Square Enix Working On Ways To Bring Other Final Fantasy Titles To PS4

By Sato . December 17, 2014 . 3:05am


Last week, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for PlayStation 4. During a Sony Computer Entertainment press conference in China, producer Shinji Hashimoto had a little more to share about the Final Fantasy series moving onto PlayStation 4.


During the interview, Hashimoto was asked whether other titles besides Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be available in the Chinese market.


“Actually, not limited to just X/X-2, we’re currently thinking of setting [a way] to have other past Final Fantasy titles playable on the PS4,” said Hashimoto. “Most of our Final Fantasy assets go up until the PS3, while most of the world has rapidly been shifting towards the PS4.”


“And in China’s case, they’re practically starting with the PlayStation 4 as their main console,” he continued.” “For this reason, we’re keeping in mind the sense of crisis of not being able to play these masterpiece titles.”


“However, this does not mean that we can simply transfer [these titles] to PS4, so as content holders, we must prepare a way to steadily have them available to play on PS4.”


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will release in Japan in May 2015 for PlayStation 4. Square Enix announced that it will also release in North America and Europe in Spring 2015.

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  • Shippoyasha

    Could be cool if they put it all on a disc though pretty much a given digital release is likely the first option for them. I wonder if they’ll even touch up stuff like FF8 and 9 so they don’t look like mishapen mutants, or they’ll just plop the PSN offerings onto PS4 as-is.

    I’m still reeling from Hashimoto’s ‘FF7 announcement’ though.

    • DudeJericho

      That picture sums it all up perfectly.

  • Txu Zai

    I would love to see a HD remake of FFXII, i’m one of the people that actually liked that game, xD.Yeah the story and character development wasn’t too good but i loved Balthier and Basch, really good characters and the game looked great for a ps2 game so it would make a nice HD remaster.

    • MinakoArisato

      Also the hours you can spend, fighting all the secret bosses and stuff.
      I loved it too!

    • Egil

      Final Fantasy XII is my favorite game of the series, i really enjoyed the battle system too

      • Milton O’Bannon

        Yes! A lot of people give the battle system in that game crap too because of the gambit mechanics but I LOVED it!

  • Crevox

    “…the sense of crisis of not being able to play these masterpiece titles.”

  • Syltique

    XIII, XIII-2, and LR

  • Smiech

    And so it begins…

  • Joseph Villa

    I would love to see FF6, 9, and 12 on the PS4 but, not a cheap port like a certain game that I won’t name.

  • This company has its priorities all mixed up. They’re caught up in living on past glories. At least FF wise.

    • So is practically everybody else these days, yet I don’t see a whole lot of complaining about them.

      • Like who? Other companies actually put out games.

        • …what? So you’re basically saying Square-Enix hasn’t put out anything in the past few years? What are you talking about?

          And I’m talking about all of the rereleases and HD collections that are coming out.

          • Quality material, games that their fan base actually want. How many FF games have released since Versus now 15?

            HD collections vary. Plenty of people complain.

          • Darkraiders

            They have released 3 new FF games from the main serie last gen, which is pretty much normal for them.
            PS2 had 3, PS1 had 3, Super nes had 3 and nes had 3.

          • They released 4. All four were mediocre. FF as it stands today is an overrated franchise covered in mediocrity.

          • Darkraiders

            They have only released 3

            FFXIII, FFXIII-2 and FFXIII return, unless you count FFXIV, but while that game have a number personally i think more of it as a spin-off series than a part of the main serie.

          • Herok♞

            Well regardless of your opinion(Since they don’t matter being subjective) on them they did release 2 Numbered games(13 and 14) and they had many spin offs(13-2, LR, Thearterythm, Crystal Chroicle games, some wiiware titles, 4 after years etc) Point is whether or not you like them they did put out games.

          • My opinion seems to be part of a large majority. Again, they released 4. At no point are Theatertythm or CC included so mentioning them is irrelevant.

          • Herok♞

            ahem And I quote “Like who? Other companies actually put out games.” You were saying Square didn’t put out games they did, I stated what they were unless Theathertyhm and the others are no longer games. Square did in fact release games(This is even before talking Eidos and Crystal Dynamics who have also released a decent amount of games last gen) no matter what your personal opinion is of said games. Also the large majority that you speak of isn’t in any way a quantifiable data source, unless you have a source of data other than random people on the internet share my opinion, since how many people is this majority? Also you seem to forget that they people who complain tend to have the louder voices. Judging by your avatar you seem to be a mega man fan. Remember the outrage when they cancelled games compared to how much people were talking about the games when they were still being released.

