Final Fantasy XV: Tons Of Details From Jump Festa [Update]

By Sato . December 20, 2014 . 12:28am


Final Fantasy XV fans have finally got what they’ve been waiting for, as Square Enix shared the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XV on the first day of Jump Festa 2015 in Japan. Game Jouhou shares what went on during the presentation with a beefy summary of the event. Below is our translation.


  • The giant monster shown at the end of the trailer is indeed Titan.


  • Summoned Beasts can be acquired after fighting them, and there are various other conditions for acquiring them as well.


  • Titan will play a big role in the story, but the demo won’t include him in. It will instead add another Summoned Beast that is not a big part of the story. You’ll get to summon this Beast, and it is said that it will be a dynamic one that will surprise players.


  • The giant size of Titan seen in the trailer is how he’ll look when you summon him yourself.


  • The town in the trailer is shown in a seamless fashion; however, at the current stage, Square Enix can’t say for sure whether the entire game will be seamless. Again, they say that they’re doing their best to make it all seamless, but important scenes will likely require some loading. The demo, however, will be completely seamless.


  • The town shown is called “Lestarg” and it plays an important role in the story surrounding Titan. While big, it is not one of the largest towns in the game, and won’t be in the demo. There’s a hotel where you’ll get to rest, eat, and shop, along with all kinds of other events.


  • General Cor Leonis will join you and fight in the party. there are some party members that will join as temporary guests, and Cor is one of them. He’s not a friend of Noctis and the others, but an aide to his father. He’ll be there to look out for Noctis and Co.


  • If you go a while without sleeping, the stat boosts you get from foods and such will lose their effect.


  • The sleep element has been added to further emphasize that these characters are living people, so they’ll need to get rest just like any normal human. You can eat meals at camp for extra status effects.


  • You’ll need to take a breather in order to level up. So basically, if you don’t rest at a camping area, you won’t level up. This will make it possible for people to challenge themselves at beating the game at a low level.


  • You can go three days without sleeping, but any longer than that and you’ll begin to see negative effects.


  • One day in Final Fantasy XV is the equivalent of a real-life hour, so a day lasts for about 40 to 45 minutes, and the rest is night. This bit is currently in development, so it’s subject to change.


  • There will be moments where you’ll need to go on fighting for days at a time.


  • There are also trains to travel inside, and these will have their own spaces within them. You’ll travel by train at times, and can freely walk around inside when you do.


  • Cindy (or Cidney in Japanese) doesn’t have much to do with the story, but she’s a mechanic who’ll talk to you about gameplay. While we still don’t know exactly what kind of mechanic she is, she’ll appear in the demo. Square Enix’s male staff members have been putting a lot of effort into creating her.


  • At the moment, Square Enix are working on adding more action varieties, and they feel that magic isn’t looking too impressive, so they’re not showing it. They need to work on it, but they’ll do that after they’re done with the Summoned Beasts.


  • At first, they decided on only having Noctis use magic, but they felt that it wouldn’t be as fun gameplay wise, so they’re changing it up a bit so that everyone in the party can use magic.


  • Square are adding various languages for the demo version that will release around the world, but due to the heavy amount of content and problems in schedule, Square Enix can’t say for sure whether they’ll all be included in the initial release.


  • Insomnia is the capital of the Kingdom of Lucis, where Noctis is the prince of. This is where a ceremonial signing will take place.


  • Square Enix prepared all kinds of scenes for the latest trailer, but since they didn’t use them all, map director Yasuyuki Matsunami got pretty upset. Tabata justified his reason by saying that trailers can be made in two ways: to advertise or show the state of development. They showed Behemoth and weathers in the previous trailers, and Tabata says this was put together in a rush. As for Jump Festa 2015, the focus was advertising, which was done by the editing studio, and not in cooperation with the development staff. For this reason, they weren’t able to include all the scenes that were requested by staff.


  • Some of the omitted scenes were shown separately at the event, including one that highlighted Cindy, and another with town exploration.


  • There was a much older version of the town, but the latest version had a lot more going on that was shown in the trailer when you see Noctis and friends cruising in there. The full-release version will look nicer, and will have more people walking around. If you go near them, you’ll also get to hear them speaking.


  • You can purchase ingredients to cook at camp. By eating those foods, you’ll gain positive effects. By properly sleeping, you’ll maintain its effects.


  • The part that shows the dog peeing [in the footage with town exploration], in the back, they show a part that will play a big role in the game’s story.


  • Tabata jokingly said that he’ll introduce more on the dog if the demand is high enough.


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Update: Certain parts of the source info appear to have been updated, and we’ve updated our translation, too.

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  • anon

    So the dog is playable?

    • popo123

      No, they used the dog to avoid spoilers for some reason. Although like mentioned in the article, it might become playable if demand becomes high.

      • shytende

        They should allows it if they wants it to become a success;

        After all, FFVII is one of their most well known works and iit has a playable dog.

        This can’t be a coincidence.

        • JeySigma

          After i read ur comment i was like “wha..? does he mean Rinoa’s dog in FF8??”

          if you mean RedXIII.. he isnt technically a dog lol (more like a mix between a cat/dog/lion hybrid.. thing)

    • Crystal Power

      They won’t make the dog playable, but he jokingly said he will add the “Dog Cam” if people demand it. Why do people think they would make a dog playable when they recently removed Gladious, Prompto and Ignis from being playable lol.

  • xe7en

    I really want a female member of the gang… Game looks good so far.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      I wanted playable male characters in X-2’s story.

      • Ali

        3 is understandable but 4 is sort of a sausage fest…

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          Playable females is not another thing that makes Final Fantasy… well… Final Fantasy. Plus the last console game had only one playable character, who was female.

          I actually kind of find that sexist that an all-male cast can’t be some form of artistic choice, narrative-wise.

          • Plus their designs are aimed at the Japanese female demographic anyway.

            But, for what I’ve seem, the only ‘playable’ playable character is the main guy, the rest of the party is all NPCs.

          • Ali

            You find it sexist that I’m having a negative response to an all-male cast? Take it easy there, Anita. I never played the Lightning games due to word of mouth, the massive exposure Lightning was receiving, lazy game design (corridor levels) and Motomu Toriya’s Involvement.

            Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a dude and I enjoy my male fighters as much as the next guy but I like me pretty ladies who can kick but more ala Lulu, Fran, Beatrix, Quistis, etc. variety is key dude.

      • xe7en

        Not that I have anything against an all male cast, it’s just personal preference.

  • wererat42

    Didn’t Tabata say that there would be female characters coming. He just said that they wouldn’t be the four ‘main’ characters.
    I understand Noctis is the only playable character, but perhaps you will be able to switch out his companions at some point.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Noctis, Ignis and Gladious goes to meet whoever is in charge, Prompto stays behind to hit on some woman. The three warn the leader, who then throws them in jail. Play then as Prompto to shoot at some soldiers and get the key to free his friends.

