Arcane Chronicles Makes Me Feel So, So Old



I mean, look at those screenshots! I feel like I’m back in the early 2000s or something. Though, admittedly, Nexon Europe’s Arcane Chronicles is a web-browser playable massively multiplayer online game. So there’s that that’s different.


Other things that they’re hailing for this 2.5D action-RPG game are its auto-hunt and meditation features which are meant to “develop your character while you’re away from the keyboard”. This is probably of use to those of us who don’t have a lot of time on our hands to grind out the ridiculous amounts of experience necessary to gain levels. Or just want to do something else while playing.



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If boredom is what worries you because you’re playing solo, you might be interested in the asynchronous sections of the game. You can team up with friends and allies who can “hire” themselves out as AI mercenaries while offline so you’ll always have someone to party with when the going gets tough (and it will get tough) and there are also castle siege player-versus-player moments.


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Beyond that are the standard fair including raiding bosses, special caravan escort quests where you’ll have to protect a moving carriage (Ahh, Public Quests before they were hip and fashionable!) and three different classes—Warrior, Mage and Shaman—for you to choose from. There will be multiple skill trees to advance through to customize your class.


You can sign up for the closed beta for Arcane Chronicles here before the 16th of January, or else you’ll have to wait it out for the open beta.