Atelier Firis Shows Off Its Thinner Oskar And Other Friends From Atelier Sophie

By Sato . July 20, 2016 . 3:00am


Gust previously revealed that Sophie, Plachta, and Oskar from Atelier Sophie along with new character Drossel are joining the adventure of Atelier Firis. They’ve followed up with new screenshots and details.


Sophie Neuenmuller (CV: Yuuka Aisaka)

Age: 20

Job: Alchemist

Illustration: NOCO

28312329791_2a9c108dc9_o 28391143825_8bdfd68619_o

An alchemist who teaches Firis alchemy. Firis calls her “Sophie-sensei,” and adores her. In order to pass the alchemist exam, Sophie has left her hometown to travel the world. She has an innocent and bright personality, but due to growing up from different experiences, she’ll also show a more mature side.







Plachta (CV: Yuka Iguchi)

Age: ???

Job: Alchemist

Illustration: Yuugen


A young girl who travels with Sophie. She gently guides Firis, the disciple of her disciple Sophie. She gets along with Sophie, so much so that you can consider them close friends or family. She has a serious and calm personality, but she also shows a stylish side at times.




Oskar Behlmer (CV: Seiichiro Yamashita)

Age: 20

Job: Traveler

Illustration: NOCO

27774487624_6318d0d670_o 28312329591_106835f330_o


A young man with the ability to communicate with plants. He was born in the same hometown as Sophie and also traveled with her before. He was previously a bit chubby, but slimmed down after continuing with his travels. He’s the type who goes at his own pace and is now in a better condition than he was as a kid.






Drossel Weissberg (CV: Ari Ozawa)

Age: 26

Job: Scriptwriter

Illustration: Yuugen

28312329431_f7ef8b1fb6_o 27774487174_56f375f89e_o


A female scriptwriter. Drossel is full of curiosity but never sweats the small details as a character with a big-hearted personality. She’s one that will go with the flow as long as there’s some fun involved.


Since she was taught how to fight from her father, she’s more than capable of handling her own in battle. However, she can be a bit careless and has a terrible sense of direction. Basically, she goes with the flow and emotion, and occasionally shows a thoughtful side.






In Atelier Firis, the battle system involves turns that rotate character order. With the turn-based system making a character take an action one at a time, it’ll allow for smooth action. Again, the weather and time of the day will affect the effects of items, monster actions, and abilities.



The right part of the screen shows character icons for their action order, with the one on top being the next one to perform an action. You can use it to see the order of all party members and monsters.



The action a character takes can have an effect on the standby time until their next turn.



“Break” is able to knock out enemies. Monsters that are hit with the Break effect aren’t able to perform actions for a period of time.



The meter on the left part of the screen is for the “Chain Burst,” a powerful cooperative attack that can be used when the meter fills up.


Your party members will have their own characteristic and powerful skills and special skills. In addition to dealing heavy damage, they’re also able to provide you with beneficial effects to help out in battle.



Oskar’s “Super Speed Spin Dive” sucks up enemies within the area to deal damage.



Drossel’s “Instant Bisect” skill allows her to pull off a super speedy attack that has little delay from her giant ax.



Liane’s “Kachofugetsu Kai” allows for an explosive special attack when the cooperation attack’s meter is past a certain point.


In addition to the main weapons, characters will also get to equip sub weapons. Weapons all have their own attributes and skill effects, so it’ll be important to mix things up accordingly to fight better against monsters using sub-weapons.



Ilmeria is able to use a gun as her sub-weapon. Guns have all kinds of special skills, including ones that can chip away at enemy MP.



The swordsman Revy can also use spears. Spears can lower enemy abilities with its technical skills.



Liane uses a bow but can switch to sword. The versatile sword allows her to easily fight against any kind of enemy and also has some range to go with it.


And finally, here’s a look at some bonus costumes.



First-print copies include the “Resort Vacation” costume for Firis. The design is themed after a resort vacation, with the large straw hat as the main charming factor.


28286837312_8416bfdd49_o 27775263133_ba1f35d7c8_o


Firis’ “Wonderland” costume will be available with the limited edition version of the game. It is characterized by its gothic style and bunny ears-like ribbon katsyusha.


Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey is releasing in Japan on September 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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