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All Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 Events Explained

The 2.3 update for Honkai: Star Rail debuts on June 19, 2024, and with it we’ll see a new Trailblaze Mission, a new area, and new limited-time events. Also known as Farewell, Penacony, we’ll witness the end of the Penacony Arc and the fallout after the events of Version 2.2. Here’s everything we know about what’s new to the game:

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Who are the 2.3 Honkai: Star Rail characters on the next banners?

The first part of the character banner will appear on June 19, 2024, and it will last for around 20 days. After that, the second phase will be released in July 2024. It will also last for around 20 days.

During the first phase of 2.3, Firefly and Ruan Mei will be the featured five-star characters. The four-stars Misha, Xueyi, and Gallagher will appear more frequently. During the second phase of 2.3, the featured five-stars will be Jade and Argenti.

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The new Trailblaze Mission is “Farewell, Penacony”

Version 2.3 will feature the final part of the Penacony Trailblaze mission, which called “Farewell, Penacony.” It will serve as the conclusion to the Penacony arc, so we can expect a farewell to many of the characters who we’ve gotten to known the last few months, as well as the tying up of some loose ends. You will need to have completed all previous Trailblaze Missions released through 2.2 to undertake it.

This will also involve the new Radiant Feldspar area. It is an exclusive airship located above Penacony. The Trailblazer will be invited here to take part in various negotiations taking place between the different factions of the Family after the events of 4.2.

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What are the new 2.3 Honkai: Star Rail Relics and Planar Ornaments

The following Cavern Relics will be released:

  • Iron Calvary Against the Scourge: increases Break Effect and ignores the enemy’s Defense stat when the wearer’s Break Effect stat is high enough.
  • Wind-Soaring Valorous: Increases Attack and Crit Rate. After using a follow-up attack, the wearer’s Ultimate damage is increased.

We’ll also see the release of the following Planar Ornaments. They can be obtained from the new stage of the Simulated Universe, Divergent Universe: Eternal Comedy.

  • Forge of the Kaplagni Lantern: Increases the wearer’s Speed and their Break Effect against enemies with a fire weakness.
  • Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves: Increases Crit Damage and follow-up attack damage.

In addition, a new Crimson Calyx will be released, granting challengers new character Trace materials. It is a Bud of Erudition at the Penacony Grand Theatre. It grants challengers Exquisite Coloured Draft, Dynamic Outlining, and Rough Sketch. It is likely these materials will be used for Jade’s Traces.

Simulated Universe gets Divergent Universe

Divergent Universe is a new mode in the Simulated Universe, taking place on the Radiant Feldspar in Penacony. One of the Divergent Universe’s primary mechanics is that you will be able to use any character you own, even those who are under-leveled. When picking your team, if you pick an under-leveled character, the game will automatically increase that character’s level to the level cap for the duration of your run. It will also provide your character with temporary Light Cones and Relics, in addition to temporarily increasing their Trace levels.

When choosing blessings, you’ll be able to combine them depending on which ones you’ve previously collected. This goes hand in hand with the Equation mechanic, which combines buffs from two different Paths. You’ll also be able to obtain Weighted Curious, more specialized Curios which function based off your characters’ Paths.

It will also let you resume where you left off if you’re defeated. In special circumstances, you don’t even have to start from scratch if you want to do another run. You’ll be able to use this feature to make farming Planar Ornaments easier.

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Apocalyptic Shadow debuts

Apocalyptic Shadow is a new game mode being introduced in version 2.3, similar to the Memory of Chaos game mode. In it, challengers will have to defeat a variety of boss enemies. You’ll be able to pick certain buffs before challenging each round of Apocalyptic Shadow.

Apocalyptic Shadow will be upgraded alongside Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos at intervals of every two weeks. This means that every other Monday, one of them will be updated with new challenge stages.

There will be four version 2.3 limited-time events in Honkai: Star Rail

A number of new events will show up in-game. One is Origami Bird Clash. This is a Candy Crush-style game taking place on the Radiant Feldspar. We’ll also see the event Stellar Shimmer, which is a sequel to the Stellar Shine event. It’s another battle simulator where you are able to use various trial characters and accomplish various achievements to give your teams buffs during battle. Gift of Odyssey also makes its return in this patch. By logging in for a total of seven days, players will gain ten Star Rail Special Passes for players to use on the limited-time Warp banner. Finally, We’ll also see the return of the Planar Fissure event, where players will gain double Planar Ornament rewards from the Simulated Universe, and Realm of the Strange, which grants players bonus Relics from challenging Caverns of Corrosion.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on the PS5, PC, and mobile devices.

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