Capcom’s Kobayashi Teases A New Game Fans Have Been Waiting For

By Sato . December 30, 2014 . 3:45am

Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi has worked on various series ranging from Resident Evil to Sengoku Basara, and more recently Dragon’s Dogma. In an end-of-year developer feature from 4Gamer, he shared a message for fans. Here’s what he said:


“Since releasing Sengoku Basara 4 on January 23, a year has already gone by in a flash. In November, we released a nostalgic title in HD with Resident Evil HD Remaster, and I still have fond memories from when we released it, and I also feel that the game itself is one of high quality.


“In July of 2015, it will be Sengoku Basara‘s 10th anniversary, so I believe there will be plenty to be excited about. Also, in 2015 we’ll also have Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, and the newest title from a series you guys have been waiting for, and [even] more titles to be announced that we hope you’ll enjoy.”


It should be interesting to see which series Kobayashi is referring to.

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  • DudeJericho

    Devil May Cry 5 or GTFO

    • Dexward

      Kamiya should be included.

      • LanceHeart

        Hence why it’ll never happen.

      • Your Face

        Itsuno’s DMCs are better than any action game Kamiya has done.

        It’s be cool for him to come back but it’s not necessary at all.

  • Jeremy Noble

    Dragons Dogma 2 would be amazing! MOAR SKILLS>

    • Arz

      and hopefully this time, 60fps. Like, that is an action game that needs 60fps since it’s almost pseudo-character action.

  • Likely not Megaman, alas.

    • FreeLancers

      true that, but at least we’ll be getting megam… Ah I mean MIGHTY NO.9

    • Derek E Nay

      I bet there is a executive that hate’s Infune with a passion for some reason. Capcom loses lots of their developers for reasons not told.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    without DLC?

  • BabyChooChoo

    “You guys”? Who the f is “you guys”? I’ve been waiting for a new Darkstalkers sequel and I know that ain’t ever gonna happen so…

    • Derek E Nay

      I am sure some of the people at Capcom really do want to make a new Darkstalkers game; but there are resistances in capcom. They already tried testing the waters with Resurrection but that bombed hard. Capcom is already have major money issues; it freaking sucks :( I am just glad I got my guilty gear back though. The only two fighting games I can get into.

      • AzureRyuujin

        The annoying part? To them, getting into the top 10 of PSN sales that week wasn’t nearly enough.

  • MrJechgo

    “In July of 2015, it will be Sengoku Basara‘s 10th anniversary, so I believe there will be plenty to be excited about.”

    Not much after they screwed SB1 with Devil Kings, didn’t localize SB2 at all, tried to get in with SB3 and failed and thus didn’t localize SB4…

    They should just partner up with ASW again and make Sengoku Basara X2, along with new characters from the series.

    • Rafael Martines

      I know how you few, I really want to try Sengoku Basara series, but I need to learn Japanese at lest to play confortable, because the english versions of Sengoku Basara is insult to japanese culture :'(

      Sengoku Basara
      Sengoku Basara 2
      Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes
      Sengoku Basara 3
      Sengoku Basara 3 Utage
      Sengoku Basara 4
      Sengoku Basara X

      Look how many interations this franchise has and we got a little :D Happy to played X on PS2 :)

      They should try to bring Sengoku Basara HD Collection to west with Japanese voices o/

      • DaiRaiOh

        Not really that hard to play them easily in japanese. The language barrier isn’t strong and there’s wiki pages on them that have pretty much all the information that you need. That being said, they right to not bring the rest of the games over. 4 didn’t sell well in Japan. I doubt it was going to in the West.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes(SB3) came to the west completely in tact. If you were hoping for Japanese voice then your at a lost, but that game not only kept all of the Japanese history references, but had very solid cast of playables. It’s worth it even if you don’t like English Voice Acting (I still say the game’s dub is glorious but that’s just me)

  • Tetris

    I just want Dragon’s Dogma 2. ;_; please.

    • Silver_shion

      into the clouds again.
      I feel the blood in my veins..

      • Tetris

        I want to fry free again!

      • Crimrui

        I felt sad when I heard that they removed that song from the title screen in Dark Arisen…

    • Or dragon dogma Mp edition

  • Being Capcom “A New Game Fans Have Been Waiting For” can mean ANYTHING. Seriouly, Capcom just has too many successful series.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I bet Capcom will screw over fans with said game being mobile-exclusive.

    • PuppetMaster

      Looking at their latest announcement from SF V, RE HD, RE Revelations 2, DMC 4 & DmC definitive edition, to Ace Attorney meiji period than i can bet it’s not a mobile games.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Then explain Breath of Fire 6.

