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Arc System Works America Will Share Info On BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s DLC In The West Soon


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Fans have been concerned about how BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s DLC pricing will be handled in the West, and the recently established Arc System Works America Branch said it will share info on it soon.


Here’s the tweet from Arc System Works America, who will publish BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle in North America:


To bring you up to speed, earlier this month, Arc System Works announced BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will add RWBY’s Blake Belladonna as a DLC character, who will be part of the 20 additional characters from DLC to be added to the core game with 20 characters for a total of 40 characters.


To address some fan concern, director Toshimichi Mori said in a recent interview that Arc System Works plan to release BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle at a lower price so more people can get a chance to play the game. He also added that those who purchase all the DLC plus the base game won’t be paying much more than they would in a full-priced game.


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Japan and Asia on May 31, 2018. It’ll release in North America on June 5, 2018.

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