Gravity Rush Director Says You’ll Soon See What You’ve Been Waiting For

By Sato . December 23, 2014 . 4:29pm


In last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony teased a new Gravity Rush project, but we haven’t heard much about it since then. Director Keiichiro Toyama recently shed some light on what’s been going on with it, in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Game Jouhou]


“I expect my own title and a new endeavor as well,” said Toyama when asked if he could share what we can expect to see in 2015.


He continued, “we’ve been keeping you all waiting on information for the new Gravity Rush game, but once we show it to the world, I believe you’ll understand why we’ve kept you waiting.”


It’s been about a year and three months since we last heard of the new project, so it should be interesting to see what the new Gravity Rush game looks like.

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  • Fronkhead

    Cool. I hope he meant that literally, as I would love to see a sequel which takes the joy of flying to become an expression of mastery rather than a matter of fact. That’d be brilliant.

    (If you don’t get what I’m on about, read the bit about Assassin’s Creed here:

    • Jadfish

      wait, did you beat the time trials? I’m not saying everyone should do that, but those things forced the player to completely master the flying and other manouvers flawlessly.

      Hell, I found out that if I angled my landing to any given surface to be about 45 degrees, I could start my gravity slide right as I touched down. This cut several seconds off many of my times.
      If some small thing was in my way, I air dodged just a meter or so to the side so that I could line up my gravity kick.

      But yeah, I’m not saying that there wasn’t room for improvement, because hot diggity there was, but I’m all the more impressed with the game for being so good despite of its flaws.

      • Fronkhead

        Yup, I played the time trials *many* times to better my score and move up the leaderboards.

        You raise a good point, though, I too discovered exactly that, but it’s not quite what I’m getting at. The level of flexibility in terms of the flying isn’t quite where it could be. What is there *can* be mastered, but there’s not much depth to it, and the main game’s systems aren’t designed in ways which would make the player want to do that anyway: for the majority of players, flying is a fact, not an expression of mastery.

        I’m not calling for Microsoft Flight Simulator levels of complexity, but the feel of flying itself certainly could be improved.

  • Martian Wong

    Gravity Rush HD on PS4…..Not, It has to be Gravity Rush 2 on PS4.

    • Fronkhead

      Bluepoint Games seem to be working on bringing over a “AAA” Vita game to PS4 — Gravity Rush I’m guessing? Would tie in well with a sequel on PS4, much like how Tearaway is finding a new audience on the system.

    • Pedro Rosas

      Why not both? I somehow expect that to be the case XD

  • Adrian Duran

    PS VITA or bust

    • Ali Hassan

      Lol won’t matter, if its on PS4 it will sell way more than if it was on Vita, so PS4.

      • Envatta

        I’m not so sure about that. Gravity Rush has a fanbase on the Vita, whereas the PS4 is uncharted territory. Plus, with the kind of gameplay it has, I’m sure if it would work on PS4. I guess we’ll find out soon.

        • silverplat

          For Sony any Vita “fanbase” or “user base” is meaningless as they don’t bring big bucks, having say that I see GD2 being for PS4 AND Vita, if only because of the Japanese install base.

          • Envatta

            They bring enough bucks for games to get sequels and for companies to keep making games for the system. I do agree though, that if they want the most money they’ll make GR2 multiplat. I was just talking about if they want it to stay an exclusive, which imo, I think it will remain.

    • mikebrand83

      I’ll follow it to whichever platform it’s on. Even if I have to buy a PS4.

      That said, I would rather just have it on the PS Vita.

    • PS4/Vita would be nice, but as long as I can play it on the Vita TV as well I’m happy.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owltron

    I can handle waiting that long.

  • Bonn Bo

    This news is delecious

  • John Hayabusa

    It has been long overdue. Judging from what he said, this game could be really big. I am hoping that it will be released next year. I enjoyed the first game very much.

