MangaGamer To Publish The House in Fata Morgana [Update: Trailer]




You may recall a gorgeous gothic visual novel we covered a few months ago, titled The House in Fata Morgana. The game takes place in a haunted mansion, where a mysterious maid guides you through the manor’s history.


Indie game publisher Playism intended to translate the game into English and even released an English-language demo for it, but funding issues got in the way of localization. Ouch.


The good news is, today we can reveal that MangaGamer have licensed The House in Fata Morgana and will be publishing the game.


MangaGamer announced the game at an ongoing panel at Otakon today, and added that they’re pursuing a Steam release as well. We’ll have more details as they are made available.


Update: Promo movie and screenshots added.



fata_morgana_02 fata_morgana_03 fata_morgana_04 fata_morgana_05 fata_morgana_06 fata_morgana_07 fata_morgana_08 fata_morgana_09 fata_morgana_11 fata_morgana_12


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