        • PuppetMaster

          You did read “latest announcement” in my post right? All of the titles that i mention got announced on this year and for console / handheld. BoF 6 announced on august 2013.

  • Ouryu

    Devil May Cry 5 please

  • PuppetMaster

    “fans waiting”
    My guess are DMC 5. Dragon’s Dogma 2, RE 7, or Sengoku Basara 5. Hopefully capcom can surprise me like SF V announcement. I also need new Dino Crisis, considering next year we will have new Jurassic Park movie.

  • PowerSerg

    It’s going to be HD Sangoku 4.

  • ZEROthefirst

    I know the main game I want to be announced won’t be it, but a guy can dream can’t he…

  • The expansion of BASARA 4 is no surprise, should be announced in about one month from now on. :) I can’t wait to play as Nōhime and Ranmaru. ♥

    Dragon’s Dogma II is likely, and I’d like that. But… A series I’d love to see again from Capcom…? Onimusha, oh, please. That series was awesome.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Devil May Cry 5, Onimusha 5, Breath of Fire 6 (Vita or 3ds), or Mega Man (Legends 3, ZX 3, or X9). Other than that, don’t really care.

    • Sorrior

      Breath of Fire 6 is officially a mobile title sadly….We need a REAL Breath of Fire

      • dragoon_slayer12

        As mikanko said, I’d rather have it on a handheld device rather than mobile. I skip out on a bunch of titles because of this. Especially since the ones I’m interested in usually ate of good quality (like Agito)

    • H_Floyd

      Why breath of fire on a handheld when you can have it for home consoles?

      • mikanko

        Probably means he or she would like to see a Breath of Fire 6 game on a handheld console as opposed to the mobile phone/tablet game it is.

        • dragoon_slayer12

          Yuppers, and “he”

  • TheSoullesOne

    The way it’s being phrased in that second paragraph it seems he’s not referring Basara or DMC(though I wouldn’t be surprised) and I doubt it could be a resident evil title since its not something we are waiting for since it’s a obvious title that will get released no doubt so it has to be a title that hasn’t been worked on for some time and God knows it won’t be megaman (oh the tears) so I would like input on what else he has worked on to analyse it but for now the biggest contender is Dragons Dogma to me but Idk what do you all think?

  • crackerjack245

    Well all I really want is Dino crisis and Breath of Fire 8 pachinko pachislot games.
    And hopefully dlc with microtransactions . That is the Capcom I know now. Don’t expect anything else.

    • FTM

      But which Dino Crisis?

      Horror style DC 1?
      Action gameplay DC2?
      Awful mess DC3?

      Personally, DC2 is my favorite. It might even be one of my top 5 games of all time. A brisk, thrilling, ever-changing 5-hour blaster that is seriously fun from the moment you start all the way through the conclusion.

      • crackerjack245

        Since I don’t expect anything but pachinko game out of it , really any.
        These days jap devs only do either mobile games or pachislot .

    • WeretigerRei

      What happened to BoF7?

  • I feel so bad for people who never played Dragon’s Dogma. It was definitely the best RPG of 2012.

    • TheLastVillain

      DD is Number one proof that Gameplay>Anything in games

    • Crimrui

      It had that unique feeling that you couldn’t find anywhere else. When the night comes and you’re out there in the woods with low supplies, the tension definitely sky rockets. Then the fights with giant beasts… oh man, the beauty of it. Just talking about it makes me want to play it again. Also, worth mentioning that it’s the only game where I played with all the classes a they were so damn fun.

  • Go2hell66

    Megaman or GTFO!

    • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

      GTFO Champion Editon.

  • Yan Zhao

    A game fan has been waiting for? Clearly not a Megaman game, cause thats the only IP that fans are actually waiting for.

  • krokounleashed

    It’s capcom could be anything.

  • Axle

    Hoping for Megaman or, dare I ask, Megaman X… but I won’t get my hopes up lol

  • Txu Zai

    Forget Basara, give us Dogma 2 please.

    • Rick Hawkins

      Forget every other franchise they have. if it isn’t DD2 or BoF I really don’t care what Capcom is putting out. Boggles my mind how the majority of requests are for another Megaman game. There’s already a million megaman games with tons of variety, play those. Luckily Megaman series is dead in the water so I don’t have about that massive ****block anymore! The years I waited for sequels to certain great Capcom games while MM kept being made, made me a bitter jaded man. I spit on his grave…*patooy* huehuehue.

  • Rock Bogard

    i would sell my soul for Dragons Dogma 2!!!

    • Saddio

      I would sell your soul for Dragon’s Dogma 2 too :D

  • ssj3gokou24

    It’s capcom people!!! When’s the last time that company gave you something you really wanted?