          • Well for one, I never say “any” as in any at all. It’s not a secret that the 13 series and 14 wasn’t well received by fans. Hell, even SE admitted their mistakes. That’s sufficient enough. Yes, people tend to complain when companies fail to deliver. People complained about Megaman mainly because like SE to a degree, Capcom dangled him around and blame fans for ML3 being cancelled. All valid. FF15 still has no release date after being announced back in 06, yet they put out more games featuring, Lighting.

          • HarakiriKami

            ? Hah? PS4 is port and remaster city

  • how about no.

  • Aaahhhh, so this is what SE was talking about going back to the roots of JRPG due to the success of Bravely Default back then… by porting classic games into the modern consoles.

  • I don’t really care that much. I already have all of these games. Sure, it’s good they’re making them available for new audiences, but it just seems like rereleasing all of these games in such a short period of time is a bit excessive.

    I guess the lack of backwards compatibility had a much bigger impact than I thought it would.

  • Sora96

    They’ll port the PC version of VIII and likely follow up with the iOS/Android/PC versions of III, IV, V and VI.

    • Fronkhead

      Yup, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the PC ports of FFXIII and XIII-2 made it back to PS4…

      • Altair Neto

        I wouldn’t say the PC port of XIII since they used the 360 assests…. But the same game again in a Bundle I can TOTALLY see happening

        • Fronkhead

          Ah yes, the core game from PC, with the FMV footage from PS3 then. You know what I meant :P

        • Fronkhead

          Ah yes, the core game from PC, with the FMV footage from PS3 then. You know what I meant :P

      • Sora96

        Hashimoto actually discusses a XIII collection in this very interview.

        • Fronkhead


  • Roll Caskett

    Remake one of your FF game or just go away Square Enix. We don’t want more re-released crap. You have proven to be worst than EA.

  • Fronkhead

    I’m looking forward to the inevitable port of the PC version of Final Fantasy III which was a port of the iOS version which was an enhanced port of the DS remake which was a remake of the NES original.

    I remember the time when a new port would at least mean a bespoke version of the game on that format, like FF Dawn of Souls, or even when FFIV landed on PSP. FFIV wasn’t perfect on PSP, but clearly a lot of love and effort went into making it fit the format.

    • WeretigerRei

      4 on PSP was amazing

      • Fronkhead

        It wasn’t perfect, though: the difficulty level was balanced a bit too far off from the original, and the presentation was inconsistent. The presentation of text in dialogue boxes was woefully amateurish, for example.

  • Go2hell66

    im sure ps4 is more than capable of playing ps1 and ps2 titles. if only sony would just spend 5min to update the backwards compatibility

    • Fronkhead

      Would be nice, but when you’ve invested millions in the PS Now service it’s probably never going to happen.

    • uyjulian

      Sony wants $$$ on ps now, ps2 classics, etc.
      I doubt they will do that

    • HarakiriKami

      That requires emulation

      • uyjulian

        The PS2 had emulation for PSX, and PS3 has emulation for PSX, PS2 and PSP (older ps3 partially emulate the PS2, the EE and GS were real hardware, newer ps3 use the software emulator until $on¥ decided to take it out, so software emulation is restricted to PS2 classics from PS store unless you hacked your PS3)

      • Go2hell66

        yea and people have been emulating ps1 & 2 games for years now

  • yahavcd

    I want HD remake for XII but for the Vita

    • I’d love that because I felt I neglected it on PS2

    • MrTyrant

      Why not Zodiac version in HD? It fix multiple things on the gameplay and system adding a jobs..

      • yahavcd

        I didn’t like all the changes in the Zodiac version but an option to choose between the original and zodiac would be nice.

        Anyway if im not the only one who wants that we should start a campaign similar to Project Moonfall to show square we won’t that (they won’t listen obviously but we should at least try…)

  • Rafael Martines

    Plz be Excited XD

    I really wanted they bring Final Fantasy Tactics from iOS to PS4 :'(

  • Malon

    Can’t they just make PS1 games playable on the system just like they did with the PS3 and the PSVita?

    • HarakiriKami


      Its not backwards compatible

  • FlyByNight

    …They are just gonna re-release and not even remake the games are they?