  • BeatTheGG

    Oh god I don’t think I can contain my excitement here guys…

  • It’s going to be PS4 exclusive and I’ll be disappointed. I bought the Vita for the original.
    That said, I would buy a PS4 for the sequel but I wish Sony would let Vita have their franchises.

    • BeatTheGG

      I have doubts really. The short promo we got didn’t really look like PS4 quality graphics. Then again, a lot can happen in over a month. Would indeed be a surprise if he decide to hop consoles though.

      • NegativeZero

        Just because the game wasn’t looking like a PS4 exclusive in September 2013 doesn’t mean that it won’t be a PS4 exclusive when it turns up in 2015/2016. That’s more than enough time to scrap it and start from scratch on the new hardware.

        • BeatTheGG

          Which is why I said, “Then again, a lot can happen in over a year.”

  • Jadfish

    These news are an early christmas present.

  • Kaitou21

    I really REALLY wouldn’t mind if it were a prequel or something since next to none of my questions were answered in the original.

    • Jadfish

      The story sure felt rushed…. oh!

      • Alex Jones


  • Sounds like they’re going to put it on PS4

    • bigstew

      yah its defiantly ps4 , sony pushed them away from the vita, will most likely be ps4 only but digital for vita owners but the game is will be crap since is a mobile phone production that pushes the sony phones with remote play they are more invested in but will get physical releases in japan because japan is superior and we have enough western fanboys that will buy crap and accept it as gold because…….

    • Giordan

      I doubt it. They’d lose fans.

  • Souffrir

    “Gravity Rush Director Says You’ll Soon See What You’ve Been Waiting For”

    PSTV compatibility?

    • bigstew

      u seem to live by the ignorance is bliss, keep humping sony with those blinders, worship sony till u die

      • Giordan

        oh shut up.

  • dark-kyon

    Shame what sony is being so scummy with this game,why not tell for what system is,thanks at that ps4 users keep trolling what the game is now ps4 exclusive,the japanese players and the westerns players who bought the first game deserved better what this knife in the back what sony look like is doing.

    • Giordan

      It’s gotta be PS Vita. Why would they screw over Vita owners?

      • Aquarius

        Where have you been the past 2 years?

        Sony has been neglecting this handheld and does not know what to do with it. All they care as of right now is selling PS4’s to potential new costumers, and making Gravity Daze an exclusive title is (as much as I hate to admit it) the most logical business decision.

        • Giordan

          Considering they localized Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars and will be localizing Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (and we’ve never gotten the original PS1 game), I don’t see your point.

          • Aquarius

            Giordan, let me tell you something. I love my PlayStation Vita, I went to Japan just to get it day one and I think its the best handheld that has come out in years. But its this same attachment to the handheld that allows me to see how Sony is mistreating and neglecting the console so much here in the west that its painful to experience.

            The titles you mentioned are great games and I have them both (three since I also own vanilla Soul Sacrifice), but you are completely missing the point here (as you stated). It’s really hard to not realize how Sony is at a loss as to what to do with the Vita.

            They officially declared that they will no longer support the Vita with first party AAA titles a few months ago, Vita is NOT a priority to Sony, nonexistent marketing for the handheld on western media, forced ports of old first party games, no retail presence, continuosly giving the Vita less time on major events like E3, OUTRAGEOUS memory card prices, no color choice for old or new models on the west, no new bundles that will attract new costumers…

            Those are few of the reasons, if you still “don’t see my point” then you clearly don’t know how the video game business works, or you are a blind brand loyalist. Sorry if that sounds offensive, but I find it hard to describe you with other words if you still don’t realize all of this.

          • karmacoma

            When they said “first party AAA titles,” they were referring to western games like Uncharted, inFamous and Killzone. Gravity Rush is fun, but definitely not a AAA title. It’s a niche Japanese title like the aforementioned Freedom Wars, which just came out a month ago.

