Guilty Dragon May Change What You Think About iOS And Android RPGs


    We’ve seen a bunch of retro RPGs from Kemco and, of course, Final Fantasy Dimensions. Square Enix’s Chaos Rings series looks pretty polished, but CyberConnect2 upped the ante with Guilty Dragon. This smartphone game has the eye catching battle scenes that are kind of like .hack//Versus, but Guilty Dragon is on your phone.


    Players start Guilty Dragon by creating a character and choosing a country: Cereka the Blue Country, Val Kul the Red Country or Refarn the Green Country. Then you can equip your hero with a sword or cat ears, your choice! CyberConnect2 says Guilty Dragon has a connection to the .hack universe, but still haven’t explained the details. Wouldn’t it be crazy if Guilty Dragon was a mini-game in the World? Just kidding!


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