  • Honestly If they re-did FFXII I would be extremely happy, I felt I neglected it and never went back =[

    • 3PointDecoupage

      One of the Squeenix guys said they wanted to HD remake it. I’m sure it’ll be announced in a year or two.

    • 3PointDecoupage

      One of the Squeenix guys said they wanted to HD remake it. I’m sure it’ll be announced in a year or two.

    • MrAptronym

      It had an International edition (Ironically not international) that fixed some of the game’s issues as well.

  • Sato

    There we go :)

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Why can’t they just make PS1 classics playable on PS4? They did it with the vita…

    • Because it looks like Sony wants everyone to use PlayStation Now for backwards compatibility : /

    • Fronkhead

      Sony’s invested millions into PS Now, and they’re going to want a return on that. But I also don’t see PS1/PS2 emulation being a priority for them, especially when PS4 is selling like hotcakes anyway.

  • WeretigerRei

    I personally hope they do a PC/PS4 port of 9. Pretty sure the mod community would flock to it, though it really doesnt need it like 7 did

  • PowerSerg

    Final Fantasy 13 rereleases

  • Yagami Mao

    I need 8

  • MaidKillua

    Great now make FF tactics 2 and Dissidia 3 instead of re-releasing everything…

    Although if they actually remastered the games to some degree instead of putting the ancient horribly polygonal versions up I might be tempted…

  • PuppetMaster

    Beside FF XIV, SE already announced FF VII, FF X & X2 HD, Type-0, and XV for PS4. I can bet FF games he wants to port are FF XIII trilogy, FF XII, FF VIII, FF IX, FF IV, and maybe FF VI.

    Not i’m complaining but i’m really really dissapointed with how SE handle their franchises. I’m happy they announced new Saga games. But what about Front Misison, Chrono, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, Mana, Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, Tactics Ogre, and other series? :(


      star ocean is tri ace front mission several developers. the others are old games that are over and if ever made new again just like there wont be no new crash bandicoot or jak and daxter. the only possiblity is on mobile or handheld

    • Psycho Punch

      Oh man, Valkyrie Profile. I will fight the gods for it!

      • PuppetMaster

        I can understand your passion, especially with that Lezard avatar :p

    • mingledorff

      Star Ocean is Tri Ace’s baby. You would need them on board for that and besides, Tri Ace’s lead programmer left the company last year. Sadly, I’d be surprised if that series is ever touched again. But with that said, I’d rather it be left with fond memories than ran into the ground.

      • PuppetMaster

        I’m sure Tri-Ace wants to make new Star Ocean. But it all depends on SE decisions…

  • Armageddon

    I hope they recover soon. Still waiting on the dissidia3 for vita. The pretty ff games on the palm of your hands. sweet.

  • MrAptronym

    I really want a remaster of FFXII with the international edition content. (If I can manage to forget about Vaan for a moment, it becomes my favorite FF game)

  • Randy Marsh

    *Hyperventilates holding their 3 copies of FFXII*

    • the_rain

      PUSH Randy PUSH!

  • chobitsza

    FFIX HD with trophies plz

  • MrTyrant

    They can bring the mobile version of FFVI lol

    • Haganeren

      Don’t make me cry

      • Zack

        SE has made me cry to the point where no more tears will flow… (FFVII PS4)

        • Haganeren

          Well, FFVII PS4 is like FFVII PS3 and FFVII PSP… No big deal from me. It’s just the show of Square Enix in the Playstation Experience which was bullshit, not FFVII on PS4 itself. (Except, of course, the horrible price)

          …. And in order to not cry anymore, i don’t want to see a remake of FFVII with actual graphics… Like EVER. I think the austerity, polygon graphics, Midi music and other technical limitation is a real interesting part of the game which would disappear with a remake.

          During the Playstation Experience, i was actually glad they didn’t start a remake.

          But hey, i didn’t like Crisis Core and maybe you liked it way better than me. If that the case, don’t mind me, we are bound to disagree ah ah.

          • Zack

            Man… we are absolute opposites…

    • Fronkhead

      The FFVI mobile version’s actually pretty decent, and I wouldn’t be saying this had I not played it. It’s just a shame the interface is so ugly, but I was surprised at how thoughtful a port it was. The sprites look a lot better on the smaller screen too. Unless you play on an iPad or tablet.

