Ark Royal META Will Appear in the Next Azur Lane Ashes Showdown

Azur Lane - Ark Royal META

Yostar has revealed that the second Ashes Showdown season in Azur Lane will feature Ark Royal META. This is an enhanced alternative version of the HMS Ark Royal shipgirl. She will be available as a separate character with a different skill set.

A tweet from the official Japanese account revealed more about Ark Royal META’s personality with her select quotes. Although she acts very professional, her affection towards Destroyer shipgirls remains intact, just like the original personification of HMS Ark Royal.

“Both I and Your Excellency are fighting as soldiers. Don’t ever forget our objectives and the things we must protect, no matter what kind of dilemma you fall into.”

“Protecting my friends is an obvious thing—even more so when it comes to my little Destroyer sisters.”

Ark Royal META will become the second Ashes shipgirl to be recruitable in Azur Lane. She will replace Hiryuu META, whose Ashes Showdown season ends on March 18, 2021. To recruit an Ashes ship, a player must first collect Ashes Coordinates from playing Operation Siren. The player can use the gathered coordinates to trigger a battle against the Ashes ship, which rewards Sync Points that are accumulated to eventually allow the unique shipgirl to join the fleet.

Azur Lane is immediately available on Android and iOS devices worldwide.

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