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The Armor Of The Master Awaits You In Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix

By Spencer . November 26, 2010 . 5:52pm

A new mission in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix has players fing “that man.”

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Kingdom Hearts 3DS Will Have All New Disney Worlds

By Spencer . November 17, 2010 . 2:55am

When Famitsu talked to Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts 3DS the magazine asked if players will see the same worlds.

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Decorate Your DS With Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Pre-Order Bonus

By Spencer . November 12, 2010 . 12:01pm

Square Enix gave fans that pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep a set of PSP decals. Now, Nintendo DS owners are getting the same deal for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

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Amazon Deal of the Day Covers All Kingdom Hearts Games

By Ishaan . October 11, 2010 . 4:24pm

Amazon have slashed the price across every single Kingdom Hearts game in the U.S. for the day.

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Now Watch Kingdom Hearts Re:coded’s Secret Talk

By Ishaan . October 8, 2010 . 9:25am

Does this set the stage for Kingdom Hearts 3DS on the Nintendo 3DS? Go on, you know you want to watch it.

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded European Release Date Leaked [Update]

By Ishaan . October 6, 2010 . 8:46am

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is coming to Europe in January, three months after its Japanese release this week.

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Won’t Have A Secret Movie, It Has A "Secret Talk"

By Spencer . October 3, 2010 . 11:12pm

Kingdom Hearts fans looking for clues about the next entry in the series usually check out hidden “secret” movies. While Kingdom Hearts Re:coded doesn’t have a movie, there is a secret scene.

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Playtest – Similar, But Different

By Laura . September 27, 2010 . 2:33pm

For the most part, Birth by Sleep is Kingdom Hearts as you know it: fantastic gameplay with an awkward story. However, it does bring something new to the table as well.

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix Trailer Shows Off New Bosses

By Ishaan . September 27, 2010 . 10:19am

Square have released the trailer for Final Mix they presented at the Tokyo Game Show.

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Nomura’s Message To Overseas Kingdom Hearts Fans

By Spencer . September 10, 2010 . 1:50pm

Tetsuya Nomura hopped on to the official Kingdom Hearts twitter to write a message for fans in North America and Europe.

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Square Enix Wants Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded To Shine, Literally

By Spencer . September 6, 2010 . 11:28pm

You may have seen Donald leaning on Data Sora before, but there’s something else on the box you can’t see in the image.

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Will Kingdom Hearts 3D Be At TGS?

By Ishaan . August 28, 2010 . 1:04pm

Last we heard from Tetsuya Nomura, he gave us an idea of what to expect at Square Enix’s booth at the Tokyo Game Show next month. To recap: Versus and Agito XIII, Re:Coded and The 3rd Birthday.   Nomura later followed up with another tweet:   “Weather sure is nice. Good morning! Last night I […]

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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Aqua’s Journey

By Jenni . August 27, 2010 . 3:31pm

Let’s take a look at how Aqua’s journey begins in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep…

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The Different Faces Of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

By Ishaan . August 18, 2010 . 1:18pm

Watch Zack ask Aqua out on a date (and more…lots more) in this latest Birth by Sleep trailer.

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The Most Popular Anime Names To Give Children

By Ishaan . August 14, 2010 . 4:40pm

What game and anime characters’s names do Dengeki readers see themselves choosing for their kids?

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