Europe Getting New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition

By Chris Priestman . January 6, 2015 . 3:25am


European Club Nintendo members received an email this morning that gives them a chance to buy the New Nintendo 3DS before the official European launch. Not only that, but if they do buy it, they get it in the form of a special Ambassador’s Edition bundle.


The Ambassador’s Edition comes with exclusive Ambassador Cover Plate (front-only), a charging cradle, and a set of Super Smash Bros. cover plates (front and back) as well. That’s on top of the New Nintendo 3DS stylus, 4 GB microSDHC memory card, AR Cards, Quick-Start Guide, and Operations Manual that comes with all New Nintendo 3DS’s.


The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador’s Edition costs €205 with shipping included (€199.99 otherwise).


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The Ambassador’s Edition is only available to those Club Nintendo members in Europe who received the email. And it’s only available to purchase by them until January 12th 2015 at 23:59 GMT.

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  • After buying a European 3DS, you can’t fool me. Even though I live in the “right territory” I’m going to go and buy an American one.

    I can buy a 3DS game from with international shipping cheaper than any European outlet. I can actually buy games on eBay.

    Screw your treatment of Europe, Nintendo. Screw that and your region-lock.

    • well dude good for you.

    • Aaron K Stone

      Yep it’s not like we got numerous limited editions that America didn’t get or games like Xenoblade which NOA had no interest in bringing out while NOE swooped in to localise it.

      • DizzyGear

        You should be thankfull you did not get that Bravery Default LE.

    • SMT

      I’d actually go and say that I think Nintendo treats Europe better than America, and every issue I had stems from the incredibly dumb region lock and companies like Atlus that are based in America but don’t really care about Europe (Which don’t include XSeed who went through great lengths to get Rune Factory 4 published, and NISA that even has a foothold in physical releases outside of their territory). Bravely Default was actually released here 3 months before the US, and as mentioned, it was NoE that were responsible for the “Operation Rainfall” games that NoA had no interest in before a public outcry.

      • landlock

        Yep I agree if anything NOE treats Europe a lot better then SCEE does.

    • Go2hell66

      i agree completely

    • Nesther

      I did the same thing, and am glad I did that in hindsight. You save so much money, plus almost all the Japanese third-party games(especially Atlus) come out waaay before they do in Europe.

    • Yep me too. I found out I can import a non-bundle 3DS from, for only 30 dollars more as import fees. Not only is it cheaper than the device here, but I can enjoy the sales and early releases of North America. Region lock is a joke and they are shafting us with our total consent and approval. Even digital stores should take after Steam. PSN and eShop shouldn’t have different sales and pricing according to the region. And then they whine and cry about PC and mobile taking over.

      • You do realise that prices vary from region to region on Steam as well? For us here in Germany it’s mostly a 1:1 conversion ($15 to 15€) which is quite unfair, if you ask me.. :/

        • Envatta

          It’s the same here in the UK.

          $20 does not make £20.

      • You seem to have missed the recent news that Steam has begun rolling out region locking (which frustrated me and one of my closest friends, as I live in the US and he is in The Netherlands, and we can no longer buy each other gifts we normally would).

    • HarakiriKami


      Rune factory 4 came out already

    • Fronkhead

      Huh, NoE have done great work recently. Most major releases have either launched within days of other regions, or before: Layton 6, Layton Vs AA, Bravely Default, Hyrule Warriors, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and the StreetPass games are a few recent releases off the top of my head which launched in Europe *months* or weeks earlier.

      I don’t believe Nintendo’s treatment of Europe is the issue, like European PSN releases arriving annoyingly late, the different ratings boards seem to hold back EU releases in general, regardless of what platform holders do. It’s not Nintendo or Sony’s fault.

      • Go2hell66

        smt4 delay had nothing to do with the rating boards that was all NOE

        • Fronkhead

          I didn’t mention SMT4, but that’s fair. However, SMT4 is one game out of a library of 100s, you can’t judge an entire company’s output on just that, mistakes happen. It was also an incredibly special case — nothing about SMT4 screams “normal release” to me.

        • SMT

          I thought it was all Atlus? The fiasco with “Devil Survivor: Overclocked” kind of proved Atlus cares nothing about the European public, can’t be bothered with making their games compatible with the European region, and even when they finally do something they half-ass it…

          The only part that seems like NoE is at fault is that at first everyone thought they would be the publishers because of that one direct, but they remained silent when asked, so there may have been a licensing issue with them involved and ultimately not getting the rights from Atlus…

          • Go2hell66

            They were the publishers at one point, not sure what happened but in typical NoE fashion they f’d it up, in the end atlus had to do it themselves

      • landlock

        It’s amazing though that MS can 95% of the time match XB Live releases in America and Europe but with SCEE there always seems to be delay. How is it with Nintendo?

