Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal Gets Its First Trailer

By Sato . December 23, 2014 . 11:27am


Square Enix’s next smartphone title, Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal is inspired by SNES-era RPGs, and will have the theme of time traveling. The game’s new trailer gives us a look at some of its combat and characters.


The protagonist is named Tomorrow, and he was originally going to be a character that has the burden of the world’s suffering on his shoulders, but Square Enix decided to make him someone who’d be more than happy to explore around the world.


The girl you see after, is named Emo, a mysterious girl who appeared from the future. They also show and adventurer by the name of Reeg, and a glimpse at the game’s battle system, which is indeed reminiscent of the SNES RPGs by Square.


Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal will launch this winter in Japan on Android and iOS.

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  • I feel like playing Dimensions before this one. I know most people despise mobile gaming in the west, but I’ve been playing quite a few japanese mobile games and they aren’t half bad. Might give this one a shot too.

    • Randy Marsh

      If you like FFV’s job system, FFIV’s ATB, and a lot more of old school FF elements, you might like Final Fantasy Dimensions. The 20 dollar price tag might make some people rage for some reason, but its totally worth it, since you get almost 70+ hours of fun gameplay, although fair warning the game is episodic format and somewhat linear for the first chapters, but there’s still side quests to do in between chapters.

    • SMT

      It’s very well worth it (Nobody would bat an eye if they put the same exact game with the same exact assets and price on the 3DS or even Vita), especially since it’s still supposed to be on sale right now along with most of SE’s iOS/Android apps right now…

      Plot is pretty bland and is a mix of II and V, but the gameplay is fantastic (It’s basically like V but more balanced, slightly fewer jobs but they are all useful and the game encourages some mix & matches because some abilities from different jobs can be combined into incredibly useful fusion abilities) and the music is really good IMO, but that one is more subjective.

      Keep in mind that for most of the game, you jump between two different parties frequently, and each party gains a different set of jobs exclusive to them (With the exception of initial jobs that are common to all) until they reunite fairly late in the game, and you should plan your jobs and party if you want to make the most of them since some combinations are better than others (For instance, a maxed monk and a high level Dragoon gives you access to the fusion ability “Final Heaven” which is probably the strongest in the game). You can also just use your own better judgement, since they game may be slightly challenging at times but you can beat it with anything.

  • LastFootnote

    Final Fantasy Dimensions was great if a little too long (I played most of it). The fact that it will be free to play through the main story of Space-Time Crystal has me worried, but as long as I’m paying for more content rather than consumable items, I’m on board.

    • ALfromHELLSING

      I was surprised that Dimensions was actually a very fun game. Good story, characters, gameplay and music. If I ever get iPad I might try to finish it. I can’t play this on my iPhone 4, it’s just beyond inconvenient also my current console games backlog is too big.

  • Haganeren

    Well, if those RPG are good, maybe they will be ported to handlet right ?
    It’s Square Enix right here, not an obscure developers.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Square-Enix hates consoles and handheld consoles.

      • Haganeren

        Nah, they just made a profit on Bravely Default and see Level 5 making a lot of money behind their back. In addition they have made a lot of communication on FFXV and Type Zero recently. They even tested the PC market with FFXIII.

        But yeah, i know they prefer the mobile that’s for sure.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          Yet those who hate XV are more looking forward to this mobile games based on the idea of crossing of V, VI and Chrono Trigger together, under the director of last said game, even though it’s mobile exclusive.

          There’s probably no challange in making mobile games and thus less creativity.

          • Haganeren

            On the contrary, there is a lot of challenge, that’s why Sakaguchi is going mobile you know. The fact the mobile market appears to have so many undiscovered area is highly exciting for this guy. It reminds him of how cool it was to make a game with few people on the Famicom days.

            I really hate mobile gaming because i don’t like at all the environment of tiny price/free to play or other thing like that but we really can’t say it’s not a creative environment.

            … A lot more than creative than the AAA market on console in any case…

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Consoles are more accessible, I rather have separate stuff for individual functions than all at once. What if someone calls you while you’re playing a mobile game? No game for you.

            Console provide us with so many great games, are we to just forsake them and kill making consoles. If mobiles kills Nintendo and Playstation, the game industry will be dead to me and I’ll just to stick whatever final console they make.

            Plus there’s loads of cool indie games on consoles. You don’t see Mighty No. 9 coming to mobile devices, just everything else.

