Action RPG Revenant Gate’s Trailer Lets Us See How Its Fights Go



Games on the LINE messaging platform generally tend towards the cutesy and simplistic; however, the company hopes to expand its audience with their upcoming mobile 3D action RPG Revenant Gate.



A new trailer shows off the various weapon types, skills and the guard mechanic in the game. Gameplay looks easy to control with an onscreen D-pad. Spell skills are activated with a button press and come in limited quantities  while out fighting. It looks like these spells will also have a cooldown.



There is a little bit of depth behind the 3D game though, as dodge rolling and parrying will require precise timing to complete. Parrying successfully gives you a counterattack opportunity. If you hit foes from behind, it’ll be considered a backstab.


img_point02 img_point03

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to upgrade gear and slowly enhance your character. Fights are mission-based, with you wandering through a map killing foes. There are also environmental hazards like explosive barrels. Who leaves this stuff just lying around anyway?!


You can also check out their earlier promotional video here.


Revenant Gate is expected for iOS and Android and pre-registration is open on the official site.