      • Haganeren

        This maybe explain that, i have seen them from an ipad and i found it horrible… I was really shocked.

  • Haganeren

    Well if they don’t attend to make an HD revision it’s just called….. Emulation ?
    I don’t understand their point…

  • Izzeltrioum

    Enix, what happened to Quintet games (Gaia series)…

    • Godmars

      Not cinematic enough.

    • Matt

      Would be great to see a new Actraiser or Soul Blazer!

    • Heck, still waiting for a virtual console release.

  • Black-Moustache

    “Square Enix Working On Ways To Bring Other Final Fantasy Titles To PS4”
    Put them on the system .___.

    • mingledorff

      That’s what they are talking about doing…but because Sony has yet to put any type of PS1/PS2/PS3 emulation on the PS4, Square Enix has to make the ports work themselves.

  • Perro

    Work your way into bringing Final Fantasy XII to PS3/4 why dontcha

    • zac za


  • KanjiLikesBoys

    Well this is totally unexpected

    • EvE

      IS IT REALLY!?

  • Slickyslacker

    “Make available”, not “remaster” or “remake”. There are simply going to be more ports of more-or-less, the original games.

    Still, it is the only viable platform for remasters/remakes to be released on, allowing many to play certain games with extra content that were never officially released to them.

    [Maliciously stares at FF XII copy]

  • Nexus

    Final Fantasy XII on PS4 when?
    An HD remake for either console is fine too.

  • sakiu

    I’d buy FF12 remaster, but a 1:1 port like the one they do with FF7 would be meh…

  • Vita can already play I-X, but classics have a huge role in achieving that. PS4 would need to play PS1 classics or they will make new ports of a few of these. VIII and the DS remakes of III and IV have PC versions.

    if they are going to give PS4 VI, I hope they port SNES version to the West that is on Virtual Console on Wii U in Japan too.

    If they can give us the Zodiac Job XII remaster I would definitely buy that.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    make Drakengard HD collection or other niche titles please

  • Godmars


  • NaughtyMioda22

    Don’t care, bring RoTR over.

  • Siery

    *still waits for FFXIII trilogy announcement*
    XII would be nice too I guess, never finished it…

  • If they make XII HD I will buy it. I never did get to beat that one…

  • ivanchu77

    more port milking, sight……..

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    great, more ports…

    • Ricewarrior

      Its Square Enix, they do this all the time.

      For me, my expectations of them porting their old games to newer consoles is the same as my expectations of seeing the sun rise every morning.

  • Brimfyre

    I’m guessing this is the real reason the PS4 can’t play ANY games from past generations. It is completely capable of having PS1 or PS2 emulators but why bother when all these companies can just sell us the exact same shit with no real changes over and over and over again.

    I know this isn’t a huge revelation or anything, but still, what a kick in the pants.

    • mingledorff

      I’d prefer companies do this than use Playstation Now. The prices for that are ridiculous for so many of them. Though I dont agree totally with Square’s pricing, its better than paying that price and not even owning the game.

      • Brimfyre

        Did I suggest PS Now was a viable alternative? That thing is DOA. Such a good idea completely wasted. The only way they can save that sinking ship is by offering a monthly subscription like Netflix and offer better games.

        I meant how they have PS1 and PS2 Classics offered on Ps3 and Vita usually for about $6 and the game works on both systems.

        Overall the fact the PS4 doesn’t even half the services the Ps3 and Vita does is a problem Sony needs to address quickly. The PS4 a lot of the times still feel like it is in Beta. No video or picture storage from Internet or USB, and no customization options, can’t play games from any previous system, no Playstation Home (ha ha just kidding), and the interface is becoming a muddled mess.

        They spent all their time on game sharing, which hasn’t worked at all for me and my friends when we try and get it going. They’ve put all their eggs in this “streaming service” basket and they need to be focusing on what consumers actually want.

        Not that it matters because they are selling systems hand over fist, so why should they listen to anyone anyway.

        But it still blows the socks off Xbox ONE.

        End of rant. I need to go have a sit down now with my good friend Jim Beam.

        • mingledorff

          I wasn’t suggesting that you meant they should use Playstation Now. I was just saying that if Sony isn’t going to make their system even DIGITALLY compatible with older games via emulation, then at least Square is avoiding the train wreck that is PS Now.

          • Brimfyre

            I wasn’t really ranting at you, just ranting in general. My apologizes.