  • Vesperion

    So the Call of Duty dog made it into Final Fantasy?

  • JustThisOne

    Insomnia sounds like a terrible place to live. W-Wait, what do you mean I’m living there already? :’>

  • UltimagaWeapon

    Looks a lot like Lightning Returns, except for the battles.

    • JeySigma

      I reaally hope you dont mean graphically..

      cause Lightning returns looks terrible, worse than FF13 (1) even. Very rushed game

      • mingledorff

        Lightning Returns was weird. Some of it looked great, but the smaller details were pitiful (man, those dogs, am I right?). Fun gameplay though!

        • JeySigma

          lol the dog.. yes i totally agree. Almost PS1 quality there.

          yes i mostly played it for the solid gameplay. The wide range of costumes is pretty nice too. Everything else is unexcusable (from graphics, to story to butchered characters and reused music etc)

          • mingledorff

            I actually enjoyed the story up until the very very end scene where they decided fuck everything. Other than that, it was a fitting end to an insane story (deciphering that story sends you down a rabbit hole so deep I dont think I was seen for like a month while trying to figure it all out). I like what they did with Lightning in it as well character wise and “Hope” wasn’t annoying like XIII (though I guess they fixed that in XIII-2). Loved all the costumed and the various ways to tackle the game with them. The graphics were so hit and miss though. The music was whatever, I liked XIII and XIII-2’s soundtracks so fine. And I liked the whole time based stuff in it. A solid 7/10, I mean, I enjoyed the time I spent with it but definitely nothing amazing.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        This is PS4, not PS3. I think UltimagaWeapons means for seamless battles without a flashy warp to an arena version of wherever you’re exploring, sorta like XII.

  • Misty Dawson

    Should’ve kept it as Cidney. Really fits better.

    • Alex Sargeant

      I don’t get the reasoning. I mean the hero is called Noctis, we’re well outside the realm of reasonable sounding names anyway.

      • EGG™

        I wouldn’t say Cidney is an unreasonable sounding name. It just it looks odd. Sidney is what we’re all more used to. And with how people try to make their children their own special snowflakes with their uniquely spelled name, it really isnt that odd.

        That being said, you both are right in why didnt we keep Cidney (Cindy isn’t a bad name in any way, but if she really is a Cid then it defeats the point)

      • Not to mention Sydney is actually a common girl’s name, and I presume Cidney is pronounced the same

        • AlteisenX

          Sydney is the main character of the Scream movies too, so its an infamous name here.

    • Namuro

      So you could say that the West won’t be getting Cid in their versions!

  • Max Leo

    I would love it if they added a camera in this game, Every good game needs a camera, I could have so much fun taking pictures of this beautiful world.

    • ScienceNonfiction

      During the Versus days they said there would be a picture taking minigame/sidequest with Noctis’ phone. Dunno if it’s still in.

      • Max Leo

        Oh my! That would be oh so wonderfully brilliantly amazing my dear.

  • Max Leo

    About summons, I assume you can’t summon that titan inside buldings, maybe you can only summon human sized inside buildings?

    • Belial

      Maybe you can
      you summon titan outside of the building
      and titan will look you though window or so whatever.
      Like those monster horror movie.

  • Eric Harris

    I wonder what the actually summoning will look like? I want FF to return to the glory days and have these super impressive summon animations. It sounds at least like summons are in, hoping for more than just 5 or 6 though!

    • FatMasterBass

      The “glory days” of summoning was not in the old games. Summons peaked with X, where they were fully controllable and able to be customized and grown.

      • Jadfish

        XII did that too.

        • Eric Harris

          They were good in FFX and FFXII too. It’s just that X didn’t have enough, and neither did 13. XII was good, they had arrival animations that looked good. I don’t mind having them more than just an animation like the old days. FF7 and FF8 were the best for summons, but IMO I want a FF game that has at least 12 of them, must have arrival animation, and mega attack animation.

          • MrAptronym

            I like controllable summons better than ones that just act as attacks personally, but the summons in FFVIII were perfect for when you needed a bathroom break during a long battle.

          • Yeah. Or summon Knights of the Round in FF7 and go take a short lunch break.

          • JeySigma

            haha you exagerate.. but funny nonetheless

        • FatMasterBass

          Yes but XII’s system was vastly inferior.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      The super impressive summon animations never left. Even the summons in XIII still looked pretty cool.

  • Yagami Mao

    I like rest and cook element :)

  • JeySigma

    thanks a lot for the translation.

    This game is finally starting to sound very promising. The huge Summoned beasts fights and the fact that you can summon them at full size is mind-boggling good!

    Well looks like Leviathan might be full size summon as well.. which means he (and Titan ) will either only be summon-able in the fields or maybe in some scripted event/city

    • Jadfish

      Most of the E3 trailer depicts what happens when some asshat summons Leviathan in a city

      I hope I can be that asshat!

      • Prinnydoom

        Maybe it was Noctis thinking he could control it and then nope.


          what if luna has to do with it because she was in the same room as the trailer

        • TalesRevenant

          This is what I think as well. I think this is the first time he summons Leviathan, because if you notice, while Noctis is definitely avoiding Leviathan’s attacks, he seems like he’s using his powers to run off and distract the enemy. So I think you’re right.

          • Prinnydoom

            It just seems like the sort of thing that would happen its rare to see a summoner in an FF game lose control. It would make for an interesting section none the less.

      • JeySigma

        dont we all. hahah


      obviously on battle field maps where combat is allowed. i think summons would need to reflect the environment they are in, so Levithan needs water and titan needs an area big enough. as for cities they probally relate to the story

    • John Sotomayor

      The game has always sounded promising, even back in 2006. The difference is that now, we’re starting to see evidence of the game living up to its promises.

  • Jadfish

    This game can’t possibly live up to its hype, but by the gods, I want it to!!

  • NoLastName

    There’ll probably be female guest party members, which should make people who care happy.

    • Calm Chen

      I care. lol

  • Guest

    I hope the demo isn’t exclusive to the first-run of Type-0 and becomes available to everyone later on.

  • NoLastName

    This and the trailer makes up for Kingdom Hearts 3 not being at Jump Festa.

  • Guest

    i cant wait until i see comments saying SE sucks 2 weeks later because they arent showing us new games and FFs better than 13


    1 thing. loading between long distance maps was already confirmed.

    2: sleep also being an element to combat against over leveling and grinding is good. just like it says, you can fight monsters all day but there are internal side effects from not sleeping that damage your HP rather than external damage from monsters only, so pick and choose battles wisely.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      It’s important to know about how to level up but how will things go for additional magic and status boost.

