A Samurai Takes On Giant Monsters In Attack On Kaiju 2



Japanese studio Bribser has revealed its upcoming smartphone game Attack on Kaiju 2.


It has you controlling a samurai, slashing a sword to send ripples of power through the air, impacting the gigantic monsters he’s taking on. There’s a monster based on a praying mantis, another that’s clearly an angry bipedal dragon, and the others are all maw and muscle, it seems.



Bribser seems to be downplaying the enormity of the task at hand for this samurai and focusing instead on the fact that the game runs in Unreal Engine 4. “Its easy and simple control enables you to enjoy extreme battle actions of Samurai and monsters,” the studio adds.


Attack on Kaiju 2 will be coming to iOS and Android phones whenever it’s ready.

Chris Priestman