  • César H. Sandoval

    The XIII trilogy is the most logical port to expect next I guess.

    If they port more PS1 era games, the least they could do is remake them tho.

    • reamakes come at a cost and time

      • César H. Sandoval

        So does buying a decade’s old PS1 game to play it on a NextGen console for the 5th time, tho.

        • l3reezer

          Nowhere near as much

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      If they’re not gonna do it with VII, what makes you think VIII and IX have a chance?

  • Mind0105A

    “We are too lazy and we want your money, so this is the perfect solution”.

  • SiXXXtySiXXX

    Can I just have Final Fantasy XII on Vita? That’s the only one I never finished. Well, besides the XIII games.

    • I agree,

      I never finished XII either and would love to give it another go

    • yahavcd

      Let’s start a campaign similar to Project Moonfall!
      Even if they wont listen at least we will know that we tried everything.

    • subsamuel01

      I never got a chance to play XII, that would be a great game to remaster.

    • XrosBlader821

      I would love a Vita port of XII. The game always felt like it was more suited for Handheld systems and the Vita is powerful enough.

  • Sky

    The only FF titles i would like to have on PS4 would be 9, 12 (never played it) and 4. Never cared so much for 7 and 8.

    • l3reezer

      XII is great, just great.

      • Pyrotek85

        It had some rough edges but I really enjoyed it too, and it reminds me of the time I spent playing XI as well. I’d love to see more entries like it, but even an HD upscale would be welcome, especially with the International Zodiac version content.

  • Guilherme Matheus Silva

    Bring FFIX, please.

  • Daniel Masterson

    please bring VIII, IX and FF XII HD remaster!

    • ALfromHELLSING

      You are not asking for VII, but eight? I started to think I was the only fan who still remembers and cares about that one. It will always be my special since it was my first FF. I wish they made VIII-2 with Seifer as main character but they will never do that.

      • Daniel Masterson

        ya man 8! since they are already doing a VII port for PS4 so I thought I would leave it out. VIII is definitely one of my favorites in fact I think VIII would be a better candidate for a remake more than VII given its more realistic art syle.

      • 7’s already coming to PS4 though, as in already confirmed.

      • l3reezer

        Among all of my peers who have played more than one FF and myself, coincidentally enough, we all love the first FF we individually played first the most. We call it the Final Fantasy complex.

      • chronocide

        I loved VII as a child but growing up, VIII and IX became my favorites.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    XII HD incoming

    • aizen310

      Nope! It’ll be the Steam version of FFIII and FFIV.
      I calling it!

      • XrosBlader821

        Isn’t the steam version a port of the IOS version which is a port of the DS version which is a remake of the original version?

        • aizen310


  • aizen310

    “…the sense of crisis of not being able to play these masterpiece titles.”

    Crisis? Really? :/

    • ALfromHELLSING


    • It’s my crisis that I can’t play the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy XII.

  • Cliff Ruiter

    I think square enix will do something with FFVII in 2017
    Then it will be 20th anniversary of VII that released in 1997
    In 2007…10 years after VII they released Crisis Core for PSP…so i am sure they will announce something about the VII series in 2017 ^^

    • XrosBlader821

      A remaster in FF15 graphics would be lovely. But we will probably just get a sequel. Inb4 dirge-2

      • ishyg

        A remaster in FF7AC graphics would be lovely, but that’s just wishful thinking.

  • pokeroi

    “Square Enix Working On Ways To Bring Other Final Fantasy Titles To PS4”
    Of course they are…
    And the statement about China…Chinese played every FF, on SNES or on PS1, or on PS2, or on emulation, with chinese translation, so…

    • ishyg

      Not every Chinese though. But yeah, valid observation.

  • JuhRo

    Possibly a 1-6 pack for 50$ and then a 7-9 pack for 50-60$

  • CozyAndWarm

    Why only PS4? Still hoping for more on PC or Wii U myself.

    And if only they were as eager about moving the Dragon Quest series to countries outside Japan -_-

    • doubleO7

      Because this was at a Sony press conference so, naturally, they only wanted to talk about potential releases on PS4.

    • subsamuel01

      I’m sure PC is an option but there’s no way its coming to the Wii U. Third party support for the console is practically dead.

      • CozyAndWarm

        Why should that stop them?

        • ishyg

          Because no money?