  • Ixbran

    so she IS this games Cid! Awesome Sauce!

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    This is what I wanted. More details on the world, characters and gameplay, not some release date because do you really want to buy what you don’t know about? Just like XIII?

    I hope for more large-scale summon battles, learn about the story and characters, music, etc. I bet another trailer will come after finishing the XV demo.

    Also, forget playable females, I want to play a dog, in fact, the dog can be female, which counts as a playable female so stop complaining, everyone.


      ff13 was a mess. Toriyama withheld information until release!!! and then after developers came admitting he didnt know what he was doing. at least nomura told us he didnt want FF15 on ps3 due to hardware problems once it was ported to ps4

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        How a director and his/her team handle previews and PR can really tell you the quality of the game.

        Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? Remember Fable? How about Watch Dogs?

        No more cloak and dagger or vertical bullshots, Square-Enix!

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      who cares about the dog. The car is female!!

    • Kroz

      I’m more curious of what would be so much of a threat that we would have to summon a 200 foot tall giant for assistance…just thinking about it makes me think we may be getting some ridiculously cool optional bosses and such.

      • MrAptronym

        I’ll be heading back to the starter zone with it.

  • Shippoyasha

    I mean, Square revealing so much is cool and all, but now I’m starting to feel like they might be revealing too much now.

    Mystique is a good thing, Square! Keep some secrets for the future!


      not too much. they didnt show the dog! look its peeing

      • Astralwyrm

        I want the dog as a party member! >=O

      • Kai2591

        Its alright to do a modernXfantasy setting for a FF once in a while I guess, but I still prefer a totally high fantasy setting – I hope the next FF will be totally high fantasy, say, like FF9 and will be as amazingly seamless as this :)

        oh and thanks for the vid :)

  • lolcatz6657

    I just hope it doesn’t have any of those annoying forced time mechanics like fxiii LR

    • landlock

      Not really that annoying I had everything finished apart the multi-floored dungeon with 3 days left.

      • Smooosh

        Yeah, managing time was pretty much a non-issue with chronostasis being non-stop spammable. But I guess it’s still a valid concern, some people just don’t like the idea itself, no matter how it’s executed.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery
  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    “You’ll get to summon this Beast, and it is said that it will be a dynamic one that will surprise players.”

    • greeeed

      same world is FXIII = she might appear just to kick your ass

      • John Sotomayor

        It’s not the same world as FFXIII. Both XIII and XV use the same mythology (Etro, crystals, and so on), but the worlds/continuities are separate, as far as we know.

        • greeeed

          unless they change their mind again(which is normal), it’s same world, that why it used to be know as FF13 versus

          • John Sotomayor

            I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude or “that guy”, but I need to point out that you’re wrong. Even when XV was Versus XIII, it was STILL set in a different world, *just with the same Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology*.

            That’s why even as Final Fantasy XV, the game is STILL under the “Fabula Nova Crystallis” series. Go watch the E3 2013 reveal trailer (the one that starts with “You can see the light, too”) and the words “Fabula Nova Crystallis” appear at the very beginning.

            The whole concept is that these games (the 13 series, Type-0, XV) all take place with the same mythology that is interpreted differently for each game. The games themselves take place in different continuities/worlds/whatever you want to call it. The l’Cie in XIII are different from the l’Cie in Type-0, and ultimately they are different from the l’Cie in XV (even though XV will likely not use the term, but “Lucis” is very similar to “l’Cie” and the concept of being blessed by the crystal is still present in XV.

            The FNC concept can be confusing, but even when all games had a XIII in their titles, they were still separate and only united by a common mythology. But the worlds, stories, characters, timelines, and continuities were all separate.

    • alhamega

      That’s not so surprise isn’t it.

    • LightningFarron19

      They already stated that characters from one universe are not going to crossover into another universe like that. KH and Dissidia are the only exceptions.


      what does lighting have to do with this….. o_O a joke?

    • Stephen Mc Devitt
  • AnimusVox

    I don’t know how I feel about Cid not being a big part of the story, or at least a semi-big part of the story since Cid’s in the past FF’s were fairly important to the stories.

    • Federico

      Well they said Cid will be more important gameplay wise rather than story wise. So I’m guessing your car will break down or something then get her to fix it. She’ll probably be the way you get other vehhicles as well

      • James Todd

        aka an airship

    • JeySigma

      Hey at a least she’s not a villain like Cids in Type 0, FF12 and FF13.
      Cid in FF9 wasnt too important either(and my least fav)

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Insomnia, a capital city where everyone can’t sleep

    that explains why Noctis and his friends went vacation before the game story begins, because :
    “If you go a while without sleeping, the stat boosts you get from foods and such will lose their effect.”

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Just bring in Jigglypuff.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    “The part that shows the dog peeing [in the
    footage with town exploration], in the back, they show a part that will
    play a big role in the game’s story”

    plot twist : the pee is potion, ether, elixir and all other kind of medicine. You can’t obtain it from shop and monster

  • Kroz

    Sleeping and eating relating to leveling up is very interesting. I’m just hoping this doesn’t make it tedious to grind if we wanted to. Then again I’m sure there will be some grinding loophole method players figure out.

    • I’m guessing it’s similar to Baten Kaitos where experience accumilates at all times but restingis the way you actually get to use it.

    • KrazyBean

      Maybe it will work like Dark Souls were when you camp you can then level up your character with the XP you gained.

  • Kim Altair Salanio

    Yeah….How many of those things you listed and are present in the trailer will be in the actual game when it’s released?

    • iron_maw84

      All of them? Otherwise they have no point. What kind of question is that?

  • Wiccan1109

    Haha, oh man. Typical that Cor is the one i liked the look of the most. I’m starting to think i’m cursed. My fave FF7 character was Aerith, for FF8 it was Seifer, for FF9 it was Beatrix and in FF10 it was Seymour. Forever doomed to a future of temporary favourites but i can not believe these odds. Maybe theres some kind of subliminal thing they all share and my subconscious is picking up on it.

  • Jero

    So you’d need at least 90 hours to get to level 99. Maybe there’s something like xenoblade chronicles were you can change time at will.


      sleep = time changed. otherwise its not deconustioned enough. changing whenever is a cop out for a game fantasy based on reality

  • Kai2591

    Plot twist: Cidney is the REAL heroine.

    • 古戸ヱリカ

      And the peeing dog is the real villain.

      • Darkmonte

        Wrong! it’s the frog who’s the final villain. The one from the [tech?] demo they showed a while ago.

        • Kai2591

          Secret boss perhaps.

