring to the hand :)

        I hope they release the demo to smooth the wait and thanks for the info that the game is indeed alive :)

        • You never know. Maybe the demo is the only thing that’s actually been translated.

  • shytende

    I’m glad to hear it.
    I was really interrested by this game.

  • Milewide

    Well, I’m definitely not gonna let the game use my picture to create my family.

    • You can tweak the image, but the option wasn’t available in the demo.

  • Shippoyasha

    Ouch. Vita needs all the help it can get and having a wonky unit at a demo booth isn’t flattering.

    • like the bug in uncharted 4 demo ?
      so U4 preorder canceled ?

      • Shippoyasha

        Yeah, but I don’t think people are going to look down on Uncharted any time soon.

    • All of the other Vita demo units I used worked fine, so I don’t think it was a terribly big issue. I’ve seen a lot of demos at E3 and other events have bugs or kinks, which are always worked out in the final release.

    • Elpizo

      you buy it man and enjoy it :P

      • Shippoyasha

        I’m a proud owner! I actually play it almost as much as I do PC!

        • Elpizo

          PC is a game or a computer?
          And how is the difficulty of the game? Does it have multiple difficulties? Do I need to beat it on lower difficulties to access the harder ones?

          • Shippoyasha

            PC= Computer.

            Oreshika is moderate in difficulty

          • Elpizo

            but its a vita game. I didn’t know there was a such a perfomant emulator yet :O That’s interesting.

          • What an odd conversation. You made a valiant effort at communication, Shippoyasha.

          • Shippoyasha

            Heh, thanks.

  • This is great to hear!! Really have high hopes for this game, and I don’t want to be disappointed. I drooled over the PS1 and PSP versions for years.

  • Kornelious

    Other than those connection issues, The game sounds really good!…..So does Sony know when they’re gonna localize it?….Clearly they haven’t forgotten about it since it was at PSX but they’ve been pretty quiet about it lately -_-

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