Bravely Second And One Piece Super Grand Battle X Demos Live On Japan’s Nintendo eShop

By Spencer . December 10, 2014 . 1:18am

image Have a Japanese Nintendo 3DS handy? Then you can try out Bravely Second! Square Enix released a demo for their upcoming RPG on Japan’s Nintendo eShop. The demo has an original storyline to see. Bravely Second comes out on April 23 in Japan.


Bandai Namco also has a demo for One Piece: Super Grand Battle X, which has the first chapter of Ganbarion’s fighting game. Players will be able to explore one island map, fight in two battle stages, and see over 30 characters. The four main characters are playable in the One Piece: Super Grand Battle X demo.

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  • lolcatz6657

    I really hope bravely second has absolutely NONE of that looping crap that the first game had.

    • ogopogo

      I never did get what everyone’s problem with chapter 6-8 is. Sure, you’re reawakening the same crystals each time but honestly that stuff takes so little time to do. What really takes up the majority of the time in the 2nd half are the sub-scenarios and none of those are exactly the “same” each time, especially for chapter 7 and 8. And honestly, those are optional contents anyway.

      So yes, they do re-use the assets but considering the budget and the scope of the game, I thought it was pretty well done. Sure, if you played the original Flying Fairy version, then it’d probably be a lot worse with chapter 5~8 all being the same schmuck but we all got the FtS in the West so we had the improved scenario in the first place already.

      • Erde

        Not to mention the repeated cycles made me try the alternative ending. And if someone didn’t like these cycles, they could just, you know, not kill the asterisk dudes again and just go to the end. I played on hard mode so I used that opportunity to grind some job- and regular levels.

        I can understand that it felt cheap (since it was), but its not like it was completely wasted time. Couldn’t you also unlock Vampire job at this point (I did it at the earliest opportunity, which was not fun)?

      • Brimfyre

        Yep it’s great. It was done well and is a call back to the games that inspired it. The only people who complain about it are stuck inside an echo chamber.

      • Ciethe

        I don’t remember the sub scenarios changing at all until the last 2 chapters, but maybe I’m just misunderstanding. And I think the reason I didn’t enjoy it was because the repetitive cycle of awakening the crystals eventually led me to***SPOILERS***

        Disobey Airy the second or third time around before they REALLY started hammering hints in out of anger (or insanity in the character’s case). This leading to figuring out what Airy truly was was so amazing and I was so proud of myself. I feel like the characters would eventually do this as well so it all played out. But when I figured out that this was not the real ending, I spited the game. Ouroboros was very cool and revealed the crazy shit about Tiz, but I still did not like the series of events as much.

        I feel like the endings were reversed. The false ending should be reserved for those who didn’t figure out that they needed to disobey Airy. It would not make sense story-wise, but I simply don’t think the heroes would come to the conclusion of repeating these cycles over and over once they gained their suspicions.

        • ogopogo

          Ah yes, the ending, that’s a whole different beast from the loop. I think what was most jarring was that in the “true ending” the cast act all surprised and confused at you-know-who’s big reveal; yet they KNEW that you-know-who was evil as early as chapter 6, heck, they even said as much! So I agree, there’s definitely some shoddy writing there at the end, however, I don’t have any issue with the loop itself.

      • lolcatz6657

        It’s the fact that you have to do the same thing over and over which gets a bit tedious very quickly.

    • Guest


      Ouroboros is dead, so I doubt it.would have a reason to.

  • Zizal

    When you kill enemies in 1 turn you fight more enemies and get a bonus.It’s useful also you can make a strategy and let the game auto play for you. I think it’s hard to continue fighting inside dungeons if you killed them in 1 turn and if you used pre-set strategy recklessly you might die. There is a dungeon that forced me to use mage to kill some kind of enemies. I think there will be more side quests than the first game.

  • British_Otaku

    One Piece Super Grand Battle X seems to be their worst 4 player brawler yet based on the demo and really validated my choice to not pick it up immediately as the combo options are more stunted than Gigant Battle 1 + 2 but other features and design not as well done as Jump Super Stars and Ultimate Stars.

    I’ll pick it up eventually, but Ganbarion seems to be losing their way as of late if I can complain about mechanics before I even get on the content variety.

    Bravely Second? I’ll play it later.

  • I have a Japanese 3DS but this demo isn’t showing up on the eShop for me. All I see is a downloadable trailer for the game. Where can I find this demo?

    • Zizal

      After you press on the game icon look down you can see writing with a blue colour. Right to the back arrow.

      • Thanks, but now I keep getting error 010-2504. Not sure if it’s just me, or because the eShop is too busy.

  • mojack411

    Oh, well that answers my question in a previous article about the demo. I guess it just wasn’t available quite yet.

  • 하세요

    Looks like there’s no optional languages this time around. Huzzah, waiting for English~

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