          • Aquarius

            Which is why I mentioned “here in the west”. I know that in Japan the Vita is doing considrably better than on the west

          • karmacoma

            Yeah, but their first party titles (example: Freedom Wars) have come over. The problem with Sony is that they’re pretending it doesn’t exist as far as advertisements and any sort of conference presence, but when they have games, they do bring them over.

          • Aquarius

            Which furthers my point. Sony has no intentions of appealing to the broader western market, and is only settled in bringing the only games that come out for it, obviously from japanese developers.

          • karmacoma

            But I wasn’t arguing against that.

            I was saying that them saying “no more AAA titles” is not equivalent to them giving up on the Vita, nor to them automatically making this for PS4. As we’ve both said, their Japan studios are supporting it pretty well, not to mention to third party Japanese studios.

            Niche Japanese games thrive on the Vita. It’s Western AAA titles that are scarce.

          • Aquarius

            But the only reason as to why I mentioned the no AAA statement, was to prove a point (among others) to Giordan that Sony is neglecting and mistreating the handheld on the western market, nothing else.

            I never mentioned that alone is why Gravity Daze will not come to the Vita, since that would make no sense.

          • Giordan

            Because of people being stupid and not trying it out.
            Also the memory card prices are there to prevent hacking.

          • Aquarius

            And tell me, why would a hardworking customer purchase a console that Sony fails to market and even to an extent aknowledge?

            In terms of the memory cards, don’t joke yourself, the 3ds uses standard memory cards and see how much that console is selling. Piracy on the 3ds is not rampant because of that.

          • Giordan

            Piracy killed sales of the DS though

          • Giordan

            I find it funny you want first party titles on Vita, but I’ll bet you want third party titles on Wii U. Hypocrite much?

          • Aquarius

            I really hope that you are joking at this point Giordan, but from your double reply I’m guessing you are serious. I don’t know why you replied this, and I don’t see the logic or how is this relevant.

            First do yourself a favor, grab a dictionary, look up the word ‘hypocrite’ and tell me why do I fall under that derogative.

            Take into consideration that I don’t own a WiiU too.

          • Rakan

            Wow, a whopping 3 games!
            Sony does the strict minimum for the Vita, don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

          • More like Japan Studio is the only dev that still cares over at Sony.

      • wez

        that’s horrible logic, it’l probably be Vita but id prefer ps4 all the way. I got a PS4 with promises of sequels in franchises I love(as would anyone), if I don’t get gravity rush 2 on ps4 I will feel cheaped out and stabbed in back.

        • Giordan

          multiplatform? I won’t mind that. I don’t want to be stabbed in the back as a Vita owner.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    My Vita needs more exclusive game that fully uses all of its capabilities.
    Gravity Rush 2 on Vita please

  • fool

    PS4?? :D

    • Giordan


      • fool

        As a guy who bought Gravity Rush the day it came out, with a Vita, I still say PS4 ;P

  • subsamuel01

    I can tell that this is definitely going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive.

    • Yeah, nah. I can’t see them screwing over the people who bought the first one thinking it was the Vita’s own series.

      Actually, on second thought, I totally can.
      Hopefully multiplat then.

    • Jadfish

      If they do port it to PS4 they BETTER make a huge series out of it. Sony could do with a better first-party mascot than Kratos.

      • subsamuel01

        Gravity Rush has a lot of potential to be a big franchise for Sony, I wish they would keep it on Vita but if it helps improve the game I’m all for the PS4 version.

        • antithesis

          The problem is the gameplay will suffer. What made Gravity Rush so unique and refreshing is how it combines the sixaxis with the screen so it becomes really natural to use.

          I know some people were complaining about getting headaches/being too chaotic but a lot of the problem was because they used the analog sticks to control Kat.

          • karmacoma

            I don’t know, I didn’t find that the touchscreen really added anything to the game. The motion controls, maaaaybe, but the PS4 has that too. It also has the touchpad.

