Agarest: Generations of War Zero Coming To PC Via Steam


U.K. publisher Ghostlight are bringing another JRPG to Steam. Following the release of Agarest: Generations of War on Steam, Ghostlight are bringing over the game’s prequel, Record of Agarest War: Zero.


The game will be ported to PC by Laughing Jackal, who ported the previous game over as well, and Ghostlight plan to release it sometime during the first quarter of 2014. It will be titled Agarest: Generations of War Zero.


The PC version will feature support for both mouse and keyboard controls as well as gamepad controls. It will also add Steam achievements and take advantage of higher-resolution PCs. You can find screenshots below and an old trailer for the PS3 version of the game above.



agarest_02 agarest_03 agarest_04 agarest_05 agarest_06 agarest_07 agarest_08 agarest_09 agarest_10 agarest_11



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