Final Fantasy XV Details On The Battle System, Exploration, And The Demo

By Sato . December 22, 2014 . 9:31am


While we got plenty of new details on Final Fantasy XV from Square Enix’s Jump Festa 2015 presentation, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides us with even more on the game’s town, battle system, and more. [Thanks, Hokanko-Alt]


The following details come from Square Enix’s staff working on Luminous Studio:


  • The Luminous Engine is currently in its 1.40 version. The Final Fantasy XV demo will use 1.50, and the full release is expected to run on the 2.0 version.


  • As far as polygon counts go, there are roughly 5 million polys per frame, up to 100,000 per character, and 20,000 for the inner parts of the hair (about five times more when compared to the previous generation).


  • There are about 600 bones for the characters, about 10-12 times more than the previous generation.  [Note: Bones help govern how flexible a character can be during animation.]


  • The engine’s capacity for textures has been greatly increased.


  • Fights against giant enemies are the same as battles against regular enemies, but there will be special co-op moves and actions for some of the fights against big enemies.


  • While it’s not a direct copy, the town of Lestarme [note: not “Lestarg,” as previously stated by Japanese sources] is based off the Bahamas islands.


  • Besides fishing, there will be various other mini-games as well.


  • You won’t get to ride the ropeway in Lestarme for now, but they might make it possible if they have enough time to add it.



Next, are details from Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata:


  • Square Enix would like you to be able to “feel” the world of Final Fantasy XV not just from its appearance, but also from the characters.


  • You can go shopping and stay in hotels in towns.


  • The NPCs in towns are controlled by AI, and can also talk.


  • Lestarme is set to be the main town for the first half of the game.


  • Cindy will appear in different places. She doesn’t have much to do with the story, but she’ll take care of you as a mechanic.


  • You’ll need to fight Summoned Beasts before being able to summon them. Summoned Beasts represent the power of the stars, and only Noctis will get to summon them.


  • You can hold down a button to do combos, but cooperative moves with party members will involve timing your button presses.


  • Parries will require you to time enemy attacks, an element added for advanced players.


  • Magic doesn’t use up MP, but it’s also completely different from Final Fantasy VIII’s “Draw” system.


  • Special actions such as dodging and warping is what uses MP.


  • You can equip several weapons at once, with one being the main weapon. The main weapon is what will have its corresponding ability, but you’ll also get to change the main weapon in the midst of combat.


  • Combos are determined by which weapons you have equipped.


  • Abilities aren’t part of their own weapon categories, but rather part of individual weapons. There are weapons that don’t have any abilities as well. Think of it as something similar to the Captain Tsubasa 5 game they made a long time ago.


  • Dungeons and suspicious areas that have rare weapons might have some hack-and-slash elements to them. The Phantom Swords that float in the air is also a specially acquired weapon.


  • The demo is expected to have the game’s full battle system.


  • The systems that will be in the demo have seen a slight change after feedback from Tokyo Game Show, including the option of allowing players to walk, battle, and camp, instead of just driving around for the most part.


  • Feedback also influenced a mountainous area where a Behemoth can be seen walking around.


  • There will be rentable Chocobos in the full version of the game.


  • Camps can only be set at safe areas, so you’ll need to find those while exploring. Ignis will do the cooking.


  • Buying ingredients from town will result in an extra bonus for tasty food. Ingredients can also be acquired from monsters found in the wild.


Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Godmars

    Thought they had dropped Luminous for UE4?

    • I thought the same i guess not.

    • Daniel Bui

      They did that for Kingdom Hearts 3, not FFXV.

    • Federico

      That was for kingdom hearts 3

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      I never read such a thing. I remember they said the engine will be modified and updated for the full game, sorta like the difference between the first footage of Street Fighter IV to the PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV. XV will likely look better when it comes, if it comes.

  • LightningFarron19

    >There are about 600 bones for the characters, about 10-12 times more than the previous generation. [Editor’s note: Bones help govern how flexible a character can be during animation.]

    So we Kimomaru from Naruto now?

