Feel the Magic XY/XX (Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru)

Boy meets girl and player touches the screen.

The Lowdown

Pros: Has unique gameplay that can only be done on the DS and has a charming style all its own.

Cons: By the time you get into it the game is over with.

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Feel the Magic (better known as Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru in Japan) is Sonic Team's unique entry to the Nintendo DS launch line up. The story is something we've all heard before. Boy see girl of his dreams, but he's shy. To impress her, he joins a group of performers that wear rabbit ears called the rub rabbits. Right about when she's starting to fall for him the two end up on a deserted island and the boy gets eaten by a giant snake. Ok, so it's not your typical love story in the theaters. Instead it's something unique and humorous in it's own way.

The misadventures of the nameless hopeless romantic and the object of his eye is told are told in between mini games. You'll be doing a lot of different tasks that include removing a goldfish from a guy's stomach, riding a unicycle across a narrow bridge and blowing out a giant candle. All of the thirty or so games are played using the DS's special features like the touch screen and microphone. In the unicycle game you'll use the stylus to draw a path for the unicycle to move on. The candle game makes good use of the microphone. In this game you'll have to blow into the microphone to blow the candle out. Another game has you move the stylus up and down rapidly to save people from being eaten from an ant lion. The game that will get you the most stares when playing in public is one where you need to shout at the girl to get her attention. Sega has the game set up so you'll really need to scream at your DS to complete the level.

Each mini game has five different levels that you'll need to complete to earn the girl's affection. Each level gets slightly more difficult and some of the mini games can actually be challenging. For instance in one game you'll need to open up parachutes for people jumping out of a plane by pressing the correct keys on a calculator. The first few chutes only require you to punch in two digits. Then you'll need to press three digits and people jump out faster. The fourth level has you hit four digits per chute and people jump out rapidly. Besides the standard games there are "boss" games that last longer than the mini games. One of them has a whole bunch of bulls running at you. To stop them you need to tap the bulls with the stylus as they appear. Later on another boss mission has you drive a car and collect people to slingshot at the car of your rival. The funniest long game has hold the girls hand by following her hand with the stylus. While you're trying to be romantic you'll be periodically attacked by a swarm of bees. To stop the bees you'll have to let go of her hand and poke the bees with the stylus.

All of the mini games are pretty fun to play. They're defiantly something refreshingly different from anything you've played before. However, they're short. Just when you're really into the game, you've beaten it. You can go back and play any mini game you want after you've seen them all through the game's memories mode. The memories mode is a good option it allows you to jump in and be distracted by Feel the Magic XY/XX for a little while. Sonic Team also has a bunch of secrets hidden in the game to keep some players coming back. During the cutscenes you can click on specific areas on the bottom screen to unlock new outfits and hair styles for the girl. There are a bunch of different outfits you can collect. Some you can only unlock by having a Sega GBA cartridge, like Sonic Advance, in the second slot.

Something else unique about Feel the Magic XY/XX are the graphics. Instead of using 2D sprites or taking advantage of the DS' 3D capability Sonic Team has something totally different. The game is done in colorful silhouette graphics. Which is something that you're more likely to see in an iPod commercial than a video game. Although the silhouette graphics hardly make use of the DS' power, they look really cool. The music in the game is just as unique as the visuals. The main theme is a really catchy tune that sounds like something you'd imagine hear on a beach. The other songs have a similar islander theme to it.

Out of all the Nintendo DS games out so far Feel the Magic XY/XX is the one that best displays what the DS can do for the future of video games. It exclusively uses the touch screen and microphone components of the DS to make a unique experience. Best of all, the mini games are fun, which makes Feel the Magic XY/XX more than just a tech demo. Even though you can beat the game the day you get it, you'll still want to play it from time to time. Sega's clever idea of letting you select what mini game you want will have gamers coming back to experience their favorite mini games over again.

Import Friendly? Literacy Level: 0

You can switch between Japanese and English in game. Even if you couldn't the game is easy enough to understand without having to know Japanese.

US Bound?

It's been out since the DS has been around in the US.


If you're planning on getting a Nintendo DS, pick this up. It's quirky adventure and humorous games display what the DS can really do.