404 Game RE:SET Is Sega and Yoko Taro’s New Mobile Game

404 Game RE:SET

Sega and Yoko Taro’s new game is called 404 Game RE:SET (pronounced Error Game Reset). The game is a mobile RPG set in an alternate reality in which Sega dominates every aspect of reality. The player meets with a character named “X,” and together will team up with human versions of Sega’s intellectual properties in order to take down the evil company. Service for 404 Game RE:SET will start in Spring 2023, and will be releasing on Android and iOS devices. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Sega released this information in a seven minute long video, including trailer footage of the game, along with an interview with Yoko Taro and Yuugen, the character artist for the game. The video shows popular Sega franchises turned into human characters, with games (or characters) such as Virtua Fighter, Outrun, or After Burner among them.

You can check out the video below.

You can also check out a gallery of all the characters revealed here:

Sega announced that the official website and Twitter account (@404gamereset) for the game are now available to the public. A pre-registration campaign is currently underway in Japan, which include bonus currency being given on release, depending on the number of registrations.

404 Game RE:SET is being developed for Android and iOS devices, and service for the game is planned to start in Spring 2023 in Japan.

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