    >You’ll need to fight Summoned Beasts before being able to summon them. Summoned Beasts represent the power of the stars, and only Noctis will get to summon them.

    So just like Final Fantasy XIII and the Eidolions?

    • Slickyslacker

      One of my favorite background characters.

      I’m was elated when he returned to UNS, and should be returning with the Sound 4 in Storm 4.

  • Namuro

    “Cidney will take care of you…” Eep!!

    “…as a mechanic.” Aww…

    • Crimrui

      But what if we like… use her services a lot. Should we get a.. *wink wink nugde nudge* a bonus? :3

  • Arn

    I’m sold on the Chocobo.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    It’s the little details like these that really count, never mind the release date, though it would be nice to know the release date of the demo. I’m not buying it ‘cus I don’t own a PS4 but seeing Let’s Plays on YouTube will be a treat enough for me.

  • rinalicat

    “Ignis will do the cooking” – I legitimately thought “What if you could choose who got to cook and the one who was really bad at it gave people bad stats or poisoned them”. Dear God I am a horrible person.

    • Disappointed Friend

      I would like a cooking minigame too. It’d be like P4’s cooking for school lunches but more fun.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      “for fuck sake, Prompto! how could you mess up the noodles?”

      • rinalicat

        “Prompto…why is the stew moving?” “Stew? This is roasted Fire Flan!”

  • 600 bones? As a developer myself, I can’t even think where they’d even put that many bones. That’s almost three times as many bones the human body has.

    Even with hair and clothing physics, I’m astound by that number.

    • Pedro Furtado

      There’s clothing animation and you wouldn’t be able to simulate a face completely by simulating only the bones, you would need the muscles too. Still absurd number, haha.

      • Yeah, I took clothing and hair bones into consideration.
        Even with a complex facial rig, 600 is unbelievable. Maybe I’m just looking at it the wrong way.

        • MrAptronym

          It sounds like, from what they’ve said, the hair is absolutely over the top. I expect a lot went into the faces for extreme close-ups. I have no idea on clothes because animation is beyond me: I have no artistic talent. xD

        • delmar

          I feel the same way. And for all those bone/ joints they still have issues animating ex. when Noctis points at the invading airships. Who’s wrist bends like that when you point up?

    • ZekeKeZ

      I’m curious how the heck the animators deal with that many controls.

      • I think a big majority of those are simply for physics calculations.

  • John Diamond

    thank goodness. The draw system was interesting but made me cry irl

    • MrAptronym

      It was an interesting idea, I just don’t think it was a fun one.

  • AdhesiveBoy

    “You can hold down a button to do combos, but cooperative moves with party members will involve timing your button presses.
    Parries will require you to time enemy attacks, an element added for advanced players.”
    I don’t know if I trust that direction… to me, that says the combat won’t be very involved or strategic. Well, most everything still looks great.

    • Paradox me

      The ‘hold’ attack combos sound more or less like turn-based games’ regular attack. It’s simple and can probably get you through most normal encounters.

      There’s still plenty of room for complexity in the form of magic, summons, abilities, etc., on top of dodging, parries, warping and so on. It may not be strategic per se, but I don’t think it’s going to be automated and dependent on an ‘awesome button.’

      • MrAptronym

        I hope you are right, the combat is my biggest worry. I am expecting a bit of a disappointment. I play a lot of action games and quite frankly it doesn’t seem they are going for that audience or that level of complexity and reflex. That’s fine, I think if they did they would alienate a lot of fans: this is final fantasy, not Bayonetta.

        I just hope they aren’t aiming for a middle ground where, in trying to meet everyone’s expectations, they deliver nothing suited for anyone. That’s my big fear for this game. Can they make an action based combat system that the hardcore-RPG final fantasy crowd enjoys that won’t bore the more action-oriented players?

  • harmonyworld

    weapons with abilities on them?
    Like in tales of vesperia?
    Also this is gonna be the best road trip ever!

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      that was in FFIX

    • Izzeltrioum

      I don’t think it will work that way, I’m leaning more towards, say, Borderlands, where some weapons had integrated perks, while others didn’t. But that’s just my five cents.