          • antithesis

            Yes, the PS4 has the motion, but you can’t move the TV screen with the controller. The combination of the touchscreen with the motion and moving the screen created this really wonderful effect of precision and falling.

            I’m trying to find the word to describe it but the best I can think of is unique.

          • natchu96

            It just looks better when the screen is attached to the controller while using motion controls in GR. You’re literally dragging the reticule around to aim manually instead of just tilting a thing in your hand to make the TV look at something else.

    • Giordan

      I doubt it.

    • PuppetMaster

      Doubt it. If Sony did that than they screwed a lot of fans who already supported the 1st game on vita.

      • LightZero

        You act as if Sony cares. The PS4 is their golden goose. They clearly want to sweep the Vita under the rug. Hence their lack of interest in it beyond remote play and indie titles. Look at it business wise. Isn’t better to support the system that is alive and making money over the system is pretty much on life support and not making a lot of money?

        • PuppetMaster

          You act like PS4 didn’t have tons of indies. What did you think titles like Resogun, Alienation, Rime, The Tomorrow Children, Octodad, or Wild? They’re INDIES!

          And if Sony didn’t care than surely they already stop the production of vita; didn’t bother to release Freedom Wars, SS Delta, Oreshika, or any of their 1st party game in the west; didn’t bother to release VitaTv in the west; or even getting big 3rd party games like RE Revelations 2, new Saga game, God Eaters 2, etc for vita.

          Also, indie titles bring them profit. Did you see how many indie devs saying vita bring a nice profit for them? Some of indie titles such as Bastion, Grim Fandango, or Shovel Knight had the same or even better quality than games from big company. Obviously Sony will not stop releasing indies for vita (AND PS4). It’s a little golden mine for them.

  • Aquarius

    Instead of being excited (which I should be since I’m a day one fanboy of Gravity Daze, was lucky to get it day one when I was on Japan) I’m scared of hearing more news about Gravity Daze.

    And since Sony is desperate to bring more games to its very thin PS4 library, this is a no brainer for them, this will force Vita owners that are diehard fans of the franchise to purchase a PS4, which brings more potential customers.

    I’m not against franchise evolution, but I feel very conflicted about this since I’m not planning on purchasing a PS4 just to play this game, and since I’m more of a handheld gamer (I’m out and about most of the time) if this comes to the PS4 only I’ll be quite frustrated and disappointed.

  • Yagami Mao

    good news :D

  • Giordan

    I see it on Vita. Why would they screw over fans of the original?

    • dark-kyon

      why sony is not #fortheplayers,sony is #forthePS4players.

      • Aquarius

        You got it wrong. It’s #ForThePlayersMoney. Like every other video game related company.

        • Slayven19

          And all the money is on ps4 or ps3, not the vita if we’re talking worldwide sales.

        • silverplat

          Albeit that, it’s Sony who has been doing a lot of questionable moves for Vita consumers, whereas companies like Microsoft and Nintendo have been constantly supporting their products despite moments of struggle.

          • PuppetMaster

            “Microsoft and Nintendo have been constantly supporting their products despite moments of struggle”

            Looks like you forgot how Sony supported PS1, PS2, and PSP longer than their competitor did with their console.

            Sony also heavily supported PS3 when the platform struggle because it high price and lack of AAA games. You can see after 8 years PS3 still have a lot of great exclusives games compare to X360 or even Wii who already dead because Nintendo stop the production and focus on WiiU.

            Now about vita, yes sony reduces their 1st party games for vita and not giving vita more ads. I can see why they did it, especially with mobile trends that shadowing handheld market. But there still a lot of 3rd party games to play on vita. I even didn’t believe how sony can convince capcom and SE for RE Revelations 2 and new Saga games for vita, considering capcom and SE not so fond of vita.

          • Fronkhead

            It was clear when he meant “products” he was referring to how Nintendo has thrown their weight behind Wii U rather than focus solely on the more popular 3DS, and Microsoft investing heavily in Xbox One instead of spinning off Xbox to another company.