          • Haganeren

            Well, there is loads of cool indie game on mobile platform too. Mighty No.9 is really not the indie i am waiting (since i really feel it’s only a cash in for Inafune without soul) but something like Shovel Knight, Hyper Drift Lighter, Tomorrow children or even Beyond, yes, of course.

            But i disagree with you, consoles are no more accessible for the public. Why paying for another platform when you can play those indie on the PC or the mobile ? Yeah, of course, you and me prefer to just fix on the TV than play on those impractical smartphone platform or on PC where i prefer talking to friends via chan. In addition, PC and mobile offer way more many “great” game than console. (… We both now what’s “great” differs a lot between people.)

            But even if we disllike the same thing, we shouldn’t be blind about it. Yes, there is a lot of creativity in the mobile market. T=Yes, console system is not really practical because you have to buy another platform and hook the TV where handlet and mobile is a lot quicker to use. Yes, the console market need to reinvent itself in order to survive, yes, a lot of people want to spend less money on more game… In detriment of the quality unfortunately.

            I think there will always be a place for medium sized or big sized game. I really don’t have faith anymore for big AAA title, never liked GTA, i found Uncharted quite boring, the new Tomb Raider don’t seem to have as many puzzle as before, Thief 4 is a joke, I think Assassin’s Creed does not feel right to control… etc

            But on the other end, i don’t want too much mini sized project. Indie are becoming the “medium sized company” which was here during the PS2 days and which was almost totally destroyed except for Japanese company like Treasure, Platinum Game, Falcom or Gust.

            This is what i want to protect and even if i really like the concept of video game console is great, it really need to push those medium sized company to survive i think. Constructor is starting to know that and want to protect some indie and i hope they will found something to make console relevant again… Without PS+ or Xbox Live Gold if possible… But i may ask for too much, ah ah.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            The medium-sized games are really the best. They’re neither indie or AAA. Atlus is doing pretty good for itself with several proper spin-offs and merchandise to Persona 4 as oppose Square making sub-par mobile games.

          • Haganeren

            To be honest, a lot of indie is becoming more and more medium sized games. Keep in mind that if an indie is successful, that mean they can grow for after. The indie of today are the medium sized company you love so much of tomorrow !

            But yeah, like you, i love a lot of japanese medium sized company. I hope this market will soon reconstruct itself on the West like Way Forward that i admire a lot.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            WayForward is awesome. I don’t just want games from Japan, I want games that are like Japanese games, in terms of energy, creativity and overall fun.

          • yomachaser

            What? To your first assertion no getting a call doesn’t stop your game you start the call and keep playing if you wish, this isn’t 1998 or something.

            To your fear of mobile killing console I just have to ask how long does a form factor have to be defended? Doesn’t defending it kind of hint that it isn’t strictly needed anymore?

            This is just a shift in how tech is packaged and I’m sorry but consoles are just about at their end and not because they are hated or anything they just don’t serve a purpose anymore. The major consoles are now just gimped pcs with lock in so you can only buy games from one source and that’s lame to me as you can get the whole linked to a tv/controller experience with ANYTHING.

            You can use a tablet and sync up 4 controllers or a laptop or a pc all with less lock in than on a console now so besides nostalgia (and forced exclusives) what are they for?

            If the games you want aren’t on a device then fine fine don’t buy it but you straight up said you’d choose to play whatever the final console is instead of even trying to follow where gaming is going after that and that is just bizarre to me.

            I’m old enough to have watched gaming go from arcade ball top sticks, to numeric controllers, to kb+m,to modern controllers to touch and any number of combinations so what is the giant deal with guys like you? What is the problem?

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Having it all in one can’t always be a good thing, plus there’s no guarantee that touch screens on mobiles will be responsive. Remember the Kinect? Then there’s the sudden internet outage(s).

          • yomachaser

            What the heck are you talking about? Touch screens aren’t some hypothetical thing anymore they’ve long since proven to be fine.

          • Haganeren

            Well, the “deal” i have with mobile is on several point :

            1 ) The controller, the advantage of smartphone is to have “all in one” if i may say so really few games are made which can be play with those controller you speak of. If some games like Cut the Rope work fine without, my favorite kind of games like tight plateformer or RPG seems really off with touchscreen. I really don’t like this technology for this kind of “old” genre of game.

            2 ) The market. It’s an horrible shovelware where you have to “cheat” in order to have some visibility. As a developer on those plateform, it was quite a bummer to see we must pay some people to rate our games very good and downloading it a lot in order to make the game appears on the top when you are a nobody. Of course, when you have a name like Sakaguchi or have a big company like Level 5, it’s a lot easier to make publicity. But i don’t have that and making a game out of the mass is really discouraging. We finally abandoned the project.

