Arknights Ancient Forge Event Celebrates Its Half-Anniversary

Ancient Forge

Anniversaries are some of the most common events to celebrate, but the six-month “half-anniversary?” That tends to be something more common to the early months of a relationship… or a mobile game. Arknights is one such mobile game and, to commemorate the halfway mark of its first year, it’s debuting a new limited-time event called Ancient Forge. You can go through it until August 12, 2020.

Ancient Forge is a character-centered event and is fairly simple in structure, as far as Arknights events go. Players only need to play, be it on the event’s maps or through the various daily tasks and story maps, and farm large amounts of “Quantum Firecrackers” to unlock an escalating ladder of rewards. At specific “rungs” of the ladder, special story interludes will be unlocked. When seen, they’ll reveal more of the event’s narrative, centered around Lungmen characters like Madam Ch’en and the new event Operator, Nian.

Nian also happens to be the marquee Operator added to the Ancient Forge Headhunting banner. She’s the third 6-Star Defender-class operator, and brings a lot of utility to players willing to level her up appropriately. The banner also adds two other new Operators, the 6-Star Specialist Aak, and the 5-Star Defender Hung. Aak is a powerful, but niche character, conferring powerful boosts to nearby Operators…but doing so by attacking those Operators.

The Ancient Forge event also adds other goodies, such as giveaways of resources, currency, free headhunting roles, and most importantly, a free 5-Star Operator, Snowsant. The costume store also contains Qipao-styled skins for the Operators Ch’en, Liskarm, and Swire, along with a free costume for Jessica.

The Arknights Ancient Forge Event will ruin until August 12, 2020. You can get Arknights on iOS and Android, and check out some tips on how to get started here.

Josh Tolentino
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