Fan Translation Of Makai Kingdom On PSP Nears Completion

By Chris Priestman . December 29, 2014 . 12:31pm


As Nippon Ichi never brought Makai Kingdom Portable (also known as Phantom Kingdom) to the west, fans of the game have been busy translating the Japanese version into English, and it’s now near completion.


Two programmers going by the names ChepChep and Ignis00 have been working from the English language version released on the PlayStation 2, adding their own re-writes in places, alongside a translator who goes by the name DurableTomb.


You can already download the patch for the game that adds the English translation to your PSP version of the game, but it’s not quite finished yet. At the time of writing, the entire project—all the main and bonus chapters—are 98 percent completed, so it is entirely playable in English.


The file is available on the GBATemp forums along with instructions on how to get it up and running. For those who don’t know, Makai Kingdom Portable is a strategy RPG originally released in Japan in 2011 with extra missions and characters not available in the PS2 version.

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  • Johzho

    I didn’t enjoy the original too much, too much randomness for my liking.

    • It was fun how could you re-create about everything in your base, create random vassals that could make a comment about recent events of the game and also how you could ride any vehicle or pick any item to use it as weapon. I loved that.

  • If it’s anything like how the LP:R translation was where it couldn’t have contractions and everything was lacking VWF for text…I’ll probably give it a pass.

    • Actually, just quickly checking: This one does have contractions in it! The Phantom Kingdom Portable native lettering is a LOT better than LPR’s, and everything looks good and clear.

      Even took a picture of how it looks, for you.

      • I had a feeling I’d see you here.

        A bit better, minus the appearance of the thief’s name in the status dialog box on the upper left.

        I dunno the LP:R translation just felt way too barebones. I know it’s free time and no money and there’s only one of them so quit whining but I also feel if it’s worth doing at all it’s worth doing right.

        That said I’ll take a look at it since this does look a bit better polished than the previous translation effort.

        • Ahaha. I’ve been involved forum-wise with both the LPR and PKP translations, so of course I’d be here, NIS fan nonwithstanding.

          If it helps, Chep’s actually been looking into getting better at hacking, especially in terms of the text and VWF. While I don’t expect him to put even more time into LPR, I imagine things will improve.

          Also the name is… I dunno if it’s improved in the more recent patches, this is actually a picture from a save made from the 0.9.0 patch version. But I think the name’s a bit more forgiving given how good the text boxes all look.

          LPR though was very much a first go attempt, and I wouldn’t have it held against the quality of other things Chep might do in the future. And hey, the Demon Lord Prier chapters were translated from scratch too, so that helps as well.

          But yes “only one around, better to have anything than nothing at all” ect, but I can understand expecting quality. Just, you know… least he is trying to learn from it to avoid that problem again. XD

  • ChepChep

    In case people are interested the same group also has finished English translation patch for La Pucelle: Ragnarok. Its about 99% English.

    • Ooh la pucelle was being translated too? awesome!

    • sidspacewalker

      Thanks :)

  • I am eternally grateful to Chep for this, and for La Pucelle Ragnarok as well. I’ve been following them and being involved in the threads for them, and I really can’t thank Chep enough for both projects.

  • Wicked Rob

    Fuck yeah! Thanks fans!

  • chroma816

    Very excited for this. Learning that the same dude also made a La Pucelle Ragnarok translation too makes me want to finally check that out.

  • The Undead

    I would want the translation of the La Pucelle: Ragnarok, has a different ending that explains why Priere is an overlord now, that question always has bugged me, and yes I am aware that there is an overlord ending in the original, but that is not canonically, La Pucelle Ragnarok actually has what really happened. Also where did i left that psp

    • CheeseCake

      There is a La Pucelle: Ragnarok patch. It was Chep Chep’s previous project. That patch is 100% finished and they moved on to Makai/Phantom Kingdom.

      The patch is on GBATemp too. It uses XDelta.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I have to wonder if Zetta’s VA, Crispin Freeman, going union between the original game and this port have anything to do with it not being localized.

    • It’s likely more due to the fact that the PSP was sorta a cursed/dead console Westward due to no one buying games for it.

      Though it wouldn’t be surprising if that had an effect, they did change his voice actor a couple times in cameo appearances, the most recent being Patrick Seitz. And NISA tends to have no qualms about using other VAs for characters (Another Marona used a different voice actor for Walnut, for instance, and Etna had a full-out replacement that even got a revoicing treatment.)

  • King Omega 34

    can someone plz post a tutorial video for patching the game?

    • CheeseCake

      It’s fairly simple.
      First you need a XDelta Patcher (Window’s is XDelta UI)
      You also need the clean Japanese ISO of Phantom Kingdom Portable. You can grab the patch in the GBATemp thread.

      Open XDelta GUI and direct the file path for “Patch” and “Source” for the patch and the ISO.
      “Output” is a new file that is created from the two so you don’t lose your clean ISO. You can name the Output whatever you want but end it in a .ISO (Period ISO) extension.
      Afterwards, just click Patch and wait 5-10 min for it to patch. You will get some freezes here and there because it is in the middle of patching and can’t pay attention to you.

      Play it on your CFWed PSP or PPSSPP.

  • Raine

    And now, it intensifies.

  • Ors Ferdya

    Amazing power of fans gives hope on complete translation best games

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