            Not what came before those, although while Sony has indeed remained committed to their consoles, I would question their support for PSP as being “longer” than the competition: Nintendo published Pokemon Conquest and Inazuma Eleven for the humble DS in mid 2012, after all.

          • PuppetMaster

            Ok maybe i misunderstood what silverplat said. But still, his line about “a lot of questionable moves for vita consumers” sounds exaggerated. I admit sony didn’t push vita a lot like they did with PS4. They even said they will lower their 1st party production for vita. But this year sony released 1st party games for vita such as Freedom Wars, SS: Delta, Hohokum, MLB 14, Oreshika (japan), Destiny of Spirits, or GoW collection. They also put nice bundles and released vita tv in the west with very affordable prices. And the last they didn’t stop working on 3rd party support which they showed by getting RE Revelations 2, that new Saga game, or some nice indies like Grim Fandango, Bastion, etc.

            I’m sure some vita owners didn’t satisfy with all of this stuff. But to say sony did a lot of questionable moves for vita customer is just…not right.

    • Mintos

      funny enough the original fans were supposed to be PlayStation 3 owners

      • karmacoma

        Yep. And funny enough, for me personally, I want it on anything but the PS3. :p

        I sold mine for credit towards and XB1 so I’d *prefer* Vita or PS4.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Just like how Square-Enix made loads of games for the PSP but not the Vita.

      • Giordan

        probably because they’re busy with other projects?

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          I think they’re weighing too much into the mobile department. While Square-Enix technically published a good amount of console games, most of them were from remnants of Eidos and external developers.

          I imagine the company tread to mobiles after 2010 ended up being their worst year with two polarizing mainline games. If XV bombs, Square’s internal developers may never make another console game ever again.

  • Harry Potter

    fuck i need this !

  • Harry Potter

    im ok with vita/ps4 but not 3DS and Wiiu xD

    • karmacoma

      Well, it’s a Sony title so Wii U/3DS is impossible, not just unlikely.

      • Harry Potter

        yep but monster hunter though

        • karmacoma

          Monster Hunter is by Capcom. It was on PSP, but it isn’t owned by Sony. This is a first party title by Sony Japan Studios.

        • mojack411

          Sony failed to continue publishing MH after MHFU, so Capcom simply took their business elsewhere. That can’t happen with GR when it is already owned my Sony.

        • Slayven19

          You need to go back to the books Harry mah boi.

        • natchu96

          What weird things Capcom does has nothing to do with the fact that there’s no way Sony would actually publish their own game they developed themselves on a Nintendo platform.

          Why would you make a product and tell your business rival to sell it for you? That doesn’t make any sense.

    • ???
      No sure why this had to be said for a Sony series.

    • Fronkhead

      Could you please drop the platform wars agenda — it’s not the sort of thing we welcome here in the comments and in this case, it’s wholly irrelevant.

    • ishyg


      You mean like SSB, where it got released to 3DS and Wii U? You don’t like that, but prefer if Sony games were released for both PS4 and Vita? Because that’s the only way it makes sense to me, since this article is about a Sony exclusive and Nintendo’s definitely out of the picture.

  • Silver_shion

    YES !

  • Ric Vazquez

    Surprise and impress us Toyama-san!

  • Isuke-sama

    I really hope it will get release on PS3/4 too. This game sounds very interesting.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      I really hope it won’t, the PSV needs exclusives in order to stay alive. The PS3/4 have/will have plenty. Try buying a PSV~.

  • :B

    My sweet love *___*

    I’m all in for the sequel, but I do hope it remains a Vita (if not, then PS3/4 then I guess).

  • KazukiNanbu

    a true silent hill game! (of course not, he is not with konami anymore)

  • If all the waiting and the reason for it is they are making the game for PS4 (only), im gonna go rage

    • Slayven19

      Why can’t it just be on both?

