Mighty Gunvolt Burst Is A Fitting Tribute To Mega Man

By Jenni . June 20, 2017 . 12:00pm



In Mega Man’s absence, a number of series have popped up to satisfy fans of the Blue Bomber. Two of them had Inti Creates working on them. One was Azure Striker Gunvolt, a title that bears quite a bit in common with the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX games the developer made for Capcom. The other is Mighty No. 9, the Kickstarter game it helped Comcept create. While both have their merits, neither really felt like the original Mega Man games. Mighty Gunvolt Burst does in so many wonderful ways.


It begins when the story kicks in. Like the first few Mega Man games, Mighty Gunvolt Burst is a more bare bones experience. A bit of exposition appears against a black screen before you head into the initial area. Either Beck or Gunvolt, depending on which one you chose at the outset, will meet with the opposite character and learn they’ll need to face a number of themed robot bosses to restore a VR world. You have the same sense of freedom, as you pick which level you play and when. Occasionally, a bit of exposition pops in, but it is really all about the gameplay.




Which should give you many deja vu moments. There were times in each level where the positioning of platforms and enemies, as well as layouts or gimmicks, reminded me of Mega Man games. There are open areas outside of bunkers, as well as interior spaces where you are going from one small room to another. Enemies are placed at the edges of ledges, ready to shoot out projectiles. Accuracy and timing are critical to survival. This is a game that requires real thought to complete. You can’t immediately speed through it. You have to think strategically before going back for any speed runs.


The custom bullet system, though entirely new and original, is another way that Mighty Gunvolt Burst captures that Mega Man magic. Characters are constantly improving. Defeating enemies gives you new elements for your customizable bullet. Each enemy has a weakness. You could use Pyro’s Heat element to defeat Cryosphere, for example, to deal additional damage to the boss and melt ice blocks. And Cryosphere’s Freeze is great for Battalion. Seismic is damaged more by Impact. The bullets won’t actually look different after equipping an element, but you will notice a marked difference. The boss weaknesses are identical to Mighty No. 9’s. Here’s what works against everyone.


  • Aviator: Analyze
  • Battalion: Freeze
  • Brandish: Smash
  • Countershade: Shock
  • Cryosphere: Heat
  • Dynatron: Slicer
  • Pyrogen: Press
  • Seismic: Impact




It even feels like such an improvement over its predecessor, Mighty Gunvolt. While that was a competent and enjoyable game, the scope here is far greater. It’s more manageable for people who might not be as good at Mega Man-style games, thanks to the custom bullets. The level design is better and there’s greater depth here. The inceptives make it more appealing. While we do sacrifice the one unique ability immediately available at all times for each character, the range of abilities here is far better and feels more true to the Mega Man formula.


Mighty Gunvolt Burst is just a very enjoyable game. Between it and Blaster Master Zero, Inti Creates is providing some classic-feeling experiences on a modern system. When I played through Mighty Gunvolt Burst, I felt like I was playing a game that really did a good job of capturing the sentiments of the original Mega Mans.


Mighty Gunvolt Burst is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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