  • Captain Levi

    Random question: Can we swim?

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      the trailer that shows the leviathan we can se Noctis in the water “swimming”

      • Captain Levi

        Yeah I know, but I wonder if we can also swim in lakes and such things.

        • Land of Green Pasture

          it’s not FREE! you know..

          • Captain Levi

            … What does this mean? I wonder if we’ll be able to fight underwater or something, I dunno. (In open-world areas)

          • Land of Green Pasture

            I mean Bishies swimming remind me of an anime of the same name

          • Captain Levi

            Luckly we’re talking about Final Fantasy XV. : )
            I just don’t want too many invisible walls.

        • Ni ~Algidus~

          oh. in that regard we have pretty much zero information sadly. underwater fights would be cool but i doubt about that

  • NightzeroAX

    Bones? Interesting. I’d rather have Cidney take care of me as something else..

  • Izzeltrioum

    What did I tell you guys, combat’s nearly green. Thoroughly Dissappointed. But hey, maybe those QTE-filled giant battles will be decent! Also this games uses tons’a mechanics from other games -_- I don’t want to sound like an ass, but SE’s really late with those mechanics. BS aside, I plan on playing it anyway. I tend to play everything I trash-talk about (Like RE6, which I ended liking). I’ve learned not to get hyped at games with great ambition (Watchdogs), so please undertand me.

  • KrazyBean

    Yes! You can parry! After playing Metal Gear Rising I can’t get enough of parry mechanics.

  • chocodino

    600 bones…..o.o

  • Bur

    Wars, drama, bones… Fuck all that! FINAL FANTASY FISHING BROTRIP! We’ll fish, camp, fish, camp, fish, and camp in exotic locales. Good times.

  • Slash the stampede

    ahh so that’s what happened (I wondered why suddenly they are saying battle will be in the demo now)

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery
    • Triple Triad confirmed!

      • AuraGuyChris

        Or the dreadfully boring and still random Tetra Master.

  • FlyByNight

    …There’s like 206 bones in the human body. I don’t even

    • Samuel

      Now you know where their super powers comes from.

      • FlyByNight

        …From boning?

    • MrAptronym

      A bone in animation is a bit different from a bone in the human body. The hair on each character likely has a large number of bones for example.

    • ZekeKeZ

      Hair requires bones, clothes require bones. They aren’t talking about human bones. Surely you know that right? It’s for rigging purposes. It’s the controllers that animators manipulate in order to…animate…the character.

      • TIL bones is a term used by devs to animate soulless polygons. Yay!

  • jack

    So is Cidney going to be like a Nurse Joy or something? Every place you stop for a tune up has their own Cidney?

    I’m down for that.

  • Zack

    Reading the above kinda makes the game look like it’s going to be too easy… I mean, magic that doesn’t use up MP, being able to change gear during battle and simply holding a button to do combos… Not like this matters of course. As long as it’s fun, I’m cool.

    • Chip

      You can always self-impose limits. I always hate when people say a game is ‘easily broken’ and then go out of their way to do it just to complain. Like VIII. Yes, if you sit there and grind very every spell, and then refuse to battle anything, the game is easy. You made it that way. Have a little self restraint.

      • Jero

        Self impose restrictions to make the game harder? One thing is a lvl1 critical run in Kingdom Hearts but another is having to put restrictions to yourself when playing the game normally.

        I want a game that’s challenging on a normal playthrough and if I want even more I could self impose stuff.

      • MrAptronym

        Making a poorly balanced game is just bad design, you can’t expect the player to willingly play poorly to make your game harder. Its not “Well I could grind for hours and make the game easy.” that people complain about, and its not where a game just has an exploit people take advantage of, its games like Skyrim where the game just has little depth in combat and is easily mastered. (Okay, skyrim had an exploit too, but ignore that)

        The first half of FFXIII is like this too, where combat is basically on autopilot. All you have to do is occassionally shift to your defensive paradigm. Asking the player to willingly not play to their best ability is a horrible, horrible answer to this.

