Amakusa Shiro Takes Over Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Boys Collection 2021

amakusa in my room Chaldea Boys Collection 2021

The Chaldea Boys Collection 2021 event is now live in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order, along with the usual swathe of limited-time craft essences and new strengthening quests. The apocryphal saint Amakusa Shiro Tokisada takes center stage this year.

Chaldea Boys Collection 2021

The current event is titled “Holy Grail Phantom Thief Amakusa Shiro and the Slapstick Museum.” This event was teased at Winter Caravan Online 2021. It follows Amakusa, Voyager, Jingke, and Sanson as they pull a museum heist in order to steal a Holy Grail. Male Servants will enjoy an attack boost in event quests. Servants who are considered non-binary, such as Kama and Chevalier d’Eon, also count.

One of nine craft essences can be obtainable for free with a CBC2021 invitation. In addition, the craft essences are available on the Chaldea Boys Collection 2021 banner. Icons and banners of the craft essences are downloadable from the official Fate/Grand Order website. During the run of Chaldea Boys Collection 2021, My Room looks like you’re enjoying tea with your favorite Servant.

Players can unlock a phantom thief outfit for Amakusa from the event shop. Amakusa’s animations are updated so that his attack patterns are more varied as well. Amakusa is also one of three Servants to receive a strengthening quest.

Strengthening Quests

  • Amakusa Shiro Tokisada: Upgrades his Baptism Rite skill to Grail of Fiery Heaven. Allows him to reduce the NP gauge of one enemy (no longer limited to Undead or Demon types). Reduces enemies’ Buster resistance for 5 turns and increases his NP by 20% on top of the 5-turn charge.
  • Jingke: Upgrades her Planning skill to Kill A Man In Ten Steps. Buffs her star generation rate, and increases her damage against King enemies. When she attacks with Quick attacks for 3 turns, she will debuff an enemy’s defense by 10% for 3 turns.
  • Leonardo da Vinci (Caster): Upgrades her Golden Rule (Body) skill to Mona Lisa. Increases entire party’s Arts attack for 3 turns.

You can check out Amakusa’s new animations here:

“Holy Grail Phantom Thief Amakusa Shiro and the Slapstick Museum” runs from March 3-15, 2021 on the Japanese Fate/Grand Order server. Players are required to clear Singularity F: Flame-Contaminated Fuyuki to access the event. Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on Android and iOS devices.

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