    • Mexikado

      Dragon Quest games have been coming out in the US on Android and iOS recently. Next one is my favorite, DQV: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Sucks that DQ1 and 2 aren’t compatible with my Galaxy Note 4.

      • ShadowDivz

        I heard the 5th is amazing. But im not a fan of gaming on phones.

    • Mila

      Serious question CozyAndWarm ಠ_ಠ
      is the Wii U the only console you own in this whole generation ?


    I would buy FFI to FFIX again with the trophy support. I finished them all, but this will be another reason to beat them again. Hopefully, at least FFVII for PS4 will support trophies.

  • Already sold my PS3 version of FFX/X-2 to get it on PS4. Here’s hoping the new additions to this new version are better like maybe add the original soundtrack. remaster somewhat bothers me but at least the gameplay is still topnotch.

    • alright

      what an idiot you are then

      • big whoop like I care for your opinion.

        • Daniel Masterson

          no bluejuan you fell into the trap!

        • ShadowDivz

          Don’t lie, you know you do.

    • Daniel Masterson

      sorry you didn’t like the remastered soundtrack. I really liked it mostly because I have been listening to the original soundtrack since before the original even came out so the change was nice. As for them putting back the original soundtrack I don’t see that happening but would be nice to have that option!

    • subsamuel01

      The game is a port of the PS3 version, what ever was in the PS3 remaster is going to be in the PS4 version no original soundtrack. I don’t see why they would, the remixed sound tracks sound just as good.

      • Its ok I needed more games on PS4 and RPGs are my preferred genre.

      • They actually screwed up a lot of the songs. Some sounds completely different and worse.

  • alright

    How about you work to actually make new games….

    • Daniel Masterson

      a company can do more than one thing and last I checked they are hard at work on FF XV and KH III so lots to look forward to and especially for newcomers who never got to play these great games.

      • XrosBlader821

        They should port KH 1.5 and 2.5 to PS4 (together with KH 3D) to make the entire series playable on one single console.

        • Daniel Masterson

          that would be very cool and im sure they will before KH III.

          • Kitalia

            Kingdom Hearts 4 and FF XIII-4 will come out before KH3

        • ShadowDivz

          Nah that would make sense.

          Which Kingdom Hearts does not.

  • Dave Cain

    Since they are not touching a FFVII remake until they make a better game than that, why not remake FFVIII? That game could use some mechanical retweeking.

    • Pyrotek85

      They can’t really remake it without devoting the same resources that a brand new current gen game would take. So yeah they can do it, but it’s a huge investment, and it’s risky for such a popular entry to try and meet whatever the expectations are going to be. I know I wouldn’t want to be the project leader for something like that.

  • Suriel Cruz

    Final Fantasy XII?…

    • l3reezer

      I so need to re-play XII, arguably the most entertaining game-play in the whole series.

      • Arn

        Only system-wise because the battle system is boring as hell.

        • l3reezer

          I don’t find it any more boring than turn-based to be honest, I at least like the luxury of being able to move around with the joystiq, heh

          • Arn

            But it’s still turn based, it’s just doesn’t have battle transitions and you can put allies on AI. The ATB bar is right there.

          • l3reezer

            I think the abstraction makes it work though. Like I said, the capability of moving around does technically give the game-play and interactivity a live-action sensibility. I thought the chaining of the Quickenings was a nice feature too.

          • Just for fun, try playing the game with no AI and entirely in real-time. FFXII has a great battle system because it’s entirely up to you how you want to play it. You can either play a management role and optimize the AI to do the work, or you can jump in and test your reflexes and reaction time by inputting all commands yourself.

            People say FFXII has a bad battle system because they don’t want to work with it and try new things. RPGs aren’t about pressing buttons. It’s about how you set up your party and how you manage situations in battle. Sure, you can program the AI to do all the work, but you actually need to think about what you want the AI to do and you have to set up your gambits appropriately. If you don’t, they won’t know what to do and they’ll get themselves killed.

          • Mario Bros

            Agreed 100%. Twelve offered lots of options to play, more than any other game in the series, it’s still unbeaten to this day gameplay wise. I just don’t get the complaints.

            If you didn’t want to rely on gambits you could just not use them at all.

            Oh but manually controlling each character is a chore,-Well then no worries just turn off your main character’s gambits and focus on that one.

            Oh but I still want some moves to be done by the AI, but not too much. -Thankfully the gambits allow a very wide range of customization about how much you character can or cannot do. Your choice.