        That said I have no idea if XV will be shallow or easy. The hold a button thing sounds worrying, but things like magic not using MP does not necessarily make the game easier. There are plenty of alternative systems. some, like limited uses between rests, are far less forgiving, not more.


          movement like dogging drains MP instead.

      • Zack

        All I said was that the above text makes it sound like the game is going to be easy and you’re at my throat… I’m just speculating man, calm down. We don’t know if it’s going to be overly easy or not, so why even mention self-imposed restraints NOW? I was only analyzing the information the above text provided. That’s all…

  • James Enk

    info like these ones excite me more than any cinematic trailer they show us, SE seems to be on tge right path with XV

  • ndjn3979

    Could this be SE’s redemption?

    • Jadfish

      no that was Bravely Default.
      This could be SE’s major comeback though :D

      • ndjn3979

        Bravely Default was uninteresting though. Dropped it at ACT 3, picked it back up, dropped it at the last act.

        And I finished FFXIII, -2, and LR.

  • lolcatz6657

    eh sounds a bit boring

  • Vallen

    “You won’t get to ride the ropeway in Lestarme for now, but they might make it possible if they have enough time to add it”

    Don’t you dare to say you didn’t have enough time to add something into the game, don’t you even dare…….

    Also, the “hold down 1 button to attack” sounds very VERY BAD.


      We already went over this… sigh

    • Magicks

      Could be worse. Could’ve been badly done timed-button events. “Hold X to pay respects.”

      And ideas come and go. The idea probably came to them rather recently, and they’ll see if they can include it in a game. Not everything has been planned and then go into development. During the long 8 years, they probably have a lot of concepts come and go. And IIRC, they didn’t even go into full development until around 2012.

      Long ass time, sure. But I don’t mind that statement, as hilarious of a jab as it is.

  • JehutyV2

    600 hundred bones? Where the hell….

    • Pekola

      The human adult body has 206 bones. So I’m not sure where the rest even are.


      • Zack

        The remaining bones are in the hair. Tiny, tiny bones…

        • Belial

          Not only the hair, the muscle too.
          You can’t make the b**bs unshakeable.
          Now, I pity the developers who have to make bon**s on b**bs.
          They must be suffering.

      • Tarkovsky

        You are right. Bones is a term used to refer to individual parts of an animation rig, also known as a skeleton. 600 is extremely impressive considering the fact that PS2 era games only had an average 10 or so bones in each character,

  • BrotherKM

    So… How many bones does Sydney have actually? =) Ah! Don’t care! Don’t like her anyways! I simply don’t understand why it has to be boysband with a corvette and some B-movie barbie-girl as an engineer in a world filled with magic and giants! This game is not for me. It’s just so sad to find in triple-A game with great graphics so many things, I personally hate…

    • ZekeKeZ

      cry me a river.

    • PuppetMaster

      You don’t care but you go on and on and on about boysband, b-movie barbie girl, etc? Lol.

    • WeretigerRei

      her boobs alone must have 20 bones!

      • JeySigma

        oooh.. boobs have bones now?

        ..or did you only touch rock solid silicone ones? lol

        (they should have said polygons tho, not “bones” lol)

        • polygons are not the same as bones. lol. bones serve as a skeleton(like in real life), whereas polygons serve as the “flesh” or what you actually SEE in the game.

          • JeySigma

            hm hm. So rock solid boobs that dont move at all would be polygons, like the PS1-era Tomb Raider ones..ahem.
            And Dead or Alive’s ones that jiggle like crazy are bones.

            kay, i think i got it!

    • JeySigma

      Dont let the door hit you on your way out.

    • Rayjin

      You won’t be missed.

  • AuraGuyChris

    I suppose they have that many bones to resist being stomped by a Behemoth?

  • Anontastic

    Magic doesn’t use MP

    Then why the heck did you call it “MP”?!

    …Wait a second…

    – Hold down button for basic attack string
    – Raise and control enemy mobs of your own
    – Combat largely revolves around managing position and resources like MP

    AHA! Final Fantasy 15 is an RTS! You heard it here first, people!