    • Megaman Legends 1.

      • ssj3gokou24

        Stop while you’re ahead.

        • Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to Jill. Before I turn you into Nina Williams and have to reach into your chest! :D

    • Silver_shion

      Jojo HD on PSN

      • ssj3gokou24

        Yep, that was clearly on everyone’s wish list wasn’t it!?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Enough. You asked a question looking for trolls and got someone’s honest answer. Next time, avoid the idiot post which determines that your view of the subject is the same as everyone elses.

          • ssj3gokou24

            No! I asked a question cause I was serious! This company screwed its fans and now they think that they’ll get them back by “giving us what we want”. Get out of here with that madness!

        • CloneCatCommander

          Actually, yes. Who wouldn’t want an enhanced, online re-release of a classic fighting game that was rather expensive in NA on PS1 and DC.

          It doesn’t matter if everyone wanted it though. I don’t care about everyone. I’m a consumer and if Capcom gives something I like, I’ll be happy. I know all the hard feelings towards them is slightly justified, but some folks have different things they want, and in terms of fighting games Capcom has done a great job compared to other publishers.

          • ssj3gokou24

            True but, most of the reasons why capcom have done the fighters right have left. Isn’t just Ono now? (Talking about thriving forces in capcom) inafune? Gone! The platinum games crew? Gone! I mean they’ve just announced sf5 and what they need to announce is a crossover fighter w/ their library! They don’t wanna work w/ marvel and not sure if they’re interested in snk again but, all their characters (from 1942 to power stone to aliens vs predator to street fighter would be fantastic)! And don’t handle the dlc like they did w/ sf x tekken or asura’s wrath.

    • eilegz

      re6 :D

      • ssj3gokou24

        Yea, and look how well that turned out!

        • eilegz

          well its one of the best game of the series, it improve everything over what we got since re4…. most of the time its people hating because haters gonna hate.

          or old fans that could not understand that survival horror its dead and no one wants tank control back

          • ssj3gokou24

            That is a sad fact but actually I think revelations was the next best thing compared to 4. Survival horror isn’t dead (outlast) it’s just that no one has come along to breathe any new life into it. The evil within tried (barely) but survival is the last word I’d call it with ammo popping up exactly when you need it.

          • Attribule

            No, it is dead. It’s dead the same way horror as a movie genre is completely dead.

            The biggest issue with horror of any kind is that it’s a genre, and therefore will always have re-used elements. This isn’t as bad for most other genres, but kills horror from the inside-out because in order to maintain a scare you have to keep the audience surprised. The audience already knows what can possibly happen at any moment at this point.

            We live in an age where we’ve seen everything – this isn’t the 40’s anymore. It’s become harder and harder to actually scare anybody, at least after the first 30-minutes of a game. Horror will usually get that one moment where it’ll startle you, then it declines. I compare it to Alien: Isolation; the player is the Alien in this case. Something might work on you once, but now you’re capable of seeing that trick from then onward. The next new thing now makes it so you’re aware of yet another trick that can be pulled. This continues, and as it continues you’re noticing that instead of being scared you’re most likely just going through the motions. You’re “just playing a game” at that point.

            The survival genre is completely capable of thriving because survival is a mechanic-based genre, but horror can never make a comeback and people don’t want to admit to that.

          • Elfaia

            Ooo, another ‘haters gonna hate’ excuse. RE6 took 1 step forward in gameplay mechanics but 3 steps back in every aspects. The story is weak and very self-contained with limited character development, no mention about the rest of the main cast, especially Jill, and the inventory management is a mess. If anything, RE6 feels more like a spin-off title than a standard numbered RE.

          • Attribule

            “The story is weak and very self-contained with limited character development”. – “And inventory management is a mess”

            So every Resident Evil? None of them do any of those things well.

          • Elfaia

            Let’s see, in 6, all of the main villains are dead, left for the vaguely mentioned ‘family’. Most of the characters introduced in 6 are dead as well, except for Helena and Jake.

            In terms of story, it’s another RE4, just setting the background for the next game.

            I don’t get how handguns can have 120 ammo limit but machine gun ammo gets only 30. Also, how come different characters have different weapons. It’s not bad but just, why? Why not let us choose?

          • 60hz

            too bad all i care about is gameplay… so yeah i like re6 and love it’s mercenaries mode. you can keep your story nonsense as almost all the stories in RE are pretty weaksauce if you want to really talk about it…

    • Rick Hawkins

      Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

    • Jonathan Hume

      When they announced Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the West.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Technically Sengoku Basara 4, but that game didn’t make it stateside sadly and I had to import.