            All characters end up fighting pretty much the same way. – Edit your gambits, play with them, you can make one a healer and the other two berzekers. You can make one a tank and draw the enemy’s attention towards him/she. Make a debuffer and 2 mages. Make all of them fight with their bare fists, you can make any kind of party you want.

            I hate that the battle freezes whenever I’m using commands. -The battles can have a continuous time flow by flipping a switch on the game’s option menu.

            I hate seeing those glowing lines marking my character’s target. -Then turn them off in the options.

            What options did 13 give you?

            The AI of my healer doesn’t cure my stats me when I’m being affected by status changes. -Sorry that’s how life is sometimes.

            I want all of my characters to attack the same monster. – What? nigga that’s crazy.

            Why do I end up with a game over when my main character dies, but not when the other two die. -The others just give up on living, their FRIENDSHIP is what keeps them alive.

            I don’t want to see the paradigm shift animation every time I change jobs in every single battle. -Why not, we made it flashy so you could enjoy it.

            Towns?Shops?exploration? NPCs?Fun? -THERE’S NO TIME, YOU GOTTA RUN.

          • Arn

            I never used AI and I always play ATB-system games on Active. There’s no such thing as reflexes on those games, in late game you just keep repeating the same commands every damn battle. You know what’s funny with XII? You can’t run from attacks.

  • jimu

    Here’s an idea, Sony can make PSX & PS2, the ones I already paid for digitally, available on PS4.

    No profit? OK.

  • Sion12

    During the interview, Hashimoto was asked whether other titles besides Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be available in the Chinese market.

    “Actually, not limited to just X/X-2, we’re currently working on FFVII HD remade for ps4 in chinese only,” said Hashimoto

    and so this mark the start of WW3

    • Arn

      This remember me that South Park episode when the chinese wanted the rights of Star Wars.

      • ShadowDivz

        I love that one.

  • Ahtma

    The extreme optimist in me hopes for a PC port for FFX/X-2 HD.

    • Mila

      After the FF XIII-2 poorly optimized port i kinda lost faith on SE PC ports , for an HD remaster you might expect the same situation too

      • Ahtma

        Was XIII-2 that poorly optimized? I know XIII wasn’t too bad except for lack of graphics options and pressing ESC closed the game.

        • Mila

          High end PC’s : 30’s to 50’s FPS during QTE cutscenes and in battle
          Other PC’s : Disaster
          PS : You have to lower the MSAA and shadow resolution to get a stable performance that plays worse than the original game on consoles

          • aizen310

            So much for 1080p and 60 fps. Sometimes, you just need a console :(

  • Codex

    Really hoping that x/x-2 will have cross save. Also would love to have XII on PS4 <3

  • Screw all that noise, Squeenix! Just put Crisis Core on PSN already!

  • XrosBlader821

    Put Crisis Core on PSN (playable on vita) and put a FFXII HD remaster on PS4 and Vita. I would gladly throw money on the screen in this case.

    • i would literally piss myself if 12 got an hd remake. the character models were so pretty, literally everyone looked handpainted.

    • I’d love to see Crisis Core again, but I believe the reason it never was put on the PSN in the first place was copyright issues with the singer of the theme song.

      • chronocide

        I thought it had something to do with the assets being lost again?

        • It could have been that as well. Who really knows for sure aside from what we have all heard online? Regardless, I wish they would just remaster the game already…

  • Fox

    Wow. I can’t wait to buy games I already own physical and digital copies of again.

    • Adam Sheridan

      This whole announcement was in China, a video game market that is pretty much entirely untapped and didn’t have the same access we had.

      I get people being tired of the FF-rehash stuff, I don’t plan on buying them again either, but it’s a bit silly to call out something thats not intended for you anyway.

      • Pyrotek85

        Also not all gamers get every game or system as they’re released. Not to mention a lot of them are going to be younger, and might not have even been alive when some of these games were made. They’re less likely to go digging through piles of older games than they are to try something that’s on a current system, even if it’s a ‘rehash’.

        So yeah, not every release is intended for everybody.

      • Fox

        It’s not “silly” to call out big corporations for being anti-consumer at all. China has had plenty of “access” in the past, and it’s not like Square-Enix is only doing this for the Asian markets.