    • Jadfish





    • Kai2591

      lol. An RTS FF would be interesting :)

      (say, who’s the character in your profile picture?)

      • Anontastic

        It’s Michiru from the “Grisaia” visual novel series

        You can get the pick (and many other, more NSFW ones) here:

        • Kai2591

          oh! No wonder she looks familiar…

          Thanks :)


    “Abilities aren’t part of their own weapon categories, but rather part of individual weapons.”

    I like this. Each weapon is worth using not because it is another giant sword but because it is a giant sword that can allow you to _____________. Diversification among weapons


    I also like how camps can only be set up in safe areas. It forces you to think about any danger around. What if weather was included in that danger and not just monsters?

  • Suriel Cruz

    Ok. I like the information, but Square Enix… WHAT THAT FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! Are you digging your own grave with this game? I like to play my games and get surprise by EVERYTHING IN IT, including gameplay mechanics and much more. YOU ARE THROWING EVERYTHING AT US and it is making me play this game thru your information. STOP AND TEASE US WITH A GREAT, AMAZING TRAILER AND THAT IS. *sigh*

    • JeySigma

      wow…woah take it easy there lol
      I do realize they are sharing a good deal of info, but it’s still just a fraction of the game. If you’re afraid to be spoiled much then no need to keep watching their vids or reading on the news.
      Take control.

      But yeah i hope they dont show TOO much. Personally I think they should leave other things for E3 next year and that’s it.

      • Suriel Cruz

        Dude! The best expiriences in gaming are those you don’t know nothing about. In fact, that’s how I manage to get my hands on the whole ShinMegami Tensei series and I regret… NOTHING. Is not that;”Don’t watch nor read stuff.” I mean, If I want the game, then that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. READ AND WATCH! If they just stop it will be easier. lolz

    • Jadfish

      Ok, I have a couple of explanations, but I’ll start out with giving you some advice to live by: Stop watching/reading things about upcoming games/movies/books/shows if you don’t want to know a lot about them. Square-Enix didn’t force you to open the Siliconera news post and read all the contents. They didn’t force you to watch their trailers either. If you love to be surprised, good on you, I love it too (as long as it is positive xD)

      The reason for them giving out so much info is because it is their most anticipated game in years, and they want to nurture the hype machine as much as they possibly can so that it sells. It has also been a really rough (and long) road, with changing directors and game titles etc, so they want to give out information to their fans to assure them that everything is alright.

      Japanese games also need to sell A LOT in their first and second week, because that is (for some reason) the only point where a new game actually moves big numbers in Japan. Therefore, the marketing for games in japan are very different from here in the west. I’m sure you have seen a couple of japanese game trailers here on Siliconera, and I’m sure you have noticed that they are 15 minutes long and tend to go into the fine details of how the game works and introduces all the characters and whatnot. They REALLY need their customers attention, so they don’t hold a lot back.

      • Suriel Cruz



    ok. i want some details on these mini games. please dont just be cards or arm wrestling. they only work good in witcher

    • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

      And sidequests

  • Agito

    so square enix wants me to FEEL the world and characters huh. well i’m not really feeling it


    one thing. enemnies can cancel out your attacks too

  • H_Floyd

    “The systems that will be in the demo have seen a slight change after feedback from Tokyo Game Show, ”
    Like restoring control for all characters?

    It honestly makes no difference how many cool things they show up till release… allowing the player to control all characters will make the game better. There is nothing about a single controllable character that improves the game.

    Tabata needs to fix it.

    • Ren

      I might be misremembering it, but I don’t recall they ever saying that you’d get to play as anyone but Noctis ever since the game got first announced. So, uh, why were you ever expecting to be able to play as anyone but him?

      And personally, playing as the other characters doesn’t seem very appealing considering how they designed the characters without much balance when it comes to options of play style.

      In the end, unless they changed the design to make sure all characters have similar amounts of play style diversity, I wouldn’t see much point in making them playable, and I believe there might be story reasons for that imbalance. That would make changes even more unlikely.

