Azur Lane Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary With A Bunch Of Lovely New Skins



Azur Lane’s 8-hour maintenance should be over just about now, meaning its 1st Anniversary event has kicked off along with a batch of lovely new skins for shipgirls and more for all Commanders.


Check out the latest trailer showing skins for South Dakota, U-81, Aurora, Akashi, and Ajax:

  • USS South Dakota – Solo Concert
  • KMS U-81 – Soft Serenade
  • HMS Aurora – Dawn’s Paean
  • IJN Akashi – The Black Cat Cometh!
  • HMS Ajax – Party Queen


Here’s a look at a trailer highlighting skins for Monarch, Illustrious, Queen Elizabeth, Fubuki, Amazon, and Cleveland:

  • HMS Monarch – White Warrick
  • HMS Illustrious – Illustrious Ball
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth – The Queen’s Ball
  • IJN Fubuki – Musical Pixie
  • HMS Amazon – Little Orchestra
  • USS Cleveland – Gentry Knight


In celebration of the 1st Anniversary, Yostar Games shared a special staff interview & greetings:


Lastly, you can check out the game’s latest patch notes below:


Azur Lane is available on iOS and Android. In addition to the PS4 game Azur Lane: Crosswave, the series is getting a new anime this October.

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