Monster Hunter World Mod Lets People Fight Monsters As Fire Emblem Fates’ Camilla


monster hunter world mod camilla fire emblem


While people wait for Fire Emblem: 3 Houses to make its official Nintendo Switch debut, people with the PC version of Monster Hunter World can grab a mod that adds a familiar face from the series as a playable character. zStatykz has released a Ciri model replacement mod that turns people into Fire Emblem Fates’ Camilla when worn. This means people apply it will see her instead of the normal and layered Ciri sets in-game.


Originally created for a commission, this Fire Emblem Monster Hunter World mod gives people a complete recreation of Camilla. The character blinks, it uses the player preset 13 voice instead of Ciris, has a different slinger, and someone could even dye the armor for a different look. Recent updates have fixed the hair to make it look and react better in action. There is also an optional file that makes the Divine Slasher Long Sword, Pandemonium’s Root Hammer, and Wyvern Ignition Great Sword look like her trademark axe from Fire Emblem.


Here is a video showing off the Monster Hunter World Camilla mod. It first shows her look and model in Fire Emblem Fates, before showing how the mod looks in various scenes in Monster Hunter World.



Here is an image from zStatykz showing how the normal and dyed full versions of the Camilla mod look, as well as one showing how her axe looks in-game.


monster hunter world mod camilla fire emblem 2 1420-1562104696-924640184


Monster Hunter World is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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