        • Fronkhead

          Nintendo’s digital output is pretty similar to Sony’s, a lot of games lag behind in Europe, or see different publishers, or see no release at all.

          With Xbox Live on 360, Microsoft would take into account all the admin things on their own, even setting an “optimum” release date for the developer, so that probably explains the razor-sharp parity. I wonder how it is on Xbox One with indie titles. Does anyone know?

    • DizzyGear

      100% agreed. Buying an EU 3DS is one of the biggest mistakes i made in my gaming career. An even bigger mistake than buying a Sega Mega CD at launch.

  • Nikhil Kulkarni

    They should include the Ambassador Program games

  • Raine

    What they didn’t know, is that Ambassador Edition may or may not have its region-lock disabled.

    • Go2hell66

      who said that…

    • FTM

      That’s not the case.

      All Nintendo have said is they’re considering getting rid of the region-lock (back in Nov, if I remember right).
      If they do it, then they’re only going to do it after the New 3DS releases in all of the places it’s going to.

      I do have hopes they will get rid of the region-lock, but it won’t be with this EU model. The NA one particularly must be available for some time before Nintendo would smash the region-lock. I suspect it’s because their market awareness is largely dependent on regional-numbers still, or at least since the Wii/DSi.

  • Namuro

    Nice. But a bit lackluster…

    • DudeJericho

      I think the Smash Bros plates look cool but in general it’s very meh. I want the XL anyway.

  • Gust blade

    I was kinda hoping for a limited “region free” edition , seeing the name …

    • British_Otaku

      It would have been awful to leave people out just because they don’t use Club Nintendo or because they didn’t have the money at the start of the year then.

      • triablos

        They’re already leaving people out because of those reasons. Missing out on a region free console adds to the burn that already exists.

  • persona_yuji

    They really didn’t change the “New” 3DS’s name for the western market? Oh boy, things will get confusing for people who don’t read gaming news…

    • British_Otaku

      It was confirmed with Australia getting the system last year that the “New 3DS” would stick. At the very least, if they don’t release another 3DS model, I’ll know what people are talking about. >_>

      • César H. Sandoval

        should’ve gone with Super 3DS, may not be a better name, but it is less confussing.

        But whatever, we’re living in the “Wii” era, after all

    • FTM

      Have you tried ebaying it? It’s the most frustrating thing in the world— you get thousands of people selling new 3DS’, and then smudged in between them is the New 3DS.

      If anything, it’ll cut back on Used sales because of how much a pain it is to find :P

  • Its terrible because its totally random,

    I tried to log in and Nintendo didn’t remember my account

    You also missed out it comes with 20 downloaded games (prob GBC and GBA games like the last Ambassador )

    • Noelemahc

      In which case people will start eBaying them simply for the GBA games, huh.

  • Go2hell66

    9/10 times these emails never even make it to my inbox

    • Rinku

      Didn’t recieve one either..
      Guess they don’t want me to buy one :D

  • Nesther

    Is the new stylus any different?

  • Pedro Tavares

    If only the XL had interchangeable plates, I wont go to a smaller screen because “plates”, I’ll wait for a cool limited edition XL one.

    • HarakiriKami

      Smaller screen is more portable and better PPI

      • César H. Sandoval

        Some people has big hands, and we kinda find the smaller one very uncomfortable….

        • HarakiriKami

          Thats fine.

          Cant say I personally have that problem( cramping)

          My fingers are looooooonnnnnng

  • Rinku

    Hope theres a black version…

  • PowerSerg

    This is pretty smart of them. Make people feel cool about a thing that they really should wait on buying. The new 3ds has one exclusive game so unless your old 3ds is starting to crap out it’s most likely better to just stick with it. If this launched same day as Smash Bros 3ds I’d see a lot of people getting it just to C stick in Smash but this things ehh. I love Nintendo and I’d want a new 3ds but I don’t plan on getting one until my 3ds breaks (or one is given to me).

  • DurrD

    Ive had one since Australian launch.

    I literally used it once. I dont even know where it is in my house.

    And the screen is a horrible yellow tint common in later made 3DS screens.

    If anyone wants MY special ambassador New 3DS ill sell for £200

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      I’ve never seen the tint on any of my 3DS’s, and I’ve had 4 by now, one of which was a launch Aqua Blue.

