Arcade Spirits Brings Love To An Arcade In 2019


Fiction Factory Games and PQube have announced a new visual novel dating sim called Arcade Spirits. This adventure is set in an alternate timelines where arcades ended up soaring in popularity, as the 1983 video game crash never occurred. As a result, your customizable avatar works in a massive arcade known as the Funplex, where they determine the future of the facility and their own love life.


Arcade Spirits allows players to completely customize their avatar. You can choose your name, pronoun, hair style, skin tone, hair color, eye color, and clothing style. The game’s Identity Identifier System (IRIS) keeps track of your choices to determine your personality, with options like Basically, Gutsy, Kindly, Quirky, and Steady available. It also looks at relationships with the seven love interests, determining if you are platonic, friendly, or in love.


Here is a list of Arcade Spirit’s major characters:

  • Ashley the Cosplayer
  • Gavin the Accountant
  • Juniper the Childhood BFF
  • Naomi the Fixer
  • Percy the Scorechaser
  • Teo the Dancer
  • Queenbee the Competitor


Arcade Spirits will arrive on PCs in 2019. A free demo is immediate available via Steam.

Jenni Lada
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