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Otomate Unveiled 5 Otome Games in a New Title Party Livestream

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On July 17, 2020, Idea Factory held its Otomate New Title Party livestream, a pre-recorded stream that focuseS on revealing games that were unable to be announced as planned due to the cancellation of Otomate Party 2020. During the stream, it was clarified that this is only the first livestream, with more coming later to focus on updates for already-announced titles.

Five titles were announced during the Otomate New Title Party, with some being ports or re-reveals.



First released for the PlayStation Vita, CharadeManiacs is set in the near future. A rumor has spread about an “alternate world livestream.” The protagonist is dragged into this alternate world alongside nine others, and they are forced to become “actors” for the livestream. The ten must work together to escape back to their own world, but there’s a catch–one of them is a traitor. It is now headed to the Nintendo Switch.

A new stage show adaptation of CharadeManiacs was also revealed during the livestream and will open in October 2020.


Time Device Apocalypse

Described as “a story that takes place after a bad ending,” Time Device Apocalypse is a new title by the director and scenario writer of CharadeManiacs. The story will be shown from the viewpoints of two protagonists, and it will take place in a sealed underground city where the main light source comes from magic flames. The heroine, Latchia Fielitz, has a vision of the city engulfed in flames and must find her way out of a time loop.

Time Device Apocalypse will be released in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.



First revealed during Otomate Party 2018, this event offered a reveal trailer that showed off the protagonist and the four love interests. The heroine of the story is a young woman with big dreams of becoming a scriptwriter, but she is inexperienced and bad at writing romances. In order to gain experience, she decides to enter a fake relationship, but it might just evolve into something more.

LoverPretend is in development and will be released in 2021.


Alice in the Country of Spades ~Wonderful White World~ & ~Wonderful Black World~

As previously revealed,  Alice in the Country of Spades will be split into two versions and is part of the same series as Alice in the Country of Hearts. The pair of games will be the first title to release under the newly announced Otomate sub-brand QuinRose reborn, which is designed to revive IPs from the defunct otome developer QuinRose.


Paradigm Paradox

The final title revealed was Paradigm Paradox, a brand-new title that is a collaboration between Otomate and the voice acting unit Eight Piece. Taking place in the 26th century, where mankind is now only able to live in a colony, the game will force our heroine to choose between those trying to protect humanity and people trying to destroy it.

Paradigm Paradox is in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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