Ace Combat 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert Will Be Held This August

Ace Combat S The Symphony 25th anniversary orchestra concert

Bandai Namco and Project Aces will hold the Ace Combat/S The Symphony – The 25th Anniversary orchestra concert in Tokyo on Saturday, August 7, 2021. Musicians directly involved with Ace Combat 7‘s soundtrack production will perform the concert.

Keiki Kobayashi will act as the orchestra concert’s conductor. The composer is most known for creating climactic orchestral pieces in the Ace Combat series, such as “Megalith – Agnus Dei,” “The Unsung War,” and “Daredevil.” The concert’s setlist will have tracks from various titles in the series, with a focus on Ace Combat 04Ace Combat 5, and Ace Combat 7.

Project Aces previously held the first-ever Ace Combat orchestra concert in July 2019. The first concert took place at TIAT Sky Hall inside Haneda Airport. The upcoming 25th Anniversary concert will take place at Ota City Hall Aplico, located near the airport. The new venue has a much larger hall that seats up to 1,477 at full capacity.

As of this writing, this concert will only be held in person without any word on online live viewing. Tickets for the show will be priced at 9,500 yen (~$87). The organizers will also comply with measures to prevent the coronavirus spread, such as reduced capacity and social distancing.

The latest title in the series is Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, which is immediately available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Project Aces has also released a new DLC pack that adds three American experimental planes — The F-15 S/MTD, F-16XL, and FB-22 Strike Raptor — into the game’s roster.

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