        The simple fact of the matter is that Sony removed backwards compatibility from their hardware -specifically- so similarly anti-consumer companies could make extra profit from additional ports of old games, as well as -perpetually- make money off of those old games via streaming subscriptions.

        • Adam Sheridan

          Have they? Because China had banned games consoles around 99-2000 and only recently have they had a gaming market back with the launch of the Xbox One.

          This announcement took place in China because they were trying to tap into that market, they have a giant population of people to now try and market video games to. No, the games aren’t only going to be released in China, but when all the ground work is done, they already have the multi-lingual translation work finished and just need to slot it in place. Why wouldn’t they also put it up on other regions stores? In the same position, I’d do it too, as would you.

  • ShadowDivz

    I hope they release FF-XIII(13) for ps4.
    …What? The last of us did it. That game was like a year old and got an HD remaster.

    • lolcatz6657

      FFXIII? ….please just no. FFXII? I wouldn’t mind that. And before you say anything, XII was a good game.

      • “And before you say anything, XIII was a good game”
        opinions are entirely subjective y’know
        i liked 13 kind of. I wouldn’t mind seeing it MORE hd.

        • lolcatz6657

          I’m not saying ffxiii/xiii2 are bad games, i’m just saying that a hd remake of xii would be pretty cool since VII won’t be happening for a VERY long time.

          • i would really like 12 or 9 to get hd remakes because I think an hd port of 9 on the 3DS would slay.

      • ShadowDivz

        Never played 12, so I wouldn’t know.

    • Kitalia

      We’ve had around 10 years of final fantasy 13, they need to move on and stop finding reasons to bring up this series

    • aizen310

      Gin, you are drunk! Go home! :D

    • chronocide

      Unlike FFXIII though, The Last of Us was considered a masterpiece.

  • l3reezer

    Sooner than later, fans of Final Fantasy will go the next step beyond fan-translating unlocalized iterations and just go ahead and make Final Fantasy 16 for the company. Even then, the company will file a cease and desist, but hell, if it’ll get them to start working on new material themselves…

  • Joseph Gallegos


  • Göran Isacson

    Huh… that’s a perspective I hadn’t considered. China is a MASSIVE market, and if remaking old games for the PS4 helps bring them to China that could mean a lot of coin in the coffers for SE.

    But at the same time I wonder how big that potential market really is- surely any person who was interested in those old games would’ve already pirated them by now? Is there really any profit in remaking/remastering them for PS4, just to bring them out “officially” to the Chinese market? Is there a large enough audience for it, or is this a fools errand as the Chinese market just looks at the remade games and go “eh thanks but no thanks, I’ve already played these- please give me something new instead”?

    Time will tell, I suppose…

  • Guest

    whoops meant for OT :O

  • Kaiser93

    Ah so you’ll just port with some small changes that cannot be seen & that nobody cares about is going to PS4? thanx Squeenix for taking our money

  • Ixbran

    They do bring up a good point about China though. It wasn’t until either this year, or last year, they finally repealed the Ban on gaming consoles. So gamers in China have only had access to games on computers. they completely missed out on the last two generations of gaming.

    So I can understand that they would want to bring back many of their PS2 and PS3 titles to the PS4, so they can be enjoyed by gamers over there for the first time.

  • EliParker

    Will more Final Fantasy games come out to the PC also? The PC market has shown profit for SE, from their Eidos titles.

    So in other words SE release your games on the PC also.

  • David

    That’s nice, but I’m still waiting for them to find a way to put FFVI on the 3DS in the form of a 3D remake.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    FFXII HD Remaster on PS4 with DirectX 11 graphics, please!

  • Nicholas Perry

    Just tell us what’s changing ffs!

  • Kornelious

    It would be cool to see Final Fantasy IX remastered….Though no one seems to care much about that one :(

    • If it makes you feel any better, I was pretty apathetic towards FFIX after my first playthrough, but I went back to it a year later and ended up really loving it. It has some flaws here and there, but it’s now one of my more liked games in the series.

    • chronocide

      It wasn’t my favorite when I was younger but when I looked at it with a greater appreciation of art, I fell in love. Personally, I’d like to see an HD remaster of it too.

  • Damjan Šalov

    I think FFXII visually still stands the test of time, it would be great if they release the zodiac version on next-gen systems

  • But will they give us honest remakes/remasters… or shitty ports?

  • Raine

    Just give us IX and we’ll be content.

  • echokanon

    As if they will not think of bringing these cash cows over…

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