        • JeySigma

          Maybe the frog will pilot the car that will inevitably turn into a transformer.
          Themes of nature and betrayal (froggy and car penultimate boss)

      • Kai2591


  • Sol badass

    Wow. Sounds like theres A LOT to do. Im really glad theyre making it this way. Its like you can kill your characters from exhaustion xD

    • JeySigma

      yep. Did you see that blizzard+train scene where one of the characters topples and falls down like a ragdoll? lol that made me chuckle

      • Sol badass

        Lol that was pretty funny. That poor dude xD

  • Manny Being Manny

    I find it funny how they go out of the way to say that Squares male staff members created Cindy

    • Darkmonte

      Even if her revealing outfit was designed by grandmas, people would still complain.

      • Well, who designs it doesn’t change much about it – it’s the outfit itself. (Women can also make sexist designs, just as plenty of men are capable of sexy but empowering/cool designs for women~.)

        • Guest

          You guys should be glade she wasn’t drawn by Nomura.

          • Haganeren

            …. Why ? I find Cindy to be more an occidental phantasm (She is like EVE or April) and people like Yuna to be more an oriental phantasm. (Miko with strange and improbable cloth)

            The two artist can do something equivalent for different type of people… It all depends of what the director want for the game…. And it all depends of what the public want for the game.

            Or are you saying it’s absolutely impossible for Nomura to make a woman without revealing her skin or something ? That would be strange.

          • Max Leo

            I would actually like to see an arab design by Nomura, not necessarily a headscarf, just wearing a nicely designed arabic dress like a caftan(google image it), without showing flesh.

            I wonder if there is any arab inspired areas in this game? Maybe in a desert part of the map.

          • I like Nomura’s designs fairly often. He isn’t perfect, but I tend to like his style.

          • He goes overboard a couple of times here and there, but he did some nice stuff. People always focus on the bad choices with that guy.

          • Yeah, and I admit, even his overboard stuff I can be a fan of. His belt stuff gets crazy, but I love belts and zippers and everything excessively myself so it just played into my tastes lol.

            I think there’s a space for his stuff, and for those that aren’t into it, it’ll just suck when he designs.

            It’s like how PreCure can have too much frills and ribbons and bows – which is fantastic for me but some people hate that.

          • Up until the point where he start to use belts as jewelry on the characters or zippers that hold nothing together. But we have to admit, love him or hate him, he had his unique style.

          • Lol, as jewelry is ridic. But yes, he definitely has his own unique style and flair.

        • Well, I don’t see how a design can be ‘sexist’ or ’empowering’, it’s more about the role and what the character does in the game that will tell, not the design itself. That’d be too shallow of an analysis (which, to be fair, is all we can do, considering we only have one trailer).

          • That’s fine if you can’t, but they can be. Certainly everything else will also make a difference, but it’s not like a design on its own can’t be cool or problematic just because it’s the design.

            For instance, there are lots of designs that I side-eye, but I will say that the character does help bring depth to it. (But I think that helps play into the better context; if you make an intentionally sexist design but then use it in a comic or cartoon in a way that critiques sexist costuming, then you did a good job!)

          • I get your point. But what makes it sexist? Is it showing skin? Because you can empower a female character that shows skin. On the other hand you can make a perfectly outfitted woman to be an motionless tool that just follows a male around or a weak love interest. The design itself does nothing unless it’s coupled with a badly written character or a bad observer.

            The most a visual design can hurt is in the initial or surface impression, IMO.

          • I definitely agree with that too~.

            Hmmm. I think I’ll adjust my wording because there’s another good point there. I will say, the outfit itself can be a bit of the problem, but I also think it comes down to presentation of a design.

            Lets go with a character sheet. If someone puts a female character in lingerie, it would look problematic and pandering to me if they put her in a ridiculous T&A pose and made her a sex doll basically. However, if they go out of their to ensure her anatomy doesn’t get crazy and she still leans more toward sexy, I would be interested but not as drawn in. If they go for a sensual air and also don’t break her body/anatomy, I’m really curious and excited.

            So I guess it’s less the outfit on its own as the design (which is a good point) and about how someone presents it.

            But then again, there is also just context, because even if they put Cidney in a casual pose, I’d still side-eye her cleavage being out even though we’re supposed to take her seriously (I hope) as a mechanic.

            Lol, sorry for rambling. I think I kind of cleared up my point and contention? Bringing it back to this specific article; Cidney looks cool. If I saw her design on a sheet, I’d say she looks cool. It just looks stupid that someone that’s supposed to be a mechanic has such a low cut top (and even if she was a hot guy, I’d be excited, but still critique them for doing so).

          • Agreed.
            And to be fair FFXV already shown other women in more conservative wear… and at least one pretty dude wearing a Visual K style open chest vest. I think there’s something for everyone there. ;)

          • That’s true. And even though I’m disappointed that Stella and Luna(?) won’t be playable, I like their designs a lot. And that is nice too~.

            Less than her being sexy, I’m annoyed that for the first female Cid they had to make her sexy, and that they bothered to make a sexy mechanic. I just think they should have used/created a different character for female sex appeal~.

        • Noor

          Sexist? I say realistic. That is literally how every girl in my town dresses during summer…

          • They dress like that while doing (labor) intensive, grimy/dirty jobs? I’m suddenly curious about where you live if so lol.

            The point is she’s dressed like that while on the job. It’s not smart or practical. And that aside, when was the last time Cid (as a male) was designed particularly sexy?

            As others pointed out, it’d be fine if that were her casual-wear or something, but it isn’t. ^u^;

          • Noor

            “They dress like that while doing (labor) intensive, grimy/dirty jobs? I’m suddenly curious about where you live if so lol.”

            I live in Detroit, but I’m pretty sure it is like that in the rest of the states.

            “The point is she’s dressed like that while on the job. It’s not smart or practical.”

            Are you being sexist right now? Or are you ignoring reality? Since when do most girls care about dressing smart and practical? Fashion is usually the priority, and to assert anything else is nonsense.

            “And that aside, when was the last time Cid (as a male) was designed particularly sexy?”

            When was any character ever in Final Fantasy not designed sexy?

            “As others pointed out, it’d be fine if that were her casual-wear or something, but it isn’t.”

            I like how Noctis and his group engage in combat while dressed like a boy-band.

          • Lol, being sexist. Don’t even try that ignorant mess. What you said after that is exactly sexy. You just implied that smart and practical also never plays a part in fashion and that’s a separate but serious offense of its own.

            Nice try, but you’re gonna need more coins to keep playing that game.

            And really, they look like a boy band? They look like One Direction to you? Or lets try for some Japanese boy bands, shall we? They look like Arashi? Or Super Junior? Maybe some of the Korean guy groups, but there’s a huuuge difference in the way those guys market themselves than how Noctis and co are being treated.

            You can come back when you’re done your research and got your argument together. :/

  • SetzerGabbiani

    General Leo, eh? So will he die by a mad man,’s hands halfway through the game?

    • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

      It is speculated that something bad/negative will happen to him because of his age 42 is a bad number in Japanese

      • Arn

        In the end, he’s the Avatar of Alexander. Calling it.

  • Darkmonte

    “Square Enix’s male staff members have been putting a lot of effort into creating her.” Ah, now her outfit makes sense.

    • Asura

      The way my face contorted when I read that line, oh man what a grimace.

    • FF designs lately are generally pretty catered to the Japanese female public, with the visual k inspired males and all. That’s probably why that line was there. Like they are saying, “here, we’ll have a sexy girl too”. They probably have no idea the kind of silly shit these things stir in the West.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Dind’t play X-2, right? Her outfit is kinda tame in comparison LOL

    • Max Leo

      But she does look pretty damn cool, confident and fun.

      I think westerners focus way too much on flesh.

      • Gaspar

        Yeah, people are very technical with these aspects in our culture. Does it shows her cleavage? Well, I think I’m obliged to have a problem with it, then.

        • Max Leo

          I think moderation is key, if every girl was like her in this game, then people would have a point. But in reality all women dress differently. If I told a woman to cover up in real life, I would be told I am a controlling sexist.

          • Gaspar

            And some of the guys do dress like male strippers. I think they kept it in equilibrium.

          • Max Leo

            Dat six pack.


          what about males who walk around almost naked or shirtless and have tight pants that bulge out their balls

    • angelx03

      Considering they have to deal with a no-female playable cast, this is mere consolation.

  • Julian Hardaway

    I like what I see, but I can’t help but wonder how different it would be if Nomura were still in charge…

    • Arn

      More belts and zippers.

    • Max Leo

      I’m guessing only a little different, but at a slower pace.
      Nomura directed the major buliding blocks and pointed everyone in the right direction, his job was pretty much done IMO.

  • Arn

    You guys should be glad she wasn’t drawn by Nomura.

    • Godmars

      Don’t be too sure about that. Her design has likely been around for years.

  • vishmarx

    oh thank f*** she isnt wearing black

    • Gaspar

      All those black outfits are taking me back to the early 2000s

    • Godmars

      She’s also not wearing anything sensible for her job, unless her job is being a pin-up model.

      • Gaspar

        Aw, come on… her job is being a cute character in a videogame. Nobody in Final Fantasy ever dressed appropriately for anything, really.

        I mean, does this look like appropriate underwater sports wear to you?

        • Godmars

          Blitzball came off as a legitimate sport to you?

          At least FF10 had the whole islander/water theme influencing its designs. While this is clearly going for neo-US 50s, that still doesn’t excuse why a grease-monkey tomboy is wearing “coveralls” as envisioned by Victoria Secrets.

          • Gaspar

            Of course it does. It’s a mid 20 century style ‘pin-upy’ mechanic with a futuristic twist.

          • Godmars

            What sucks is that over twenty years, as development tools and resources have become better, that the more S/E seems to strive for realism in regards to a series called Final *Fantasy* that they’ve become more and more nonsensical. Ignoring realism and exploiting fan support to make up for lapses in narrative.

            I mean, how else was a blitz ball the most powerful weapon in FF10?

          • Gaspar

            Well, at that point it’d be up to the suspension of disbelief, I guess. As long as it keeps to some form of internal consistency.
            But yes, blitz balls were silly.

        • >_>

          Yes *runs away*


      Black = Lucian colors…. this contrast other countires, so the symbolize of black/white goes on. light dark. who is evil who is good is a matter of precpction

  • Max Leo

    The lighting looked amazing when they showed female Cid, the sunset
    glowing green eyes. That’s pretty much how real life green eyes glow in the sunset, pretty accurate I’d say.

  • Suriel Cruz

    Too much info… I’m gonna EXPLODE!!! Dx
    Glad to hear that you can Summon beasts, hopefully there’s Shiva, Ifrit and many others. ^ ^

    Titan will basically be the Rival to that Leviathan see saw a few trailers back.

    • Max Leo

      Haha, I think I might just play the demo one time then go on a blackout, too much info can take away the mystery and surprise of exploring a game.

      • Suriel Cruz

        Square Enix is taking US WAY TO SERIOUSLY regarding information. I felt that I play the DEMO and half of the game and I dont even know the names of the characters. lolz


      i think the train was frozen by shiva and the green fire was ifirt

      • Max Leo

        Shiva and Ifrit on this engine…:O

        • TalesRevenant

          Not to mention since all summons are giants, based on Titan and Leviathan, imagine Bahamut…

          • Josh Asher

            Alexander is going to be massive. Remember FF IX? :D

          • it was also in 8 if you got all the summons,

          • Josh Asher

            yeah I know but in IX he’s the biggest version seen so far

          • Imagine Diablos, Alexander, Typhoon, Odin, Ramuh, carbuncle.

      • Sebastian Lothian

        I thought about Shiva or a really strong ice spell when I saw that train scene.

    • Let’s be real here we all just want to see a fat chocobo summon.

  • Addy

    “Square Enix’s male staff members have been putting a lot of effort into creating her.” Uh.. okay?

  • Frankie MacDonald

    Where are the Antagonists from in Final Fantasy XV.

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    anybody else find it odd for them to specifically mention that the people who designed Cid are male? Why not mention the sex of staff members who designed the car? Or Noctis?

    Is it me or is siliconera tipping their SJW hat in this article?

  • Captain Levi

    I… wonder if we can drive the car how we want.

    • Cynical

      You can actually they said it can be done automatically or manually which is pretty sweet!

      • Captain Levi

        I see. Well, not bad.

  • PragmaticSoul

    Vesperia and Persona 3 did it. Please have a playable dog. Playable dogs are awesome.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      But aren’t needed.

      • Haganeren

        Yes they are… In my heart.

        • Sebastian Lothian

          *Pats shoulder*

      • PragmaticSoul

        I could go down a full list of things that aren’t needed. Doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to want. Was this some sort of half-hearted attempt to shit on my light hearted comment?

    • Sultry Sui ♥

      Indeed they are~<3

  • Slash the stampede


    real life mechanics in a final fantasy game? … well dayum

  • Bell

    So you need to rest and eat? Sounds fun to me. I especially like the idea of having to rest to level up and of food giving stat bonuses. I’d rather get info on the characters, but the gameplay is sounding more and more promising. I, for one, like this more realistic take on a fantasy world. I wonder if you’ll have to take on part-time jobs for cash?

    And it’s nice to hear that we’ll get to do more than just attack and use magic, although I wonder how Summon Beasts will flow with the game’s combat. I’m personally still hoping for special attacks/limit breaks, as well.

