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Atelier Lydie & Suelle Shares First Screenshots And Details For Rival Alchemist Lucia And Alto



Gust shared new info and screenshots for Atelier Lydie & Suelle with a first look at two new characters Alto and Lucia, along with Plachta, Fritz, and Drossel. We also got to check out more of the game’s world.


Lucia Voltaire (CV: Reina Ueda)

Illustration: Yuugen

Age: 16

Height: 155cm

Occupation: Alchemist


Lucia is the only-daughter of the imperial capital Merveille’s number one atelier, Atelier Voltaire. She’s childhood friends with Lydie and Suelle and is their rival figure.




She has good looks and speaks respectfully with everyone, so she’s considered a flower on lofty heights to others, but she’s actually black-hearted and ambitious.


Alto (CV: Takuma Nagatsuka)

Illustration: Yuugen

Age: ??

Height: 160cm

Occupation: Alchemist


Alto is a young man with androgynous looks who runs an atelier in Merveille in secret. He’s exceptionally talented as an alchemist, and boasts top-class skills in Merveille’s rising atelier district.





Alto has a cool and sarcastic personality. He also gives off a cold vibe that makes him difficult to approach.


Plachta (CV: Yuka Iguchi)

Illustration: Yuugen

Age: ??

Height: ???cm

Occupation: Alchemist


An alchemist who travels alongside the traveling alchemist Sophie. She’s Sophie’s alchemy master, and thinks of her as friend and family.




She has a serious and calm personality, but she has her absent-minded moments. She has an abundant of knowledge in alchemy and uses it to support and protect Lydie and friends.


Fritz Weissberg (CV: Kenyu Horiuchi)

Illustration: Yuugen

Age: 59

Height: 171cm

Occupation: Swordsman/Puppeteer


A traveling puppeteer/swordsman. He’s Drossel’s father, and decided to stop by Merveille in the middle of their trip. He continues brushing up his skills as a puppeteer and swordsman, even at his old age.



His personality completely changes when he sees a puppet, but he’s an intellectual character who often makes his decisions calmly.


Drossel Weissberg (CV: Ari Ozawa)

Illustration: Yuugen

Age: 30

Height: 165

Occupation: Playwright/Puppeteer


A traveling playwright. Drossel is an exceptionally naive girl with a noisy and cheerful personality. She travels with her father Fritz and dreams of making the best puppet show of all time.



Her love for puppets rival that of her fathers. Her career as a playwright has been going smoothly, and has even made a debut as an author.


The following is a look at more screenshots showing more of the game’s story, system, and world:




The story of Atelier Lydie & Suelle begins with the twins getting sucked into a mysterious painting world that is full of scenery that has never been seen before as well as valuable materials.





With the objective of running the best atelier in the kingdom, Lydie and Suelle will have to increase their Atelier Rank, and they’ll do so with a lot of hard work in their alchemy and journey.




Keep in mind that there’s not just one mysterious painting. You’ll need to restore a painting before jumping into its world and doing so requires a special item. Lydie and Suelle will get help from everyone in acquiring the important items needed to restore paintings.





Item synthesis works in a puzzle-like function with a new “Activation Item Synthesis” system. This system allows you to use an Activation Item once for each synthesis. This allows you to change the colors of a grid in the synthesis for different effects that vary from items that get an additional defense down effect for enemies or elemental attributes and more.




Battle Mix is another new feature that allows you to synthesize items in the middle of battle. This becomes possible when the frontline character of a pair meets requirements, and by selecting the Battle Recipe ingredients you can activate a Battle Mix.




You can take things up another level by using battle-exclusive items during Battle Mix to create even stronger battle items through the Extra Mix feature. You can also use an Arceus Anima to further enhance the effect.




In Atelier Lydie & Suelle you’ll travel between two completely different worlds. You’ll meet various people and experience the completely unexpected as the twins work towards their goal. The above is a look at a mysterious painting world called “Palace Frozen in Time.”



This is one of the real-life locations, a hill with an ocean view located in Merveille.



You’ll do a lot of traveling between worlds in Atelier Lydie & Suelle, but the bond between friends will be just as important as ever with a variety of events with characters. You’ll even get to see different sides to these characters, who will share their thoughts and feelings as you get to know them better.



You’ll meet plenty of new faces, but you’ll also come across characters from the Mysterious series, who’ve grown up a bit from past titles. The above shows Sophie and Plachta who is her master, friend, and family. The bond between the two appears to have grown stronger than ever after their long travels.


Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting releases in Japan on December 21, 2017 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch. The game launches in North America, Europe, and Asia in 2018 plus a PC release. You can also check out our previous report for a closer look at Firis, Ilmeria, and Roger.

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