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        Why can’t all the exclusives coming to the PS4 be on the PSV too? That’s right, because the systems need their respective exclusives. The PSV barely sells as it is, without an exclusive like GR2, it will never amount to anything. If it’s on PS4, nobody ill buy the PSV version~.

        • mondaymurder23

          that is true man i hate some of those guys on lol aka they are always trying to down play the vita

  • Daria_Melos

    Am I the only one who’s annoyed with people arguing all the time about the game being on PS4 or Vita?

    • I notice a little friction between Vita and PS4 fans. Sony is having a little trouble juggling the two platforms and it is not hard to guess which one Sony would give more attention to first.

      • Mr_SP

        Of course, there’s a bit of overlap from people who have both. It’d be SUPER NICE to see some innovative PS4 Cross-play/Second Screen interactions.

        And, you know, some Vita support on my PS4, Sony. Why is that still not a thing?

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Do you own a PSV in the first place? Because if you don’t, it’s baseless of you to be annoyed as you wouldn’t know nor understand how much Sony has slighted the PSV userbase by leaving them out in favor of fully supporting pretty much everything else but the PSV~.

      • Daria_Melos

        I do own a PSV but it’s just that I don’t want people to not buy Gravity rush 2 all because it’s on a certain system.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Without new games and exclusives for said system, the install base will never grow and thus sales for games on said system will always be bad. GR2 as a PSV exclusive is a must. Not that I trust Sony to do it, but hey~.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Sony left the Vita to just ‘fend for itself with PSone Classics, indie titles and bad ports of console games like Borderlands 2. I still wonder why 2K Games won’t let Ken Levine make an FF Tactics-style Bioshock for the thing?

  • mojack411

    I really hope this stays on Vita. The first game was a great exploration of the Vitas features but ultimately felt more like a tech demo. Im looking forward to seeing how they refine the game further so that it is actually fun. If they switch from Vita to PS4 then I feel like Sony has basically declared its abandoned the Vita since the other game that cleverly used the Vitas features, Tearaway, has also left it.

  • Wicked Rob

    Oh its the 18+ retelling of the first story ‘Gravity Falls Off’

    • JeySigma

      hahahah good one

  • Alex Jones

    Vita All the Way…

  • Tenabrus

    Gravity Rush 2 should be on the vita but in the future they should take the series to PS4, Gravity Rush has the potential to become a great pillar Franchise for Sony. It’s certainly a step in a different direction compared to all the other gritty franchises sony has been dishing out lately.

  • mega jew

    It got rebooted and turned into Let It Die 2.

    • Mintos

      don’t even joke about that man

      • ishyg

        I still have the Lily Bergamo sticker from TGS 2013 as a reminder that we can’t have it all.

  • wez

    Please let it be ps4, the Vita actually has way more franchises than PS4 right now. Everything 1st party on ps4 has sucked and you won’t gain new fans in a sequel on vita, instead they should focus on bringing the Vita fans to PS4 and show what they can really do. I will feel stabbed in the back if they just cheaped out and made on vita.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Shhh the ps4 is getting type0 and ff 15 be happy.

      • My only reason (so far) to get a Ps4 in the future. lol I really, really hope nothing else I love will be on the Ps4.

        • JeySigma

          Uncharted 4? Silent Hills? KH3?

          That aside, Im in the same boat as you

          • I don’t care for Uncharted nor KH3. Silent Hill is another game that will definitely sway me. But, SH hasn’t been very good since SH3. So, we’ll see.

    • PuppetMaster

      No, please for vita only. This series started on vita and a lot of people bought vita, including me, because they want to play this game. I even dare to say Gravity Rush is one of the icon that made vita looks unique.