    • FTM

      I imported a New Nintendo 3DS from Japan— there are zero issues with mine.
      You should probably return yours if it’s not too late. There’s no reason to deal with an off-tint, as that’s not supposed to be the case.

  • Sora

    No mail for me. But well, wouldn’t have bought it anyway.

  • Fronkhead

    It’s a cool move, and bundling two cover plates and a cradle (as well as getting the thing early) is probably a good way to add value.
    But seriously, the ambassador cover plate makes me think NoE put this thing together very quickly. I don’t want GIANT NINTENDO LOGOS adorning my lovely new piece of consumer electronics, thanks very much.

    I’m against obvious corporate branding on my devices in this day and age, much preferring subdued logos (Nintendo gets this right on the New 3DS XL, where I can only see the logos when I hold mine to the light).

    Of course, you can swap out the cover plates (and the other cover plates cover up all the branding anyway), but you’d think the ambassador limited cover plate would have some art by Miyamoto on it or something.

    • Xerain

      I agree. I don’t like obvious corporate branding either.

      However brand loyalists who wish to publicly display their devotion do exist. I wager in this case there’s a rather large overlap between those devoted fans and those who are actually eligible to buy this (and can justify the disposable income to do so at a moment’s notice.)

      • Fronkhead

        Yup, it’s going to appeal to some people (I’ve had arguments with some in the past about the hideous glaring white Samsung logos on their phones), it’s just a shame Nintendo didn’t put something more tasteful and iconic.

        A limited Miyamoto-designed cover would still be undeniably Nintendo (much like how if you saw Mickey Mouse, you think Disney), after all.

        • Xerain

          I’d rather it not be something that would actually make me extremely jealous.

          • Fronkhead

            Heh, very true. I had some thoughts about how the whole allocation of units hasn’t worked out so well, but they probably don’t fit this thread very well.

    • ‘K’

      It’s not that strange that they want the early adopters to flaunt their brand. You get it early, but in exchange, you show off their product.

    • idrawrobots

      I think that it’s cool that it has the original logo.


    • Ren Yuumei

      WE LOSE!

      • Yay? :(

      • idrawrobots

        GOOD DAY SIR!

  • The Ultimate Weapon

    “New” 3ds better have some sick exclusives.

  • Kaijumaster

    Looking forward to whatever NOA has planned for our market.

  • César H. Sandoval

    This surely means it is coming soon out of Japan and Australia, rigth?

    Maybe march or april?

  • Envatta

    I didn’t get an email. Stuff you too, NOE.

    Oh well, I’m not interested, plus I have 3DS’ from the three main regions already. There’d need to a stunning LE before I’d considering giving up my LE Pokemon one.

    …Xenoblade, perhaps…?

    • Milewide

      You get +1 for dedication.

      But -1 for unsound financial decisions. :p

      • Envatta

        Oh, I know. :(

        My wallet is still crying over it.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • About damn time Europe got something really cool and relatively quickly.

    Hey Nintendo, DON’T FORGET ABOUT US!!

    (As in USA, see what I did there? Hurrhurr)

    • Jero

      They didn’t forget about us (:

      They’re ignoring us :(

  • MaidKillua

    Too bad i’m going for the XL. An American one. Forget buying any more European Nintendo systems till they get their act together

    • Milewide

      A sound choice.

  • LemonsArentForever

    this is really cool but i feel like im going to be a very late adopter of the new3ds.

  • Pandakids09 .

    Hoping we get a release date for the NEW 3DS here in the US soon so i could get rid of my current 3DS before the value drops to buy the new one

  • Hiro

    Included: Charging Cradle.
    Excluded: Charging Adapter.

  • Hope this deal comes state side. I would be all over this =D

  • NewestType

    Since its called the Ambassodor Edition, it should play both regions.

  • Jero

    Is the super smash plate exclusive?

  • tturtlejosh

    I cant wait to get a new n3ds and add a custome faceplate I mean anything goes anything! and I hope they make ones for Project Mirai DX

  • RagingTiger44

    Well Nintendo of America, where’s our ambassador edition?

  • Kornelious

    Well then I have a few questions here…

    1. When is it officially releasing in Europe and NA
    2. Will the U.S get an ambassador edition or will we be left out in the cold again?
    3. Is the ambassador edition only for the normal 3DS or the XL as well?

    Well either way, I’m not to worried about getting a New 3DS until Xenoblade Chronicles gets released on it….And that’s probably some ways away so I’m fine until then…….The only thing i’m really interested in since it doesn’t have a larger screen is the right thumb-stick….Other than that some new colors would be nice :P

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