    • Chip

      Not only that, but these are going to be great moments of character development that come as the player wants them, unlike in XIII where every other location transition has to stop and force a bit of dramatic exposition in because “Plot reasons”

      I doubt its going to go as far as part time jobs, but I do imagine humans living in close proximity with monsters leaves a lot of openings for the now traditional Mark Hunting, and encourage you to go off the beaten path for those who don’t just enjoy frolicking in the wilderness.

  • Vallen

    after so many years of neglect, these info dumps still don’t feel real to me

    • Sultry Sui ♥

      I know what you mean. Perhaps we’ve all been transported into some dream world, lol.

  • Alex Shadov

    Somehow the dog’s story sounds more interesting… why is he peeing there? Is it because he is like the dog from Heroes, Mr. Muggles, also known as God? Or like the dog from J.R. Ward The Fallen Angels series, Dog, also known as God? I’m curious.

    • jo he’s wishbones son, stay tuned for the expansion dlc….

  • Sean McLemore

    “Square Enix’s male staff members have been putting a lot of effort into creating her.”

    Is this important to note? Would I want to stain her goggles less if women had designed her? What an odd note.

    • Chip

      Basically translates to “We’re making her fanservice.” It happens. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with acknowledging biological interests once in a while.

      • Sean McLemore

        If only it were just “once in a while”

  • Quiet Gear Soild

    So is there going to be a limits to how you can summon them?
    I.E: Summoned Titan in a cave which obvious the cave is not that big.

    • Prinnydoom

      It be dynamic if the cave collapsed around you…..maybe thats to much to ask though.

    • Belial

      Maybe there are “Proper Use Of Summoning Beast Law”

      Summon Titan will cause to collapse the cave and you die, so you can only summon human-sized Summon Beast

      Inside the building, Titan may summon human-sized golem to help you.
      But human-sized Summon Beast will do better.

      When you fighting against super big giant monster, use Titan and use him as stepping stone so you can hit the enemy head.

      5 seconds Survival Personality Test

      There are only route to proceed to the story and the debris collapse on it. You can’t proceed unless use the Summon Beast, but who?

      1. Leviathan
      2. Shiva
      3. Catuar
      4. Bahamut
      5. Diablos


      Answer released.

      Answer 1 “Leviathan”
      Obtained “You are super cool, Aniki” trophy *Silver*
      Yeah, you summon Leviathan and use Flood magic. That will clear the debris up, but you will drowns 100000000 NPCs.
      But so what.
      Step on the debris and surf through to the story

      Answer 2 “Shiva”
      Obtained “Mommy, I don’t know what i should do” trophy *Bronze*
      You search the other route with great effort no avail.
      Shiva will come and sooth you.

      Answer 3 “Catuar”
      Obtained “Uuuuh,….. it dance?” trophy *Bronze*
      Summon Catuar and ….. do what?
      Gangnam style???
      No no no there are better Summon Beast and why of all Summon Beasts and choose this.

      Answer 4 “Bahamut”
      Obtained “LAWBREAKER!!!” trophy *Silver*
      Yeah. You summon BAHAMUT! and the debris take 99999 Damages! and the debris reduced to dust.
      What are you going to do in the future?
      You got traffic jammed and BAHAMUT!
      The traffic jam will take 99999 and reduced to dust.
      The skyscraper stand in your way and use BAHAMUT!
      The skyscraper will take 99999 and clear your path.
      You hunt rabbit for the food ration and BAHAMUT!
      Rabbit will take 99999 and died in pitiful way.
      I know Bahamut and 99999 sound super cool but you can’t megaflaring on everything.

      Answer 5 “Diablos”
      Obtained “Proper Use of Summon Beast License” trophy *Gold*
      Yeah, he will use Gravity Magic and lift the debris up.
      He is devil and might be cursed you, you are on safery line.
      Good Job.

  • Paudemonium

    I like how they’re getting pretty fun mechanics from other games:

    – Resting to level from games like Wizardry

    – Eating food for bonus stats from games like Dragon’s Crown and Monster Hunter

    Only complaint so far is CINDY like..? It feels like they’re trying way too hard with her sexy mechanic design and that name. I mean, they already have it alright as ‘Cidny’ which is, I’m guessing, pronounced perfectly normal as ‘Sydney’. Why do we gotta combo break the Cids?

    • Chip

      Actually the whole resting part reminds me more strongly of Persona 3/4, especially given there’s a ‘health’ spectrum now.

    • Syn

      Cottages, tents and resting where big way back in the PSX snes era of FF’s, so am glad thats back

    • Quiet Gear Soild

      I’m pretty sure Cindy supposed to referenced to the Magus sisters.

      I positive there’s going to be a mindy and sandy, But not as Magus sisters. Look at FF 12, Airship were named after the classic summons’ name.

  • Kornelious

    Okay so the main facts I took from this were…..

    1. Summons are returning and Titan is one of them….I just gotta see what happens when you summon him!

    2. The town seemed pretty large by itself, and if that’s not even the biggest town then we’ve got a lot to look forward to!

    3. The addition of resting, food bonuses, and day & night cycles all sound really cool, It really makes the gave have that open world feel (And being able to cook is always a plus :D )

    4. I was worried that they’re might not be any magic in the game, But that’s a relief to here….And if they didn’t think it looked good enough, then that probably means that the magic is gonna look awesome!

    5. I request the trailer with more Cindy and the peeing Dog….I MUST see the dog! XD

    So yeah….this games gonna rock! :D

    • Josh Asher

      what’s the big deal? it’s a dog

      • K.PL

        Details my friend, tiny details.

    • Hopefully they bring back limit breakers and actual air travel not pint and click map travel bullshit.i would also love to see some sort of weapon magic combo where you can junctio elements, status effects, and other perks on weapons .

  • Warboss Aohd

    The Dog! What is his story? why does he pee on things? Does he have a life goal? Does he wish to fight evil or join it? Already i find myself invested in his story.

    unlike every FF13 character whose name wasn’t Sazh.

  • #46

    I don’t quite understand, did square themselves make it a point to mention that Cindy was designed by males or did siliconera add that bit in? In both cases why?

    • Sato

      It comes from a summary report, and we just translated it. I’m not entirely sure why, but I guess they felt like saying that the bros at Square Enix have been really into her.

      • #46

        Makes sense

  • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

    So that would mean that the city we saw as accordo is Altissia

  • Josh Asher

    “Square Enix’s male staff members have been putting a lot of effort into creating her.”

    Oh yeah, I’m sure they are. I’m sure they’re working real hard. Mm-hmm…

  • Keys

    Nice article, but is that the gas station attendant from Inaba / P4? Bet all of their dungeons would be them denying bromance.

  • Izanagiko

    Awesome details.

  • Michael Sosa

    Can we get some characters that aren’t homosexual?