      • H_Floyd

        It was flatly stated in an interview with Nomura, when he was still director, that the player could control the other party members. I apologize, but it’s not convenient at the moment to provide a link. But it was well – reported at the time, and Google will find it quickly.

        • Belial

          You can look at the Final Fantasy wiki.
          Noctis became only Playable Character and the others are Supporting Characters.


        nomura said magic can only be used if Noc is in the party and if Noc dies in the party then its game over and you must have him in the party to actually fight with the party

      • EamonX

        If you look at the final FFvs13 video released (before the E3 2013 FFXV reveal), you will see the other party members playable from their point of view – such as Prompto’s gun shooting.

        While I’d love to be able to control the other party members, I just want a proper FF game. We haven’t had one since FF10.

    • Belial

      Why do you want to control other than Noctis, when he got pretty much everything?
      In term of Kingdom Hearts, I don’t want to use Donald and Goofy.
      They are weak and die a lot, to be honest.

      • Sebastian Lothian

        I think this is different because Donald and Goofy were incredibly weak in comparison to Sora. Right now it looks like the other characters fight differently and don’t seem to be significantly weaker than Noctis.

        • Jadfish

          except for the fact that Noctis is the only one who can zip around in the air and change weapons on the fly (literally).

          I wouldn’t mind playing as Ignis though. He looks stylish and is a brawler. My cup of tea any day.


      yea more characters = more playing styles. that was niers problem though didnt taba say making everyone playable would be diffulct idk what he meant by that. theres a lot of things here that i never saw before to this degree so idk is it hard to add more in the same quality

    • delmar

      “Restoring” hints at there was intention to have all characters playable at one point. The game is supposed to play like Kingdom Hearts from when it was first announced back in 2007, which for the majority of the series had one playable character at a time. The gameplay trailer made back in 2009 was clearly labeled as a direction they weren’t going in but decided show some progress for whatever reason.
      Having a ton of characters that are playable can make a game dynamic but with examples like Kingdom Hearts where there is only one playable character, can still make a pretty amazing game.

    • Rayjin

      It’s not that simple! I hate it when people like you make demands without considering situations. SE has stated that they’d have to throw away a lot of features in for the sake of making all characters playable. Making a game isn’t as simple as waving a magic wand and it’s done. These people are building a software.

      • H_Floyd

        Which features would go away by making all characters playable?

  • Bojan Njegomir

    Just worried about battle now, nothing else. Everything else looks really splendid! I really hope they do a good job with battle system! So far not very optimistic tbh! :(


    the empshis on characters rather tahn walking plot devices and tropes is a plus lets see if that comes true

  • Alex Shadov

    Sounds good, eagerly awaiting for this game… and the demo.

  • JeySigma

    “The NPCs in towns are controlled by AI, and can also talk.”
    …thank you captain Obvious lol

    “Lestarme is set to be the main town for the first HALF of the game.”
    Now this is bad news.. half the game?? sounds like there wont be many towns/cities.. maybe a couple or 3 max =/

    • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

      “main” not “only”. I’m assuming what they mean is that You’re going come back to this town often like HQ/homebase

      • JeySigma

        ah yes you’re right.. or let’s hope you’re right. I wont be satisfied with just 3-4 towns/cities. (Unless they’re huge like AC creed cities)

  • Death Saved

    I just hope we don’t walk around in those same suits all the time.

  • Alexander Aubert

    non DLC costumes? i would love that

  • StarkEx

    Must. Not. Get. Excited.

    The game sounds awesome, but I can’t let my hopes get up after the XIII trilogy and the disaster that was XIV’s original launch. It’s getting hard after reading all these details, though.

    • Jadfish

      Although both the FFXIII trilogy and original XIV had Square Enix stamped on them, I’m pretty sure different guys directd them, so you shouldn’t expect the same from them.