  • FTM

    I guess we’re all thinking MML3 again, but just for funsies—

    I’d really love an Asura’s Wrath sequel!

    • Warboss Aohd

      we are………would like to see a 2nd Misadventures of Tron Bonne as well.

  • ssj3gokou24

    A sequel to a game that capcom locked out the true ending to, then sold to its fans a dlc?

  • Eder García

    please Capcom, announce at least one of these new games for Nintendo consoles

  • Kamen Rider Rayz






    • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

      1) No new Mega Man game because of Keiji Inafune.

      2) Keep wishing and hoping.

      3) Same as #1

      4) DarkStalkers are already dead…?

    • Warboss Aohd

      add breath of fire and basically this.

    • WhyWai

      Just play Inafune’s Mighty No.9

  • subsamuel01

    Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PS4 and Xbox One would be amazing.

  • NyaBoy

    Rival School 3 and Breath of Fire 6

  • Ooo! I bet it’s Mega Man Legends 3!!

  • MinakoArisato

    Dragons Dogma 2, there is no way around that!

  • Reiswindy

    Megaman Xover 2 for iOS.

    • Nice Boat


  • Kaiser93

    make my blood pumping faster again, I want to kill drakes & dragons again

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Hey Bothers and sisters of gaming….its going to be a Mega Street Monster Evil: The fighter Featuring Dante from DMC

    • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

      And Knuckles.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        ohh don’t forget Bad box art megaman

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    We know it’s not gonna be Megaman X9, so that’s definitely out of the question…

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    My Wishlist of New Game Fans Waiting

    Resident Evil 2 Remake (Both Remake Gameplay&Action Gameplay / Without Ashley Type Character following you everywhere&Without Co Op)

    Resident Evil3 Remake (Both Remake Gameplay&Action Gameplay / Without Ashley Type Character following you everywhere&Without Co Op)

  • So there’s a chance the Onimusha licence might not be (totally) dead ?

  • Quiet Gear Soild

    Onimusha sequel, reboot or HD.

  • It’s going to be, like, Lost Planet or something. And it’s gonna be a mobile game :P

    Capcom tends to not pull these kinds of things very well anymore. Everyone who has made a great Capcom game in the past decade are now employed elsewhere, making the games Capcom should be making, be it The Evil Within, Mighty No.9, Bayonetta 2, etc.

    Set your expectations super, super low. Prepare for, like, a new Chaos Legion or Crimson Tears. And something that will be exclusive to DeNA or whatever. Remember when they announced that Breath of Fire VI game?

    • Elfaia

      Chaos Legion is actually a pretty solid title. I would be really happy if they make a sequel for it.

      • WhyWai

        agree. Chaos Legion is a great good.

    • monkey king

      This is an outright lie, if not a pretty massive hyperbole, capcom osaka alone has 150 people at all times, just because 3 directors moved on doesn’t mean “everyone” is now somewhere else.
      Also Bayo2 wasn’t done by a former capcom director, he only did vfx when he worked there.

      Also Itsuno is still at capcom, and he did powerstone 1 and 2, CVS2, DMC3&4 and Dragon’s Dogma.
      Also the producer for nearly all mikami’s titles and all sengoku basara’s is also still there.
      Same for the guys that’ve had their hands in RE2 (along side kamiya and mikami), onimusha, dino crisis, phoenix wright, UMVC3; they are -all- still there.

  • Elfaia

    I am excited for DMC4: SE but it would be awesome if we can have DMC5.

  • Hines Green III

    I hope it’s Capcom Fighting All Stars. Capcom has yet to make a good crossover with just themselves.

    • FTM

      …then that’s not a crossover :P

      • Hines Green III

        It is tho. Like King of Fighters is a crossover.

  • Breath of Fire 6 (not the browser/mobile game version.)

    • Wiccan1109

      I read this article and before i even scrolled down one post i said, i bet the first comment i see is breath of fire related. I was very pleased it was so.

  • Kornelious

    “The newest title from a series you’ve been waiting for”……..I swear Capcom, if this is not Dragons Dogma 2 then…….

  • Kristoffer Brandberg

    I’m going to mention something less known. Powerstone.

  • Ryuuko

    Megaman, where are you? Sadly, I don’t think that they will make something with the Blue Bomber

  • Axle

    A new Darkstalkers would be cool too >.> …

  • Hexodious

    Since no one mentioned it yet, i’ll go ahead and do it.

    A sequel to Chaos Legion. Pretty please.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    A sequel to Street Fighter 2010, please! xD

  • 60hz

    Onimusha would be just swell.

  • Zepht

    Breath of Fire , please. At least a HD collection with all games.

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