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Aksys Releasing 3 More Otomate Switch Games in English

otomate switch games in english

At the Aksys Games’ All Aksys 2021 event, the company announced it will release three more Otomate Switch games in English. The company picked up the Idea Factory visual novels Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau, Lover Pretend, and Paradigm Paradox. There are no release dates for any of the titles yet. However, the company’s presentation was designed to go over games coming out in “2022 and beyond.”

The most recent of the three Otomate Switch games to eventually appear in English is Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau. It debuted in Japan in July 2021. It also doesn’t have an English name yet. In it, people follow a young woman in the Kyoho era who can predict disasters. She ends up joining up with a Tokugawa shogunate-created group that fights monsters. Naturally, members of the group are attractive men she might find love with.

Lover Pretend follows a wannabe scriptwriter searching for both a job and her father. However, she ends up not as a writer, but as actress in a show with eligible bachelors. It debuted on the Switch in Japan in March 2021.

Finally, there’s Paradigm Paradox. This futuristic otome follows a young woman who’s a student at a school on a colony. After seeing people with superpowers fighting “Vermin,” villains that invade and cause trouble, she decides she wants to join them. However, it turns out the people she witnessed have unexpected secret identities. It appeared in Japan in May 2021.

While these three games are likely a bit far off, Aksys did announce its next three recent Otomate Switch games it will release in English at the event. Olympia Soiree will show up in September 2021, Dairoku will follow in December 2021, and Variable Barricade will launch in February 2022.

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