Atlus USA are teaming up with Zombie Studios to publish a first-person horror game called Daylight. Slated for release on PC and PS4 as a downloadable game in 2014, Daylight takes place in procedurally-generated stages, so levels are always different when you replay them.


The game begins with you regaining consciousness in an abandoned hospital, with only a cell phone to use as a source of light. The game is written by Jessica Chobot, who also provides the voice of the game’s protagonist.


On PS4, Daylight will allow you to share gameplay online using the console’s Sharing feature. It will also use the PlayStation Eye camera to take pictures of the player the exact moment a scare happens. You’ll be able to share these if you like as well.


Daylight will also support stereoscopic 3D through RealD 3D support. The game is slated for release simultaneously on PC and PS4 in 2014.



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