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5 Helpful Dragon Quest Treasures Monsters You Can Meet Early on

5 Best Dragon Quest Treasures Monsters You Can Meet Early on

You’re just getting started in Dragon Quest Treasures. You want solid allies. Well, there are a lot of good ones in the game! Frankly, I think you could be fine with anybody in your crew, so long as you have one with the Glide Forte and another with the Launch one. But if you want to know some fun Dragon Quest Treasures monsters you can recruit in the first five to ten hours, these are allies you may want to make your new best friends.

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It’s important to note that the Fee isn’t always the same for each monster and can vary based on quality. The moveset and traits can also vary, depending on the monster’s quality and level. Also, most monsters are found in multiple locations. I’m noting where I got the ones I recruited. So if you find and manage to scout a King Slime, there’s no guarantee it would have the same recruitment fee, abilities, or traits as the one I found and mention below. However, it should still be a good ally.

Dread Dracky

Location: Windswept Moors
Possible Fee:
Forte: Glide
Notable Possible Spells and Abilities: Gnoxious Gnashers (damages and possibly poisons), Kasap (decreases all enemies’ defense), and Shocking Swirlwind (damages and possibly paralyzes).
Notable Possible Traits: Double-Sided Fist (deals more damage, but takes damage when attacking), Poisoner (sometimes poisons enemies with attacks) and Slim pickings (raises stats when hungry)


Location: Maneland
Possible Fee: 5 Silkblossom (Maneland and Hinterquarters), 2 Sandelion (Maneland), 2 Colossal Cactus (Maneland), and 1 Blowhard Beverage
Forte: Launch
Notable Possible Spells and Abilities: Crater Creator (AOE damage) and Sandblast (AOE damage and may bedazzle enemies).
Notable Possible Traits: Attention Seeker (more likely to be targeted by enemies), Safety First (reduces all damage taken and dealt), and Thick Skin (reduces slash attack damage)

5 Best Dragon Quest Treasures Monsters You Can Meet Early on

King Slime

Location: Lots of places! I saw them at the Maneland, Patternoggin, and Windswept Moors.
Possible Fee: 5 Duneberry (Maneland), 2 Finessence (Patternoggin and Windswept Moors), 5 Bleached Bone (Patternoggin) , 1 Solid Salad.
Forte: Launch
Notable Possible Spells and Abilities: King’s Gambit (damage to any enemy in its path) and Royal Crush (damage to any enemy under it)
Notable Possible Traits: Greedy Guts (stats up when stomach is full), Rubber Skin (reduces impact attack damage), and Team Player (reduces all damage taken except during Monster Medley)

Orc King

Location: Windswept Moors
Possible Fee: It varies. One wanted 5 Pixie Dust (Hinterquarters and Windswept Moors), 2 Mouldy Bone (Windswept Moors), 5 Free Range Eggs (Hades Condor drop), and 1 Orcish Omelette. Another wanted 5 Wondrous Wheat (Windswept Moors), 3 Waveweed (Hinterquarters and Windswept Moors), and 3 Fresh Milk (Great Sabercat drop).
Forte: Scan
Notable Possible Spells and Abilities: Midheal (heals ally), Party Pooper (AOE attack)
Notable Possible Traits: Strange Skin (restores health when hit by damage-inflicting spell) and Unhealthy Advantage (increases damage when HP is high, decreases it when low)

Great Sabercat

Location: Windswept Moors
Possible Fee: 3 Pixie Dust (Hinterquarters and Windswept Moors), 5 Succulent Steak (Ham Shamwitch drop), and 3 Supreme Steak (Orc drop)
Forte: Sprint
Notable Possible Spells and Abilities: Cry of the Storm (major electrical AOE damage)
Notable Possible Traits: Restless Heart (survives deadly attack with 1 HP once), Slim Pickings (raises stats when hungry), and Stunner (attacks could stun enemies).

But really, while there are eventually some monsters that are amazing toward the endgame in Dragon Quest Treasures, there are a lot that can be the best allies in the right situations and points during the game.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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