            You could say that a Flappy Bird could always happen… But seriously, for one Flappy Bird which worked, i have seen a lot of company sunk into this cursed market.

            3 ) The price. I know it’s strange coming from me but… I hate the fact that all the app and games which is coming on this plateform is so cheap. For me, it accustom the player to cheap price and they will not be willing to pay more for more quality game (or just, game which will sell less and so, need to be a little more expensive). For me, it’s the entire market which risk to go backward and i fear that a lot.

            For example, i remember a big negativity about an indie developer which made an extension of his game (on the same size of his original game) at 4$. It’s totally correct on platform like eshop or PSN but on the smartphone market, it was seeing as “too expensive” because people don’t understand that game that don’t have microtransaction have to be a little more expensive than less than 1$ or just free.

            Also it leads to the fourth point.

            4 ) The Free to Play method. We are here, talking uniquely about FAIR free to play method because it would be too easy to trash talk about all the abuse of unbalanced micro-transaction. So, if a developer can’t survive just by selling their game, it’s logical they need to find other way to survive. Free to Play really disturb me because it means you play a game you haven’t still haven’t pay for. So during your game, the game design is made in order to push you to pay. All game design of those game are made in order to make the player pay. That’s the only thing they can think about ! They can’t really let just the game be because they need to make at least 0.1% of the player pay.

            So, what does it means ? A lot of thing actually. 99.9% of the player don’t pay anything in a F2P game. That mean every smartphone creator will try to please those 0.1%. That mean every smartphone creator (which isn’t a big name or can’t afford to have a big publicity) will strike to have those 0.1%. That mean less diversity for a lot of product and always the same kind of way to make money.

            Also, like the third point, if 99.9% of the player don’t buy anything on F2P game, they are just free games for them ! That means they will be a lot less present for other game where you have to pay.

            5 ) The games. Really for this one, it’s like a conclusion of the other point. But with this highly competitive market, a lot of company don’t have a choice but to make other way to make money on their game.

            That mean, for example, that if the player stay longer on a game, there is more chance for them to pay something… So everyone try to make the longest (or in most case infinite ) game possible.

            And i don’t really like those kind of infinite game… Really. It’s not on my taste.

            But hey, you could say that there is game which isn’t like that and you would be right ! Nothing is all black and white, that what i was discussing with Stephen Mc.Devitt. Also a lot of complain here could be addressed at other place like Steam soldes and you can stay assured that i really worry about that kind of thing too.

            In conclusion, yes, i have a lot of (i think) very valid point to dislike the smartphone market as a whole. That’s why even if i feel console market is becoming less and less relevant like you, i still hope they can make a comeback in order to diversify a lot more the game market.

            You know, i’m a player which can have very weird taste and i know the games i tend to like is not liked by a lot. That’s why i will always try to promote medium sized company and diversity. In order to have a maximum of game which interest me. Constructor aren’t just people which sell a console, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo invest a lot of money in other company in order to make exclusivity for them… Or even just port the game on their console.

            I still think it’s something which have a benefit in the video game market as a while, so yeah, i don’t want to see it disappear.

            …. I assure you console defender aren’t necessarily “blinded” by nostalgia, they only asked them what they like about video game and acted consequently. If we don’t like the same thing about video game, it’s normal we don’t think the same thing are important or not. That’s all.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Watch out when the AAA industry ruins mobile gaming for good. EA and Square-Enix are already doing it with Dungeon Keeper Mobile and All The Bravest.

          • yomachaser

            So you’ve never played these games ,but you assume there is less creativity and challenge?

            Mobile has some very creative games man, there’s much to enjoy if you give them a chance.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            If I wanna make games, consoles would be more rewarding. Look how Team Ninja brought Ninja Gaiden to PS3. Yosuke Hayashi said people, who complain about the PS3 being hard, are making excuses to the customers. I think Square-Enix is doing the same thing.

    • yomachaser

      Odd sentiment, if it does well logically more of the same efforts will be put on mobile platforms. Why would a hit on one platform mean a port to another with less units?

      • Haganeren

        Because since ancient time, when a game make good sales they are ported to other platform to reach another public ?

        It’s… Normal… The most normal thing to do.

  • “The protagonist is named Tomorrow”

    I’ve heard it all now.