    • Captain Levi

      Can we get some people that aren’t cerebrally damaged?

      • Alex Shadov

        Nah, that would be boring. It would be like a horror movie with characters the have common sense, basically no one dies and the bad guy is killed/stopped in the first 5 minutes of the movie.

  • Digital-Devil

    I can’t be the only one that dislikes the fact that you have to rest or risk having negative effects. It seems like an annoying mechanic. I don’t mind having to rest to level up or eating for stat bonuses but please don’t make it where if I don’t rest I get negative stats. I want to play a game to have fun and distract myself from real life not babysit video game characters.


      honestly it sounds rather annoying to me too. But i do fancy the “A Fantasy Based on Reality” thing they’re going with. Even if it’s too much reality, I still wanna try it lol

    • K.PL

      I doubt taking a minute or two out of playing will really cause that much of an inconvenience. I mean it’s at least 3 days which at their current time setting would be about 2 hours and 15 minutes, Let alone if you have to rest to level up you’ll likely be doing it pretty often anyway.

    • Nandoskennedy

      Sleep 1 or 2 minutes at the gameplay will not afect you at all. There’s no problem with that in my opinion. To say the truth, I like this mechanic.

    • Chip

      Where were you when tents and cottages were a requirement most of the time in the earlier series?

      • that’s what I said… Funny how the simplest of comments show what era of gaming we all come from. People like me and you reminisce about “camping and resting” in old school FF games with part 4’s tents and cottages actually being one of my faves, and then there’s people that are like “lol waste of time, cancelling pre-order”

        Well good then, more FF for us :P

      • Naryoril

        they were nothing more than a strong heal item you could only use out in the field, and they weren’t a requirement at all.

        • DwillXXII

          Sleeping isn’t a requirement either. If you just choose not to use Sleeping/Tents/Cottages then the game is harder for you. That’s all. Nothing to throw a hissyfit about.

        • Chip

          I don’t know what play style you managed, but most of the time I needed to use those at least two or three times during dungeon runs.

    • jack

      It sort of reminds me of Oblivion.

    • FatMasterBass

      Get over it.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I’ll wait and see how it all work in gameplay

    • FatMasterBass

      There’s gameplay right in front of your face.

  • Santa Cloud

    I just want a Rules of Nature moment with that Titan and Noctis

    • Prinnydoom

      Attack on titan theme man. Get some guren no yumiya up in that shit. Yeah I know full weeb right?

    • Gust blade

      Don’t we all ?

  • Krustypuss

    Lol, imagine:

    We have now made the game a RAD RACER sequel to emphasize just how wonderful the car is.

  • Adrian Duran

    the way things are looking, this seems to be to the FF series what MGSV is going to be to the Metal Gear series

  • Codex

    The dog is most important.

  • thecontact

    I dont get it why siliconera is still calling her Cindy, her name is Cidney, Tabata-san said so, Cindy is a mistranslation, until it is officially confirmed though I would call her Cidney

    • Blvckfox

      Good point, better to wait for final translations before speculating too much.

    • Chip

      Because the name “Cidney/cydney” barely exists in romantic language speaking countries. Hell, if you google the name this character pops up. Someone translating this for Square likely thought Cindy would be more palatable, and unaware of the intention of the name.

      No doubt Tabata will make sure to make a note of it, and the official translations will be the appropriate spelling.

      • thecontact

        Yeah I can understand that.In FF7’s spanish version, Sephiroth’s name they adapted to Sefirot for a more easy reading, FF 8’s Ultimecia was called Artemisa in the spanish version also, in France FF9’s main character Zidane was called Djidane. Every country makes adaptation. The problem is loosing the meaning behind the name, if she is gonna get called Cindy in the french version, for example, dont you think the fans will loose the connection the name Cidney gives?

        • Chip

          Considering that even before she had an official name, people were already honing in on her as a Cid archtype, I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Its very obvious who and what she’s supposed to represent in terms of Final Fantasy lore.

  • Nandoskennedy

    Awesome. I get more excited with each new detail shown on FFXV.
    Besides, the only thing that I able to protest is the fact that we won’t be able to switch the playable character. Maybe in the end this detail will not make any difference, but now I think that is a waste of potential.
    Anyway, the game looks amazing! I barely can’t wait to play.

    • Chip

      They’re building Noctis to basically be able to do just about anything the other characters can do, with quite a bit extra b the looks of it. It’d be like wanting to play as Donald and Goofy or the Cameo characters in Kingdom Hearts: It might fill a personal novelty, but gameplay-wise its redundant. The characters are there for narrative purposes, and gameplay-wise to fulfill roles you may need on the side while focusing on whatever current gameplay style you need at the moment. They’re purely auxillery; Noctis is still the main force power.

      • Nandoskennedy

        I understand, but this issue is not about functionalities, is just about aesthetic changes. Honestly, this is not a problem to me.

  • swiss

    gosh people she dresses that way because she was designed to look attractive isnt that obvious -_- some example X-2 rikku & yuna,tifa,fran,ultimecia look she’s showing her cleavage and she’s a time sorceress heck even shiva she’s almost half naked all the time and she’s an ice queen

    for the bormance aragorn gimli legolas had their bromance adveture no one complained matter of fact the whole lotr/hobbit cast were males and it was awesome people loved it.

    its the same thing here FFXV cast goes to a bromance adventure but look everyone complains people these days -_-

    • jack

      Never considered a LOTR comparison, very on point though. It was awesome.

    • Alex Shadov

      Wow… good point on the bromance stuff.

    • Naryl

      there’s a problem tho: hating on SE and anything related to them is “cool” now. You can go to any place with info on SE releases and you’ll find a ton of haters that will find ANYTHING to complain about. It’s a shame.. since sometimes real opinions and complains (no one is saying the games are perfect, complaining is cool if you have a good reason) are just imposible to find between all that garbage.

      • FatMasterBass

        Criticizing Cidney’s outfit IS “real” and valid.
        The only garbage are the nerds crying about how FF is different from the games they grew up playing. This woman’s outfit is definitely a problem. One problem in a game showing very few others, but still a problem nonetheless.

    • Captain Levi

      Someone with a brain? Wow, I can’t believe it.

      • FatMasterBass

        Everyone has a brain. However some people, like “swiss” here, have the brains of horny teenagers.

        • Nori Hiraoka

          woah sounds to me youre the juvenile one for calling him horny all the way nah dude swiss has a point he’s didnt even said he liked the design, and he’s right he has a point there is this one or more characters like that in movies/games its advertising & fan service that just how games and movies goes.

          • FatMasterBass

            The fact that you can’t even type above the level expected of a 14 year old you are in no place to remark on how juvenile anyone is.

