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Atelier Firis Gets New Details And Screenshots For Its Story And Gameplay



Following the announcement of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey last week, Gust has provided more details and screenshots on the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Vita RPG.


Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book released last year and Gust is aiming for a new objective for the series.


The aim of the next Atelier game is for a world where players will get to tell their own stories. In order to make that a reality, they made the theme of it “journey.”


Atelier Firis features a pure girl who has never left her village, and yet to see the outside world. One day, thanks to an unexpected opportunity, she encounters alchemy and decides to see the outside world for herself.


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Great plains and snowy mountains are some of the many faces of the world that the heroine will discover in her journey, which will also come with its many challenges.


As for how she will use alchemy to go up against the challenges—there’s more than a single answer to that. Depending on the choices she makes, the story will change bits at a time.


The road she chooses to take, and the story that will be told, is all up to the player. By all means, please enjoy the new Mysterious series’ world.





There are many “mysterious” overflowing a certain remote region. Here, you’ll find a single small town located in the corner of a wasteland. In this town, there are people that work as miners. The place is an underground town that was dug out from a rocky mountain. Due to the environment, this town doesn’t have any winds to tell the season, and even sunlight itself barely manages to creep its way in from the cracks of the rocks above.


There’s a girl who lives in this town, together with its ores and crystals used for light. This girl has a dream—to freely walk to the outside world. It’s a simple dream, but a hopeless one for the girl.


A massive iron door that is the entrance of the town is what prevents the girl’s wish from coming true, as only a limited few are allowed to go through it, and it’s much too heavy for a girl with slender arms such as hers.


With her dreams of visiting the outside world locked inside her chest, she watches the door shut close everyday… however, those days of watching suddenly comes to an end.


One day the girl meets a power—alchemy. You can say that this encounter is the fate that starts her out on a journey. A mysterious journey with no ends.


Firis Mistlud (CV: Kaede Hondo)

Age: 15

Job: Alchemist

Illustration: Yugen


The protagonist of this title. She’s a 15-year-old girl who lives in a mining town that is closed behind an underground gate, and longs for the outside world. She has the special ability to find the location of ores, which she uses for mining work.


Since she has never left her town before, she has a strong dream-like admiration for the outside world. She finds out about alchemy after a certain event, and decides to journey into the vast world. She’s calm and quiet, but has a backbone.


Liane Mistlud (CV: Azusa Sato)

Age: 18

Job: Hunter

Illustration: NOCO


Firis’ older sister and traveling partner. She’s an excellent hunter and one of the few that are allowed to leave the town. She likes to spoil her younger sister Firis, and that’s something that’s known throughout the town.


Knowing Firis’ desire to leave the town, she secretly feels sorry for her sister’s current situation.




Without being able to freely leave the town that is dug deep underground where she is living, Firis’ wish to visit the outside world grows everyday. Her only connection to the outside world is the adventure book she loves reading and her sister Liane, who is permitted to go outside.


Firis starts learning alchemy in order to visit the outside world. Thanks to Liane, who understands Firis’ desire, pushed for permission to allow her sister to leave the town, which was granted but under one condition. The condition is to “become a full-fledged alchemist within a year.” Worried about Firis, Liane joins her sister on her very first journey.



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The vast world that Firis and company will get to explore even has fields that connect to a port town, river, and rocky mountains. While keeping the warm setting of the Atelier series, the fields will be on a much larger scale than ever.




During Firis’ travels, she’ll visit all kinds of places ranging from severely cold regions to tropical zones, each with their own characteristics. While visiting the different areas, she’ll change outfits accordingly.



019 020

Firis will see various events throughout her journey, and she’ll overcome them in different ways. She won’t be restricted to a single method, and depending on the choice she makes it can change the story or at times even the field.

The above shows a broken bridge. She can choose to have it fixed by a carpenter after gathering the necessary materials using her mining experience. She can also choose to go around it, and maybe find a mysterious cave that can help her go beyond the valley.

021 022



Since Atelier Firis isn’t centered around a single town, you’ll travel across various lands. That said, you’ll need to use a “Travelor’s Bonfire” in order to use synthesis while being out there. You can find these all over the place, and can even set up a tent for a portable atelier.


As an alchemist, synthesis is the first thing that comes to mind. This also involves finding various material from the fields that will be needed for synthesis. At times that also means facing monsters or even finding special materials in unexplored regions.



Synthesis will be done in puzzle game-like fashion where you combine different materials to create items. A new “Super-Dreadnought Synthesis” in the world of Atelier Firis, which will allow you to make… Super-Dreadnought creations. You’ll be able to use this feature to make amazing things that go beyond the size of the alchemy pot. We’ll learn more about it in the near future.



Vast fields means many materials to collect. You can hit the tree with a staff or break rocks with items. There are all kinds of items to find out there in the fields.



At times, you’ll find yourself getting attacked by monsters while out gathering. Using synthesized items and help from allies, you’ll get to take these monsters out. You might even find some rather unexpected items from these monsters.


And finally, here are some bonuses for the game. First-print bonuses include a special costume for Firis.



The above is a look at the Premium Box, which will include the following:

  • Copy of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey.
  • Atelier Firis’ Visual Book
  • Atelier Firis’ Rare Tracks CD
  • B3-size Special Illustrated Cloth Poster
  • Three Atelier Firis’ Clear Cards
  • Special Firis Costume and Theme DLC



The Special Collections Box will be exclusive to the Gust Shop and Amazon. It includes the following:

  • Copy of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey.
  • Atelier Firis’ Visual Book
  • Atelier Firis’ Rare Tracks CD
  • B3-size Special Illustrated Cloth Poster
  • Three Atelier Firis’ Clear Cards
  • Special Firis Costume and Theme DLC
  • Set of 9 Crystal Paper Weight Cubes
  • Special Collections Box-Exclusive B2-Size Illustrated Cloth Poster
  • DLC for Special Collections Box-Exclusive Theme


Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey will release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. A NicoNIco Live program will broadcast on June 13, 2016. Special NicoNico Live stream will be broadcasted on June 13, where we’ll get to see a first look at the game’s trailer.

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