    • Randy Marsh

      Name is Morrow, guys at Siliconera obviously didn’t check the official site. Same with Emo being Aemo now lol.

      • Suicunesol

        Japanese name actually reads Tomorrow, though. Same with Emo. Anyone who can read katakana knows that.

        • Randy Marsh

          I know that very well. I’m just going by the official romanizations. :P

    • SlickRoach

      Wait till you travel back in time to face your evil twin brother and the last boss, “Yesterday”.

  • Adrian Duran

    I think Square is eventually going to run out of things to put after the “Final Fantasy” title

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Whats this I dont even

  • SMT

    This looked better as still images than animated in this video… Oh well, this is free, so I’ll give it a chance if it’s localized. I fairly enjoyed most of SE’s releases on my iPhone, at least the real ones like the ports and Dimensions (Never even came close to ATB, naturally).

    • Godmars

      If its free then that likely means pay to win on some level or other.

      Just hope they don’t shamelessly dip into All the Bravest territory.

      • SMT

        Not necessarily. If even “Angry Birds Epic” can make a free turn-based RPG that’s actually fun and not “pay to win”, then so can this.

        • Godmars

          But this is Square: a company which seems to feel entitled to your money.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Especially when it comes to mobile games. Consoles? 50 or 60 euro, excluding DLC. Mobile? Hundreds of pay-walls, timers and micro-transactions with no limit how much you spend.

          • Is someone pointing a gun at you saying “F***KING INPUT YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAIL AND BUY THIS RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW”

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Toriyama would do that.

          • Pedro Furtado

            You know who’s worse? Those damn cooks! They keep giving you food as long as you can pay for it!!! No limit to how much you expend, it’s so absurd! They take advange of obese people, corporate evil bastards!

  • Monterossa

    – Inspired by Chrono Trigger
    – Directed by the former Chrono Trigger director
    – Good character designs (no Nomura involved)
    – FFX turn-based battle system

    seriously, this game has better concept and design than FFXV already.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      -Only on iOS and Android
      -Not on consoles, 3DS or Vita

      This game is already worse than XV thanks to original sin.

      • Apparently games are automatically bad because it’s on iOS and Android, don’t see the logic in that but whatever! I nearly forgot who I was talking to lol

        • Smooosh

          Turn-based RPGs are one of the few genres I really enjoy on Smartphones, there’s nothing that really speaks against it since they don’t require any complicated commands. It can actually work better than on consoles in some cases since you can get through the menus pretty quickly via the touchscreen.

          But I guess some just want physical input methods for everything, which is okay I guess, but they shouldn’t title every mobile game as automatically bad just because they don’t like them.

          • I completely agree with you, when it comes to turn base or at least anything that doesn’t involve you using a virtual pad during the main part of the game (battle system) can work really well. It’s just a matter of people owning a phone that can run the game.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Why can’t Capcom bring Breath of Fire 6 on Vita?

          • yomachaser

            Not a major market, they need money to survive.

          • Smooosh

            Because I told them not to

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    There’s a Final Fantasy character, who is LITERALLY named “Emo.”

    • gouramiagogo

      It’s cute you feel all superior, but Emo (e-mo) is a Japanese girl’s name.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        I’m not trying to feel superior. I hate it when people call FF characters emo for no good reason.

  • Marco Tinè

    As a longtime Final Fantasy fan, I’m particularly disappointed by the aestethics of Legends. For a game that claims to be inspired by Square-Enix’s 16 bit classics, lackluster backgrounds and amateurish flash style animations are simply unacceptable, even on a budget. If I think about the level of polish and dedication that underlined Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI (with the latter being an extreme example of 16×16 pixel characters brought to life by distinctive animations), I wonder how Tokita could be okay with such a lack of artistic personality.

  • Perro

    “The protagonist is named Tomorrow,” ..

    .. “The girl you see after, is named Emo,”


    What’s up with those names. Tomorrow & Emo, then why not have Potato, Ear, Driving, Sword, Coupon, Green, Fork. List goes on.

  • Haven’t heard Lia in a long time, nice to know she still singing

  • DuskSharkEX

    I wanna try this.

  • Ty Austin

    Seeing the party run forward and the “Battle 3/5” to me, screams Brave Frontier. This’ll probably be a game similar to that, Airborne Brigade, Rage of Bahamut, etc.

  • Pedro Furtado

    I just hope the story can actually pull me in and keep me interested (not too confident on that though), will try this if a device I own can run it

  • awat

    they should make a Final Fantasy Tactics for 3DS.

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