Cloud And Reno Engage In A Bike Duel In Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Trailer

By Ishaan . December 19, 2014 . 8:33pm


Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII G-Bike at Jump Festa this week. Among other things, it shows Cloud engaging in a brief encounter with Reno from Final Fantasy VII.


The game, as previously reported, is based on the Gold Saucer mini-game from Final Fantasy VII, and sees Cloud on his bike, dodging obstacles and fending off monsters as he tears through the game’s stages at high speed.


Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is developed by CyberConnect 2. The game is a free-to-play and is available on iOS and Android devices in Japan. A release for the West has been confirmed but Square have not yet announced a date.

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  • pokeslob

    why am I so excited about this?

    • Souffrir

      Because the trailer looks better than anything Square Enix has developed for Final Fantasy in years?

      Thanks, CyberConnect 2!

  • Go2hell66

    stupid mobile games, stop looking so cool

    • Kaiser93

      Android…….the future

  • CptPokerface

    I was just playing Tekken Tag 2, and this looks a LOT like Hwoarang’s ending. Doesn’t help that Jin is a lot like Cloud and Hwoarang looks a lot like Reno

  • All I can say about this is: Support it!
    Its as close as we can get to a FF7 remake or sequel if the demand for the franchise is big enough (as it already is lol) .
    C’mon SE! If we can show our support for this ff7 spin-off, will you finally make the remake/reboot/sequel happen? And please stop trolling us.. we as fans can only care so please.

    • Wiccan1109

      Tbh, if the sales are good, I’m pretty sure SE will take that as a sign that people just want more mobile FF spin offs. SE has never had a good track record for communication or understanding its fan base, at least not with the western half anyway. They make mobile FF games, people buy them, they think wow, that sold good, lets make another etc.

      They know the demand for FF7 remake. They can barely get through an interview without it coming up. If you’re thinking your cash will show support for the series, the PS4 port would be a more likely indication that theres a console based demand for the title.

      • yomachaser

        Dude they have become good at listening to their fanbase, the part a lot of people around here don’t want to think about is that SE has more fans using mobile these days.

  • Souffrir

    “Cloud And Reno Engage In A Bike Duel In Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Trailer”

    Because why not!

  • Demeanor

    My God dat remixed music… the nostalgia…
    Come to think of it they are REAL BSTARDS (no offense intended of course), this game gives us a glimpse of what the “Apple of Eden” so many of us want might be, and it doesn’t need extraordinary graphics, that Tifa char model was plenty good for me! Also the use of materia, summons, limits, the upgrade to the bike and swords, everything cries back to FF VII.
    Why must you torture us so much, Square???

    • yomachaser

      Just to put the question in the air (because I know how much this board dislikes mobile most of the time), would you buy an updated FFVII on mobile?

      I ask because that is clearly where it would end up.

  • looks pretty good!

  • Ben Sylvia

    This honestly looks pretty awesome, even if the models for Cloud and Tifa look like they were ripped from Dissidia.

    It’s too bad my phone is crap with a tiny screen and likely catch fire if it tried to play this.

    Maybe we’ll get a Vita port or something one day. *dreaming*

    • Cloud is ripped from Crisis Core and Tifa from Dissidia. Sort of bothers me, I can tell the quality difference.

      • KanjiLikesBoys

        it looks pretty cheap

    • yomachaser

      You can get pretty large android phones for cheap these days, I only say this because I think hoping for a vita port is unreliable as they don’t get most mobile stuff.

  • Shippoyasha

    Maybe CyberConnect2 should be remaking FF7.

    • Bunzi

      Lord noooo

      Every battle would be one long Quick Time Event.

      • Spirit Macardi

        And that’s different from how FF’s been doing things lately…?

  • Niceneasy92

    I would much rather prefer to pay 5 or 6 bucks for this game because it looks great, but I know it’s gonna nickel and dime the shit outta me :/

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    Please stop… Please stop… Please stop…


  • KanjiLikesBoys

    Wish I could say this didn’ look super fucking cool..

  • hawk222

    It looks great, but I just know it’s gonna lag on my phone to the point that I don’t want to play it anymore. (Guess I need a newer phone model, then.)

  • Spirit Macardi

    … Localize it with Quinton Flynn voicing Reno. Then We’ll talk.

  • echokanon

    Tried playing it a little, too bad it is not endless runner type and instead it is mission based…

  • yomachaser

    Man has this little app evolved! Day one download when it hit’s the west!

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