      PS4 on the other hand already have tons of exclusive more than vita had such as Bloodborne, UC4, Driveclub, SF V, Disgaea 5, Persona 5, inFamous, etc as well as multiplat games. So Gravity Rush 2 need to stay only for vita. I will be mad if sony change this game as PS4 exclusive! :(

    • antithesis

      I rather it stay on Vita only. It’s the one game that truly utilize all of Vita’s features, and has an incredibly natural feel when using the sixaxis in combination with the screen and using touchscreen to attack.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      We don’t care to move to PS4, thank you. But tell you what, the PSV could use some of the millions of players who own a PS4 in order to sell more and get more games~.

  • One of the best games on the Vita. P4G and Gravity Rush were the only reasons I even bothered buying the Vita. I doubt the sequel will be on the console as well as the handheld but that doesn’t stop me at all from buying it Day 1.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I’m so excited I forgot to breath

    • lolcatz6657


      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I got so excited I forgot how to spell breathe. Thank you random internet stranger.

        • JeySigma

          great excuse =)

          not being sarcastic either lol

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I thought that in my head as I typed my initial answer. Got a chuckle.

  • Go2hell66

    Completely forgot about this game

  • Raine

    Best. Christmas. Gift. Yet.

  • SoK

    “we’ve been keeping you all waiting on information for the new Gravity Rush game, but once we show it to the world, I believe you’ll understand why we’ve kept you waiting.”

    The way he said this… I feel like it confirmed whatever is coming is on PS4 :(

    • antithesis

      Right? It makes me scared. I have a PS4 but I really feel like those who have not played the game missed out on what really made the game special.

      The way it utilize the sixaxis in conjunction with the touchscreen made it natural and really feels like your movements sync up with Kat.

      The people I know who hated the game, they used the analog sticks and everything about the controls felt wrong to them.

      Playing it on the PS4, I can’t move the TV as I move the DS4 which will diminish what makes Gravity Rush gameplay so unique.

      • Gojira Twit

        You CAN play PS4 games on the Vita, you know…

        • antithesis

          Can’t do that on the go nor does it match playing games natively built for PSVita.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Not if you don’t own a PS4, which I don’t care to own. I bought a PSV to play PSV games on it. Not to have a stupid remote device~.

  • Sora Nojiko


    • Ris Ris

      oh u… xD

  • ddh819

    VitaTV patch for the first game?

  • Solid Knight

    If they announce it for vita I’ll be happy. If they announce it for PS4 I’ll be happier. If they announce it for both then cool.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    This better not leave the PSV out. That’d be just one more slap on the face of people who have supported Sony’s handheld so far~.

  • David_c

    no vita no buy

  • Gravity Rush 2!!

  • ishyg

    Best news all day.

    Oh please be on Vita, please be on Vita.

  • Envatta

    Gahhhh! This news is fantastic! As much as I love the first game, the story made no sense whatsoever and needs to be expanded upon. Kat is also much loved. We need more protagonists like her; charming and likeable, but not afraid to kick some ass.

  • Jaydream Blitzkreig Sucgang

    i highly doubt this game will go to the ps4. you wouldn’t get the feeling of playing gravity rush in the vita. I dont know about the others, but when im playing GR, i’m all over the place circling like an idiot, especially when fighting enemies. You can’t just hold that ds4 and circle around, unless the tv moves along with it. :)))))

    • MrAptronym

      Morpheus launch title, comes with a custom barf-bag.

      • antithesis

        I’d buy that.

      • Inuyakira

        OMG!!!! That would be so awesome!!! minus the barf-bag joke lol!

  • Kornelious

    Well it’s about damn time! X(

    Seriously though, I hope it comes out soon, I loved the first Gravity Rush and this is exactly what the Vita needs :)

  • Paradox me

    Hopefully it’s PS4, or at the very least multiplatform. The original’s Vita functionality wasn’t nearly as compelling as comments here would lead you to believe–swiping the screen to evade is Phantom Hourglass levels of terrible, tapping the screen for finishers can hardly be considered a feature and felt tacked on, holding corners for Gravity Slides can easily be mapped to L2/R2, and of course the DualShock has a gyroscope.