      FFXIII trilogy – Motomu Toriyama (known for: FFX-2, XII:Revenant Wings, The 3rd Birthday etc)

      FFXIV – Nobuaki Komoto (before) Naoki Yoshida (new guy who previously worked on Dragon Quest X. Was pulled in to fix XIV and he did it like a boss)

      FFXV – Tetsuya Nomura (Guy who worked on FFXV for years. Known for: Kingdom Hearts, all of it) Hajime Tabata (new guy who is currently finishing XV. Known for: Crisis Core and Type-0)


      They are all made by different divisions.

      FF13 and FF15 were always separate made by ppl who had different visions so there is no point in linking the two if you think FF15 will end up the same as FF13.

      and FF14 is a mmo so yea… ff15 isnt a mmo

  • Bell

    I kind of hope that Ignis starts out as a terrible cook, but by the end of the game has become a culinary master.

  • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

    We need to know about more mini games and sidequests i want hunts and ruins and something similar to the golden saucer and serendipity even chocobo racing

    • blackpanther25

      Chocobo racing!!!!

      • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

        And hunts like ff12

  • Notquitesure?

    They need to make it cidney.

  • UltimagaWeapon

    “You can go shopping and stay in hotels in towns.”

    Unless you can explore a 50 story building and go to the buffet area and gift shop inside the hotel it just seems like FFVIII which is a PSone game.


  • Kornelious

    Alright here we go again, so from the top……

    1. Lestarg is based off the Bahamas…That’s an interesting choice…Also it being the main Town for half of the game worries me, I hope there will be other towns we can explore
    2. The magic system sounds really interesting, I really want to see what it looks like
    3. Having multiple weapons with each weapon having different abilities sounds awesome…I guess to me I’m reminded of each Keyblade in Kingdom hearts 358/2 Days having its own fighting style
    4. I’m glad they’re using feedback input for the Demo, It’s gonna be a pretty big deal seeing how its the first we will truly be able to see FFXV in action, so it has to be at its best (You can cook….So they’ve got my vote :P)
    5. Cindy follows you around? That means we get to see more of her! I’ve never been so happy to have a stalker! XD

    So….Once again, This game is gonna ROCK!

  • Jadfish

    Okay so you can hold down 1 button to do combos, but that isn’t the most optimal way to play it, since you need to time your attacks with your partners to do more damage. Parrying also needs timing. So far so good.

    Now, what I’m really interested in is how the magic works. The magic spells costs MP, I can guess that, but to think that dodging and warping requires MP too has me thinking. Maybe this game isn’t as casual as I thought.

    • Göran Isacson

      Just gonna ask if you meant to type “magic spells DON’T cost MP”, since that what the article says.

      • ehtnah

        yes no MP….. and I was wrong this game will not be a swashing X but a holding X game…. what a huge difference….. and timing for parrying? that so new, I mean no other game have that kind of thing…. they use counter attack for timing but maybe that for pro player ~~

        yes casual game in coming…. yes it’s beautiful technically but for all the other point I will pass….. don’t want to buy an other beautiful and empty shell….

        • colorblindnightmare

          Congratulations, you stayed something as if it was a fact. Do you have proof that it is a single button to combo/parry?

    • colorblindnightmare

      I love how you read the article. Where does it say it’s a one button system? whos to say there isn’t two or three butto s and you just hold that button down to string with same strength/action type? Also it very clearly states magoc DOES NOT consume mp.

      • Brandonmkii

        Probably referring to this.

        “You can hold down a button to do combos, but cooperative moves with party members will involve timing your button presses.”


          It commences a string of blows. Normally when you hold down a button in action games that means the output unleashes a powerful CHARGED blow. The difference here several blows come out that are not charged. You still have to move Noctis during this, while defending at the same time. Enimnies can counter your attacks so choose wisely because simply attacking won’t work all the time. This is still FF, strategic battles is a key part of the franchise

          • HarakiriKami

            … When has strategy ever been necessary for FF?

      • Jadfish

        I based it on an earlier article where Tabata was interviewed about the combat.

        “It’ll basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button. I myself am not getting any younger. I don’t want to be frantically pushing buttons. I also want to utilise the intelligence of the hardware spec, and not have to go through too much hassle or trouble in order to execute moves.”

