Deception IV’s Upgrade Adds A Customizable Dungeon Mode

By Sato . January 7, 2015 . 1:40am


Deception IV: Blood Ties’ upgraded version adds a new protagonist, brings back past protagonists as villains, and a Quest Mode that features over 100 new challenges. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shows what else is new. [Thanks, Zaregoto.]


In addition to bringing back characters like Millennia, Allura, and Reina from past Deception games (and Trapt,) Deception IV’s The Other Princess upgrade will also reintroduce traps from past games such as the Suezo, Genocide Eye, and more.


The story mode from Blood Ties will be available as a bonus, but the main one will be the Quest Mode, this time around. As previously reported, the Quest Mode features a bunch of new challenges, and this is also where you’ll face off against past protagonists.


A new feature called the “Deception Studio” will let you edit characters and missions. By using acquired parts, you can create enemies and give them their own names, so you’ll pretty much get to make your own quest with custom characters and enemies.


For the first time in the series, the protagonist will get to directly attack enemies. So that means she’ll be able to kick enemies into traps, or even stomp on enemies that have already fallen to the ground, just in case the traps weren’t enough.


Decption IV’s expanded version will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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  • Is this going to be made available as DLC also?

    • AkuLord3

      DLC? for what the first game? ha no like anyone does that. Going have to buy this version and that’s that

  • Nytezero

    Heng ah! I nearly bought the original game last week. When it comes to Tecmo Koei (together with Capcom and ArcSys), it always pays to wait for the Super Arcade Edition Ultra Extend Ultimate Last Round Razor’s Edge FES Golden Plus versions.

    That being said, the past Deception games have been good. I spent the most time on Trapt, myself. My backlog killed Deception IV for me.

    • Jedahaw

      Eyyy, fellow Singaporean?
      But back to the original topic, glad I waited for this game. Was very tempted to get this one.

  • Mind0105A

    I think lately, companies are “over” doing it.

  • Fallen_Persona

    Please come out in English. I doubt it, but please. Playing this on PS4 would be great…

  • Isuke-sama

    Better view for Vergille.

    She looks a bit older than the past protagonists and looks like an evil Mitsuru. But who cares, she’s hot as hell (no pun intented).

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      She doesn’t look as over the top / over endowed as Mitsuru does on P4A. She looks fine in my book~.

      • Shippoyasha

        I didn’t think Mitsuru looked over the top. I compared her other art and her chest size is about right. It’s more that she is wearing that Solid Snake style suit.

        • Rolling Guy

          And I fully approve of her choice in clothing.

  • Tarkovsky

    Yes! What I liked best about Deception IV were the challenge missions as they required a lot of thought. The main story missions were great as well but I preferred the created scenarios with limitations and restrictions that the challenge missions provided. Glad they are making a huge return.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    hope they bring back the original button schemes!

  • Souffrir

    “or even stomp on enemies that have already fallen to the ground”

    What is it with the Japanese fascination with dominatrices?

  • ReMeDyIII

    Well, may as well not finish Deception IV then, even though I bought it. This is now the “definitive” version of Deception IV.

  • Slash the stampede

    “even stomp on enemies that have already fallen to the ground”

    ….. O-oh my


    so since I didn’t play the original yet (too many games on my plate) I don’t know her name but we can guess she to will be a enemy too?

  • Kornelious

    “The story mode from Blood Ties will be available as a bonus” So it’s kinda like a new game? That’s cool I guess but it seems more like a enhanced version to me…….But whatevs! :P

    But being able to create more custom characters and quests and the ability to physically attack enemies sound really cool, I hope TK localizes this one as well :)

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