          • Nori Hiraoka

            No bro you have no place to call someone juvenile when you act like one. Ohh nice name by the way lol youre matured alright.

            Fact? now thats a opinion geez just because someone got you from the comment section youre mad look you cant even reply to him. Lol what a brat

          • FatMasterBass

            Ahahahahaha, poor baby, did my comments hurt your feewings? Seeing as how they’re gone they must have.

            Your replies reek of desperation. If you’re so offended you should go cool off, don’t keep replying. You’re embarrassing yourself and nothing more.

    • FatMasterBass

      “she was designed to look attractive”
      Why do you think pointing out the obvious changes the fact that such a mindset is poisonous?

      I’m not going to boycott a game because a female character wears skimpy clothes, but you’re still a child. Women are people, not walking piles of T&A for you to stare at. They should be designed to look like people. If Noctis and pals ran around shirtless and wearing nothing but boxers and speedos then that’d be different, but there is definitely a problem with a game in which every male is wearing pants and shirts but the female characters are wearing something that barely covers more than a bikini.

      The game still looks fantastic, and it’s too early to say it has no good female character designs, but grow up. Criticisms of her outfit are valid. Especially since she’s a mechanic. She should be wearing a white t-shirt and overalls or something, she’s repairing cars/airships, not posing for Playboy.

      • swiss

        grow up? she’s ONE CHARACTER i am grown up thats why i understand they made her look attractive kinda like a model advertising thats it plain and simple just like in a movie or a game there is this one or more character that looks sexy MGS EVA,Quiet Soul Calibur Characters,tekken christie & alice, Star wars princess leia(jabba slave) street fighter cammy batman poison ivy catwoman etc etc . i dont see people arguing how these characters looks some of them even looks bare naked. hats just video games goes its advertising. There is a reason it is called “FANTASY” not “REALITY” and dont say its a fantasy based on reality because in the end its still a fantasy.

        • FatMasterBass

          You sound even more juvenile than your first comment made you seem.

          • swiss

            how is it juvenile? from a point of view its looks like youre the immature to understand while im mature to understand the purpose of advertising/modeling/catering fans? you cant and didnt reply to my statements ,i made/have a very good point, ive gave critical on-point examples, ive said the purpose of it, its over period.

          • FatMasterBass

            “how is it juvenile?”

            Everything from your opinions to your typing to your warped view of women and game design.

            “excuse me im 21 and i am matured enough to understand”

            Let me stop you right there, because if you think being 21 automatically makes you “mature enough” for anything you are already wrong. Just because you are 21 physically does not mean you are 21 mentally.
            You are incredibly juvenile and prove it with every post. Your age means nothing if you still think, type and act like a highschooler.

          • swiss

            Im not even stating a opinion lol all im doing is explaining thats how games and movies goes gosh you have issues. Im not even saying anything about women i just gave examples didnt i? Right

            Two you called me a “horny teenager” i just replied im 21 thats it you misunderstood the mature part is seperate.

            whos mad from 1 character? Calling names”horny teenager, juveniles all of the sudden?
            cant reply from statements?
            Making assumptions that only females are designed that way?
            Yep thats the immature one right there

          • FatMasterBass

            It’s adorable how you’re still trying to argue about maturity when you sound borderline illiterate. Keep it up, you’ll run out of steam eventually, kiddo.

            I’ve given up trying to teach you. You’re off in your own delusional little world and there’s no hope that you’ll learn anything. You’ve fallen to the darkness that is ignorance.

      • Nandoskennedy

        Who has determined that every character of fiction have to look like “people”? Besides, what is your definition of “people”?

        I’m brazilian, in my country, woman use this type of clothes everytime, everywhere. Here is heat, the clothes have to be light and short. In the beachs, girls normally use short biquinis, so imagine an entire country that is so hot as a beach.

        After saying that, and ignoring some aesthetic issues, the clothes of this character would be considered common in my country. So, HERE, she is just a girl who is feeling heat.

        Maybe, you would to consider there are other ways to create characters beyond American standards.

        • FatMasterBass

          And what do males in your country wear in said heat? Black jeans and jackets over undershirts?

          • Nandoskennedy

            No, usually we use shorts and were shirtless in summer. But, when we decided to travel obviously we use more clothes. Jeans, jackets … depends on the place where we’re going. These characters are traveling, so I think it is understandable that they use these clothes, since we are analyzing the situation of the Brazilian point of view.

            Also, note the Gladiolus. He uses an open shirt showing his muscular chest. If that’s not a female fan service, so I do not know what is.

          • FatMasterBass

            You raise good points, but they are still up in the air until we see more female characters in this game. So far the most we’ve been shown are Noctis’ love interest, (who’s gone from a fencing mage in the old trailers to a prissy pop idol at a dinner table in the new ones,) a scantily-clad Dragoon in an older Versus XIII trailer, and Cid.

            Also bear in mind that while hot weather is cause for lighter clothing, she’s still a mechanic, and I’m pretty sure any real mechanic would make sure to cover more than 30% of their body, even in the Summer.

  • Rafael Martines

    You need to sleep to level up… Gosh I can see a boring grinding trophy coming

  • JustJam

    Cindy should keep her Japanese name. She’s following the footsteps of other Cids that have appeared in FF universe hence she should be called Cidney!

    Anyways I’m loving the way it looks. FFXV is gonna be the first open-world of the main FF universe(excl. online RPGs) kind of like AC and GT series. Hope it turns out well.

  • Setsu Oh

    yaaaaaay!! you can hear them taaaaaalk! like in oblivion? ^^
    i kid but…. well… that does make one realise how late in the game jrpgs are. will they reach witcher 3’s fuill list of features in 10yrs??(<draque15!)

    • FatMasterBass

      What the fuck are you talking about? JRPGs have had voices for a loooooong time now, kiddo. There were JRPGs on the SNES with scarce voice acting.

      • Setsu Oh

        read the article READ IT

      • Setsu Oh

        oblivion was one of the firsts to advertise what? WHAT, talking characters? no.

  • Naryoril

    Somehow i just can’t get excited for the game… i can’t say why, but with every info i read i just think “meh”, nothing feels like “i like that thing they did there”

    • Nandoskennedy

      I just can’t understande how you can’t get excited for this game.
      He just looks… amazing. There’s no logical in your point.

  • FatMasterBass

    It doesn’t need changed to Cindy, it doesn’t need changed to Sydney, it doesn’t need changed at all, it’s stupid. America needs to stop fucking with games, this isn’t 1995. It’s bad enough that Bravely Default was censored, we don’t need pointless name changes.

  • FatMasterBass

    Ahahaha, I notice my new comments seem to be disappearing quite rapidly. Grade-a censorship right there, Siliconera! Stick it to the man and silence all those big meanies who flaunt their facts and reality!

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