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2D Shmup Fast Striker Coming To PS4 And Vita On October 16, 2018


fast striker

NGDEV announced on PlayStation Blog today that they are partnering with eastasiasoft to bring Fast Striker, a vertical 2D shmup, to PS Store on PlayStation 4 and Vita on October 16, 2018.


The game features CGI graphics and focuses on scoring, and comes with four game modes, six stages, and huge boss battles. There is also a hidden boss if you manage to get to the end on a single credit. However, the novice mode provides an balanced introduction to the genre for newcomers as well.


Buttons will be fully customizable, and there will be screen settings like scanlines and screen-scaling options. You can find a trailer below:


Fast Striker is set to come out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita via the PS Store on October 16, 2018. The game is currently available on Neo Geo MVS, Sega Dreamcast as homebrew, and is also on iOS.

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