    Then there’s the fact that the game had some pretty noticeable slowdown during the second half. GR2 could benefit greatly from the extra power, for both gameplay and getting the most out of its gorgeous art direction.

    • antithesis

      Using the gyroscope without the screen attached to the controls defeats the purpose of the motion control.

      Alone these features aren’t really compelling alone but together, it created a surreal experience like no other.

      Making it a PS4 exclusive will take that away because I can’t move the TV with the controller.

      • Slayven19

        Together it created a surreal experience that didn’t really do much for the game itself. It felt like a ds touch screen game that could function very well without the touch screen gimmicks.

    • That’s why they can improve on these things while keeping the original platform. I personally liked the gyro aiming, won’t translate as well with DualShock.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    This is what the Vita needs. Right now, mobile devices are getting more games than home and portable consoles, the latter becoming more and more niche.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      But that’s assuming it’ll come to the PSV. Really, what he said makes it sound like it’s headed to PS4~.

    • Dystopiq

      Those games are of terrible quality though.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        What games? On Vita? Mobile?

  • SobriK

    It’s a Merry Christmas indeed!


    GR was boring like the 1st uncharted….

    • Slayven19

      That’s why sequels are made to make things better.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      GR was a great game, just way too short~.

  • supercyc10

    this and the hope of digimon cyber sleuth are the only reasons i’m keeping my vita

    • Giordan

      Digimon is dead in the west.
      Also, what about Tales of Hearts R and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines?

      • supercyc10

        oooh good point

      • Ris Ris

        not really. cyber sleuth is one of the most anticipated vita games for 2015 so it’s not dead. Else we won’t bee seeing people wanting the game to get localized so badly

  • Forty

    Just make it a good game. That’s all I care about. Put it on whatever platform you want, the game being the great sequel the first game deserves is all that matters to me.

  • Vallen

    C’mon, PS3/PS4 version too!!!

    • Giordan

      I can’t see it on PS3.

  • Skylark

    As much as I loved it on Vita even though I never used the Gryo movements (for me it is was too disorientating so I’d just use the analog stick) I would like to see it on PS4 (I’d probably just buy both anyways). I mean…use the touchpad for gravity moves…makes sense right. Although I probably would just use the analog stick for all my gravity needs still. I’d like to see it with more beautiful graphics while keeping the same style. Anywho though I said all this I’m just glad to hear about Gravity Daze(Rush) again and is looking forward to whatever they have in store for us. Whatever happens just happens…as long as Kat is back in action I’m a happy otaku gamer.

    • Giordan

      problem: Gravity Rush 1 isn’t compatible with the PS TV.

  • Dystopiq

    A good game? I like the mechanics in GR but the game felt rushed and sloppy.

    • nekolife

      The world was fun to explore, but combat ghastly bad. And too much of it.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    My Veemon (Vita) is eagerly awaiting this game.

  • Nytezero

    Whatever you do, please make gyro optional. Options are great.

  • Dario Tafuro

    Gravity Rush is one the best games I’ve EVER played. Its atmosphere, feel, mechanics are all unique and visionary. It has some problems, of course, but they felt pretty minor to me, the overall experience was outstanding. It also has some of the most interesting themes I’ve ever seen in a videogame. I can’t wait to see how they will develop all of these elements in the next game!

  • Aristides

    This better be a Vita game, I know there are a lot of Vita haters out there but really we loved this game. We’ve been waiting for a sequel for too long ;_;

  • I never played the first game due to lack of a Vita console, but I ALWAYS wanted to play it. It looks great, but I can’t afford another handheld right now :/

  • AnimeRemix

    Ha. It’s in development for the PS Vita.

    I’m not even sure why people seriously thought the game was going straight to PS4 in the first place either.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Further hints that this game may end up leaving the PSV: . While SonyAsk isn’t necessarily the de facto source for information, that they are neglecting to comment on what was initially meant to be a PSV exclusive [back in 2k13’s E3] is awfully worrying~.

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