        (was it allowed to link to other news sites? I got a source on it)

        About the whole MP thing yep you got me. I should learn to read.

    • blackpanther25

      They just stated that magic is not using MP.

  • Si Eta

    Am waiting here for the news of clothing customization.

    I don’t mind with their designs, just want to see them customized to have more variations and be more battle-ready. IMHO the look of their current costumes are too “casual” for battling, aren’t they?

  • what

    It’s CIDNEY. Get it right already siliconera ffs

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    The game has a heavy theme of sleep. This can be seen everywhere, like
    Noctis constantly napping in the car and on his throne, actual sleep and
    camping mechanics, Insomnia the capital of Lucis, and the black color
    scheme which represents sleep.

    • Agito

      next thing you know final fantasy 15 was all a dream and it never really existed.

    • Asim Mehmood

      That is very insightful of you. I really didnt notice that. Final Fantasy games always have an underlying theme that manifest in many ways during the game.


      Nomura said sleep was a theme since 2007… the figure on the logo is called the Figure that Sleeps. There is a street name in Lucis called West Insomnia and two local towns near Lucis when translated relate to sleep

  • DudeJericho

    Hmm… but will it be fun?

  • Göran Isacson

    The element I’m curious about are the summons. Noctis is the only one who can summon, probably part of some special power due to being the son of a king and all and probably closely connected to a crystal… but we saw what Leviathan did in the stage. It makes me doubt that summons will be something you can just whip out at will, but will probably be more like something you throw out at specific parts of the plot, some kind of gigantic set-piece battle. Any thoughts on this?

    • Agito

      it’s probably like the summons pre-FFX, as in they stay for 1 super attack and that’s it. the reason why i am saying that is because i can’t see someone as large as titan or levaetein to fight along your side, even if the map is large. possible mind you, but highly doubtful they wil do that with the limited time they have. especially when their battle system isn’t even completed yet.

      • Kuromadou

        yeah, having those colossal beasts walking around with him seems way too much OP lol

      • Göran Isacson

        That is one possibility, yes. I guess that with what we’ve seen of the battle system we’re already zipping around over huge areas, having to include a “semi-permanent” party member the size of a building stomping around with enormously devastating attacks sounds… unlikely.


      Nah it makes more sense to use summons whenever you want, but due to their size and type there might be conditions. For example, in a small area Titan won’t make a lot of sense because he won’t fit. I doubt Levithan can be summoned without a mass of water

      • Göran Isacson

        Limiting summons by what environment is nearby sounds cool, but I’m mainly referring to how, when there’s no turn-based battle system to sort of “cover” just how big and powerful these things are (I mean, Leviathan pretty much wrecked a whole city), unleashing them in an action-game kinda feels like it would be an apocalyptic event every time. I guess that one could just summon them for one-off attacks, but unless they do remarkable less damage and on a smaller scale than they do in the videos we’ve seen so far, I do wonder how they’re going to balance their power.


          you just summon them to their condition requirements. just because they are big doesnt mean you cant use Bemoeth against a Smile monster

  • “You can hold down a button to do combos”


    • blackpanther25

      Parries will require you to time enemy attacks, an element added for advanced players.

      • Daniel Masterson

        ya most people just read what they want to read, I see this as a battle system that can be accessible but like you said with the timing and setting up your weapon “deck” there can be a lot of customization and be very challenging.

        • HarakiriKami

          Dont you set up the deck for the AI? not yourself?

          • Daniel Masterson

            as far as I know you can do it for yourself and the AI but don’t quote me on that.

  • blackpanther25

    I still want a Chocobo farm so bad (wishful thinking). This game is shaping up pretty well.

  • Daniel Masterson

    man this game just keeps looking better and better! I cant wait for the demo.

  • Benderisgreat

    “Cindy will appear in different places. She doesn’t have much to do with the story, but she’ll take care of you as a mechanic.”

    Aw, yeah. Tune me up, Cindy.

    • BeatTheGG

      I read this in Benders voice.

      • Benderisgreat

        As well you should.

  • HarakiriKami

    So 2016?

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